7 Benefits Of Introducing A Product Through ‘Product Explainer Videos’

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Komal Kokate

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Wise marketing tactics have always grabbed a lot of attention and the audience of marketers. After all, a product that is visible enough with effective marketing strategies, gets along well in the market. When you talk about marketing, you ought to realize that video marketing is the darling of the digital world. 

If you are about to launch your product or have already launched it, ever thought of opting for product explainer videos? In case you’re wondering what a <strong>product explainer video is, let me tell you it is one of the most powerful marketing tools your product will witness. 


A Product Explainer Video is the voice of your product. It is a video that demonstrates the vision of your vision, Top it up with crisp animation, some amazing storytelling, appealing visuals, and connecting audio, and you have a perfect product animation video to flaunt.

7 benefits of introducing a product through 'product explainer videos'

How to get your product marketing video?

1. First of all, look for an animation production company that has the best reputation for delivering crisp explainer videos


2. Once you’ve approached the company, explain to them the vision and focus of your product. Once you list out everything you want out of the product explainer video, the animation production company will start working on the script. 


3. You’ll be shown a storyboard that will blend well with the vision of your product and once you give it a green flag, the company proceeds with further illustrations and animations.


4. The product animation video will be delivered to you and there you go. An amazing video for your product. 

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But should you really opt for this? Well, in case you are still not convinced, Here Are 7 Benefits Of Product Explainer Videos:

A product animation video portrays a problem and a solution

You can have a remarkable effect on the reach of your product once you opt for a product animation video. The video, of course, will start with an existing problem. Blended well with a creative story, it will offer a solution via your product.


This way it establishes a bond with the audience. This means that the product explainer video will hit the right chords while playing, depicting the solution to the problem. 


Not to forget, the video will also convince the audience that there exists a problem, in case they don’t realize it by themselves. Hence, this will create the need for your product. 

Product benefits/pros appear to be interesting via a video

Yes, you read that right. When you portray the benefits of your product via a brochure or a pamphlet, it becomes too much text to deal with. Going by the surveys, there have been times when the potential users skipped the text part because it was time-consuming.


However, when videos are considered, the watch-time is so less and the information is so much that it is preferred by most people. 

Increase your website traffic

When you embed a video on the landing page of your website, there are greater chances for you to attract audiences.


Going by the studies, videos drive 50% more traffic if embedded on the landing page. Videos also attract traffic via search engines since they can be crawled easily.


Not to forget, product animation videos generate a lot of leads as well. And along with the traffic, they also earn you a reputation worth admiring.

7 benefits of introducing a product through 'product explainer videos'

Help the targeted customers to retain information for long

It has been proven by the facts and surveys that the audience that watches a video, can retain the information for a longer period, than the audience that has read the text form of content.


It is human psychology to register information for a longer period that is associated with visuals. Hence the customers that have watched the video, have a distinguished memory of your product. 

Search engine loves videos therefore your search ranks get better

Since people spend a long time watching a video than reading the text, search engines tend to fall in love with them. Hence, your SEO will surely make you stand out and deliver high conversion rates. Isn’t that what you expect out of a product explainer video?

Product marketing videos make your branding powerful.

When you use a video for product marketing, it establishes an emotional connection that is hard to forget. This means that every time a person will think of your brand, he/she will connect to it with that emotion, hence making it appear all strong.

Product explainer videos work amazing for mobile devices.

With mobile phones becoming one of the favorite gadgets of people from all walks of life, product explainer videos surely have a win-win situation in the market.


Mobile phones being so handy and so available to everyone, makes it possible for you as a brand to reach out to the masses. Product animation videos are very compatible with mobile phones, hence making it another benefit for any product. 


Product Explainer Videos will turn out to be a boon for you in this digital age. A darling to many platforms and search engines, these videos have worked wonders for some huge brands. Now that you are well-versed with the pros of a product animation video, all you gotta do is approach an animation production company that’s worth all your time and effort.


With that being said, we at MotionGility live by the word HUSTLE. We believe in delivering the best product animation videos for you to rock the market. 


We understand all your needs and vision and hence, our team is all prepped to work with creativity and hard work. We look forward to making your product rule the market. 

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