9 Influencer Marketing Strategies That Uplift Your Sales

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

9 Influencer Marketing Strategies That Uplift Your Sales

If you are a marketer, you surely have one goal. And that is to increase your sales. Sounds right, doesn’t it?


To be honest, every business focuses on a particular quantifiable measure that helps in deciding their success. It depends on what goal business has decided.


To be honest, no matter what the ultimate goal is, digital marketing helps a lot at every step. This is probably the reason why influencer marketing is doing rounds in the market. Don’t believe it yet? Well, let’s figure it out.


To start with the basics, what exactly do you understand by the term influencer marketing? In simple words, it is a blend of new and old marketing tools, along with taking your brand or idea to a celebrity or influencer for endorsement and serving it to the audience via current content-driven marketing campaigns and content platforms. The brand or business then utilizes the influencer’s influence to contact an exceptionally focused on and connected with the crowd that tails them. 


The influencer utilizes recently settled social stages to advance a particular product or administration or a brand itself through a few diverse influencer marketing methodologies. Believe us, the benefits of influencer marketing are ample.


9 influencer marketing strategies that uplift your sales

These sorts of influencers are what we ordinarily call web-based social networking influencers, they are the most widely recognized kind of influencers, the ones you see via web-based networking media, on your Instagram feed with a large number of supporters either venturing to the far corners of the planet, posting exercise recordings, eateries and nourishment, and so on! 


The principal question our accomplices ask is, how would we pick the privilege influencer? 


There are two things that we generally disclose to them when they are searching for an influencer.


1. Picking a Big Name isn't Generally the Best Decision.

Truly, superstars have a lot of impact over their fans yet you should be cautious in picking a big name that really converses with your crowd.

2. Try Not to Pick an Influencer Dependent on The Number of Followers They Have.

Picking an influencer dependent on the quantity of people following that they have is an inappropriate move. 


Remember that there are a few different ways to pick up supporters on social media platforms. Having a high number of fans doesn’t imply that they are genuinely connected with (or even genuine) clients. 


These master people have a tight network of connected adherents that completely remember them as specialists and trust as they would see it.


 These influencers are generally alluded to as smaller scale influencers or Nano influencers. 


They ordinarily have a scope of 1,000 to 10,000 supporters. 


Their crowds have these three attributes: 






Profoundly Locked in 


What are the advantages of utilizing influencer marketing? 


The advantages of utilizing influencer marketing depend on picking the privilege influencer for your brand.infographic


PS: It’s essential to realize not all influencers will be a solid match for your business.


A Portion of The Advantages That Leave Utilising Influencer Marketing Are:

Brand Awareness

It is characterized as how well-known your intended interest group is with your image and how well they remember it. Brands with high brand mindfulness are regularly alluded to as “slanting” “buzzworthy” or just “famous”. Setting up great brand mindfulness is significant when marketing and advancing your products, in the beginning, periods of a business.


Brand awareness can be envisioned and estimated through the accompanying: 


Social Reach

Can be just put as the number of individuals you’re ready to reach over the entirety of your internet-based life channels.


Commitment is the general duty of your crowd towards your image. Their eagerness to purchase from you, over and over, originates from this. A drew in crowd implies an expansion in income, gainfulness, and piece of the pie. 

Brand Lift

This is characterized as an expansion in the association of a group of people with a brand because of a marketing exertion, right now an aftereffect of influencer marketing methodologies. 

Social Opinion

The degree of feeling behind an internet-based life notice. Having a positive social conclusion is the objective here. 


Additionally, as indicated by Hubspot, “A transformation happens when a site guest changes over into a lead or client through some movement on your site. A full-scale change is a point at which a guest changes over into a lead or client by purchasing a product or pursuing assistance. A smaller-scale change is a point at which a guest changes over into a lead by pursuing your blog or email bulletin.” 

Getting transformations is another tremendous profit by influencer marketing, changes can be estimated and followed through:


The genuine acquisition of help or product. The phase where a lead at long last transforms into a client. 

Information exchanges: When leads or guests pursue any of your memberships either sent through email or advanced on the site. 


When a lead downloads any substance offer you advance. 

Active clicking factor: The number of snaps that either an email, CTA, greeting page or catch gets.

How Powerful is Influencer Marketing?

Investigate the accompanying insights that show exactly how powerful influencer marketing campaigns are.

Since we’ve talked about what influencer marketing is, the advantages of utilizing influencer marketing and how successful it is how about we find a workable pace where we put influencer marketing without hesitation.


Similarly as with whatever else in advanced marketing, an influencer marketing methodology requires arranging and appropriate investigation.

Here are the main 9 Influencer marketing procedures that will help support your deals

1. Offshoot Projects

At the point when we talk about partner programs identified with influencers we are just discussing “commissions”. 


Commissions are what manage any member marketing program. 


How accomplish subsidiary projects take a shot at influencer marketing? 


It’s simple and to the point. With associate projects, you make a commonly valuable understanding between your image and the influencer. The influencer procures a commission for his/her impact.


The influencer gets a level of every deal that is ascribed to them, each time they drive a deal to the business being advanced they get a forthright installment.


Member programs are extraordinary in light of the fact that influencers feel traded off to drive a higher level of offers for their own advantage. 


It will work best if the influencer really and genuinely puts stock in what he/she is selling. 


Remember that buyers have an untruth finder and they know when somebody is simply selling a product versus when somebody really belives a product or administration works. You need to go for the subsequent one.


2. Coupons

This is the point at which you give the influencer a customized markdown code. 


The influencer/s will impart this limited time code to their crowd. 


The advantage of utilizing this procedure is the “bargain”. Who doesn’t cherish a decent rebate, customers are bound to make a motivation buy is they see that something is “Discounted” 


You can make a customized markdown code that incorporates the name of the influencer for instance or make a conventional code that you can use with a few influencers (in case you’re utilizing multiple). 


Rebate codes are incredible to drive deals and are likewise useful to follow the crusade and measure the level of offers that were driven by a particular influencer.


This technique is extraordinary to fabricate brand mindfulness. 


Exploit the substance that the influencer is making to advance your product or administration. 


Lift these social posts through paid endeavors. Along these lines you’re intensifying your reach and can grow to a more extensive crowd. 


You can even include a Source of inspiration the post that requires a particular activity from the client. You will likely drive deals, so why not include a “Shop Currently” button in the post? 


One significant thing to remember is that you ought to consistently have the influencer’s consent to utilize his/her substance and advance it yourself.


4. Blog Entries

We as a whole realize that blog entries are an extraordinary method to acquire traffic to your webpage. 


Online journals are intended to be useful and educational and NOT salesy. We should abstain from falling into the snare of seeming like a sales rep in our blog. 


Indeed, web journals are intended to eventually drive deals yet not through the substance as such.


On the off chance that you compose a blog is incredible, however envision you get another person who has nothing to do with the brand AND has huge amounts of impact expound on your image.


Use influencers to support your business through accommodating substance.


5. Selective Offers

Making and advancing selective and constrained offers make a need to keep moving. 


On the off chance that you get an influencer to advance this selective and kind of “restricted time” offer in their social channels, you will make an additional motivator for individuals to make a buy. You can also ask them to add an explainer video for additional promotion. 


You would hit the nail if the influencer is really utilizing the product or administration.


6. Product Collaborations

Product coordinated efforts can be tremendous to support deals. 


A product coordinated effort is just having the influencer team up either on the production, ideation or video marketing of the procedure.


7. Mentions

Make sure that your influencer mentions your brand on a daily basis, across social media platforms. This will spread awareness for your brand and gain you a word of mouth.


8. Events

You can ask the conduct an event wherein your influencer promotes the brand. This way, you’d be presenting your product in a humongous manner. For example, have an open mic or award ceremony or simply a session around the tagline of your business or brand.


9. Challenges

If you ever observe keenly, you will realise that a lot of brands give out challenges to their influencers for promotion. Do that. Even if you find it funny, do it because it attracts a lot of attention. 

Influncer marketing is quite a trend, and it will be silly if you miss out on it. All you gotta do is, stick to it.

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