Product explainer video case study of Patented Solar Curtain Product
animated explainer video case study

Solar Curtain is a product patented by Yalcin Enerji , a research and development company focused on innovation and other energy related services.
They wanted to make the most of Solar energy resource because they believed that everyone has rights to use solar energy freely.  They developed Solar Curtain to make everyone take advantage from sun easily. Now people can generate electricity freely in buildings also using the solar energy.


Explainer Video Journey of Solar Curtain


Solar Curtain is the world’s first and only portable solar panel curtain and was a major unseen product for everyone. The company wanted to connect to a wider audience with a personal touch where they can convey the qualities  of their product and also wanted to communicate the save natural resources message by utilization of solar energy. They chose Explainer Video for fulfilling their aim effectively. Solar Curtain was a Unique Product and it was a challenge to Graphically represent the similar product and application. Any minor deviation in the graphics could have made them deprived of their credibility and put the credibility on stake. It was way too risky as the product was patented. 


For the product explainer video we framed a well structured and well defined script for the Solar curtain as per which we initially introduce the huge power consumption which ultimately leads to the huge electricity expense for business. For designing the graphic for Solar Curtain we asked for various images of the product taken under different light and at different angles so that we can bring the uniformity in images and graphic and also to make the graphical representation look alike the real pictures of the product , and guess what ?? We succeeded !

animated explainer video case study
animated explainer video case study

After working so hard and creatively we finally crossed all the challenges and got success in making the Whole Explainer Video as per the Client’s expectations and  fulfilled the commitment that we made for the flawless and awesome Product Explainer Video. Here is the Product Explainer Video that was being made for Solar Curtain by MotionGility Animation Studio, the best Animated Explainer Video Production Company.

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