7 Incredible Corporate Animation Styles to Inspire Your Next Video

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Corporate Animation Styles
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    Corporate Videos are no doubt one of the most popular video content styles to introduce your company to the world and build a brand.


    They help users not only understand the key points of the corporate products but also will help them incorporate various products as a part of consumers’ daily life.


    They can be both produced or animated videos, but won’t it be hard to produce a video with Actors, Camera Crew, Employees, and Editors?


    So How Does A Company fulfill its corporate video needs?

    Animated Corporate Video!

    Animated Corporate Videos are non-promotional, animated video content used by companies to build brand reputation and share Key Prospects, Build Relations, and Engage Customers long enough to make sales.


    How do I use animation to fulfill all these goals?


    There are various animation styles to make an animated explainer video but how do I decide which is the best one for my Corporate Explainer Video?


    We’ve compiled a list of  7 Corporate Animation Styles to help you decide which is the best for your corporate video needs.

    Need help to understand which is the best video type for your next Corporate Video?

    7 Corporate Animation Styles to include in your next Explainer Video

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      1. Live-Action Animation

      Live-Action Corporate Animation is a video production style where real-life footage is combined with Motion Design or infographic elements. These elements are introduced in the footage as layovers, tracers, and pop-ups.


      Convergent used this animated explainer video as a part of its company promotion campaigns and explained all the services of the company in the video with an exciting voiceover and incredible layovers. 


      This Graphic Style Is Best Fit For Large Entreprises and Start-ups willing to repurpose the videos on both paid and owned channels.

      2. Motion Graphic Animation

      Motion Graphics Animation is a video production style where various elements such as shapes and text are moved in the frame in a way that brings a story to life.


      This Video by ITC guides us through the process of plantations and the profitability that can be achieved when things are done right. They portrayed the idea as a medium of profit generation and growth for their suppliers. 

      Motion Graphic Animation Style is a good fit for all companies trying to convey a complex message in a short amount of time using an explainer video.

      3. Paper Cutout Animation

      Paper Cutout Animation is a minimalism-based animation style where characters and backgrounds look like they are cut from paper and are drawn with colored pencils or crayons.


      This Paper Plane video is one of the best examples of how engaging and simplistic a paper cut-out animation can be. The video used pencil-colored characters and held viewers without a voice to tell the story.


      Paper Cutout Animations are a good fit for corporates looking for a way to share a brand story or an origin story. 

      4. Stop Motion Animation

      Stop Motion Animation is an animation video creation style where videos are created by physically manipulating objects in individually photographed frames creating an illusion of motion.


      This Magic Soap Stop Animation Video used slimes and soap bottle heads in a creative succession of motion with illusions of them transforming into various objects.


      Stop Motion videos are a great fit for companies in creative industries and brands willing to introduce their product or service in a few seconds.

      5. Cartoon Animation

      Cartoon Animations use life-like character animation and real-life inspired backgrounds to introduce the product or company to the world.


      This Company introduction by MotionGility is one of the best brand awareness campaigns as it portrays them as ‘a diamond in the rough’ or ‘a place where your exploration ends’. The video uses vibrant colors and wilderness as background to make the reveal thrilling.

      Cartoon animation style is a perfect fit for brand intros and product reveals using a 2D or 3D Animation.

      6. Whiteboard Animation

      Whiteboard Animation is a video animation style where static images are transitioned in a way that they feel like they are drawn by hand.


      This is one of the most simple yet most effective animation styles which can be used to engage users, build brand presence and effectively create sales.


      This video by SBSP used whiteboard animations with seamless transitions of hand-drawn images and hand-written texts.


      The video explains the entire company’s product portfolio and guides customers to visualize a growth potential with the company.

      Whiteboard Videos are best suited for firms in all industries with a limited budget and target audience that loves classic animation.

      7. Animated Infographics

      Animated Infographics refer to a video style based on the animation of infographic images and simplifying complex data in a limited time frame. A lot of crucial factors play an important role in Infographics Video Production


      Merren.io used this incredible infographic video to explain the entire SaaS product and helped customers realize Merren is part of their consumer life. They shared consumers’ feedback, pain points, KPIs, and how to use products using seamless transitions and clean flawless infographics.

      Infographics Video Style is the best fit for companies with continuous growth and complex data statistics.

      Need an Animated Corporate Video?

      Which is the best Animation Style for my Corporate Video?

      There is no right answer to this question as the best video style suited for your brand is the one that aligns with your corporate goals. But these pointers can help you decide on a perfect animation style for your corporate video:


      • Make Sure To Be Clear About Your Company’s Video Marketing Goal
      • Decide On A Budget And Understand The Cost Affecting Factors Related To A Particular Video Style
      • Decide How Long You Want Your Marketing Video To Be
      • Make Sure To Understand Your Brand Colors And Theme   

      Over To You

      Corporate Videos are the best way to build a brand, enhance your marketing strategy, help you generate revenue, and position your brand in consumers’ lifestyles. Using Animations to do so feels complicated but is it really?


      Each Animation Style has its own benefits and a specific target goal they are best suited for. Once you are clear about your video marketing goals, it’s not at all hard to choose an animation style for your corporate explainer videos.


      Even when the brand vision is complex and it’s a struggle to balance between building a brand and managing sales, the clarity of the video goal will not only help you choose the right type of animation but also will help you achieve the final goals in the sales funnel.


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