7 Reasons Why Your Explainer Video Isn’t Working

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

In this digital era, there have been a number of marketers that have been using explainer videos as a marketing tool to get their business or product out there established in the market. Why shouldn’t they? After all, explainer videos have really proved their worth. They have not only helped a great deal to the small businesses and marketers who always have to wear different hats for the marketing and promotion of their business, but they have also proved to be one of the most easy to consume content for the audiences. 

With that being said, there might have been times when you as a marketer must have noticed that your why your explainer  video isn’t working out too well. Well, these videos do have a tendency to drive you great returns and profits, but then again there are times when these explainer videos just won’t work. What do you do at such times? Blame it on the luck? Blame it on the video? 

On the off chance that you’ve put resources into an Explainer Video for your site’s landing page, at that point the video itself is only the beginning of the story. So as to boost its viability, there are a couple of key interesting points while installing it on your site. 


Among all the various types of substances, videos support the most number of clients to lock-in. That is the reason video promoting has developed to turn out to be such a huge pattern among brands. One of the best strategies is utilizing an explainer video to give a diagram of the administrations and items you offer, and how they work, in a fresh yet conceivable structure. 

While explainer videos do accompany their own advantages, one can without much of a stretch come up short and not achieve the ideal outcomes for quite a while. The issue could be with your method for execution, or with the video itself. Coming up next are the reasons why you aren’t harvesting the products of your endeavors:

To lay that straight for you, here are 7 reasons that might explain why your explainer videos are not working out for you. Have a look!

Why your explainer video isn't working

1. A Not So Crisp Script

Why your explainer video marketing isn't working

A script is the basic foundation of your video. It holds the audience for you. Without a script, your video would just be some characters fooling around aimlessly for 30 seconds. No matter what the quality of your video is, whether it is an ace video, or a mediocre one if the script isn’t good, nothing will work out for you. A script devises your video, it shapes it, hence it has to be crisp enough. You can always hire a professional scriptwriter if you aren’t too sure about juggling with the words all by yourself, but never take risks with the script. 

In case you have an explainer video that has not worked out too well for your brand, go back and check the script, see if it is flawed. It is also not just about the words, it is about what the structure of the script is. The narrative has to be strong enough to be able to talk about your brand. And don’t keep it too self-involved else you might lose the audience. Make sure you craft your script as per what your target audience would like to hear from you. Mention their problems, address them with utter seriousness and you’d be good to go. An undercooked dish can be your doom, always keep in mind!

2. Amount of Information

Once you know that you don’t have a flawed script, what comes next? To re-check the script. Yes, you read that right. Of course, this can sound tricky, but you gotta check your script for all the excessive, not so needed information that you have tried to load. An overcrowded video is a great failure. Give your audience the chance to consume the information, one bit at a time. Know that the human attention span isn’t too great, so you have to take it slow and calm. A lot of information means that you are confusing your audience which means that they would not come back to you or even worse, they can even bounce back from your video.

Make your script precise. That is the mantra. Stick to one objective. And since these explainer videos are so short, you can always have a series of them than just cramming up everything in one video. It will also be a great Video Marketing tactic.

3. Length of The Video

We are very well aware of the fact that explainer videos are short. 60-90 seconds, at maximum. But, going by the videos that do rounds at various platforms, some videos do go up to 2 minutes, and that surely is a very smart thing to do to your video, unless it is very important. But if you are stretching your videos, make sure that you have the 2-minute length as the last you’d want to go, else the audience would start losing interest and that is surely something you don’t wish to experience. All that effort of having a well-laid explainer video would just fizz out. 

Millennials are impatient and that is a universal fact. And not that all videos are supposed to be for the young generation, but even if it is a corporate video, nobody has the time in the world to watch something that long. After all, the whole concept behind having a video was to save time.

So cut your videos. Snip them off brutally but make sure that you don’t snip off the ultimate message. Keep them all short, sweet and simple. If you have trouble in deciding it, make sure that you take help from either the experts or seniors who have been doing this for a while now.


4. Quality of The Video

Almost every company has opted for video out there. And it is no shocker. Hence it is very important for you to up your game. Be it the tech companies, or some fancy merchandise business, every company has a video to sell. It is this that you need to understand. Thus, to outperform, all you have to do is have a serious check on the quality of the video that you are serving to your audience.

It is not necessary that your video has to be very fancy, but it has to be decent enough to persuade your watchers that you are the best. Poorly animated videos will just degrade your brand’s identity. You can Contact Us at motionGility and we would be happy to help and believe us, it would not be heavy on your pockets.

5. Your Message

Is your message loud and clear via the video you have just posted? Does it clearly state who you are as a brand or business? It is very important for you to understand that. Getting a video straight can be difficult but that is exactly why there are professionals to help you out. So don’t opt for templates and pre-shot snippets, rather build from the scratch with the experts. This way, you’d be able to tell the world that you are going out strong as an individual brand. Have you heard of customization? That is exactly what the experts do. They will customize your video as per your brand and the message. They will also make sure that the target audience is not overlooked. Problem solved!

6. The Platform

Once you are through with the video, what do you do? You select a platform that will be the best for your video. You have to be very careful while doing this. If your explainer video is not giving out the results you had expected, then there can be a possibility that you did not choose the right platform for it. It is more than a YouTube upload and every marketer needs to understand that. Link your videos in your content, on your website. Run them as paid ads, do everything to make them reach the market. That’s how they will work. There’s no magic unless you take the right steps.

7. Optimization For Mobile

Make sure that your video is optimized for mobile phones. That can be one reason why you don’t have the reach. These days, every person out there has a smartphone and consuming content on a smartphone has really been more than a trend now. Make sure your explainer video is fit to the screen and you’d be good to go. 

Summing up, you as a marketer need to realize that these small things add up to the performance of your video. Hence, you can never just blame the video alone. You have to smart throughout the campaign. Right from writing the creative brief to sending it out across the channels. You have to be there. Seek professional help, and nothing would let your video down.

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