How Customer Testimonial Videos can help Brands Boost Sales?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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customer testimonial videos
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    With millions of products available at customers’ disposal today, brands are facing a tough time building trust in their minds about their offerings.


    As a result, this leads to less conversions for brands aiming to sell products to their target audience.


    In such scenarios, customer testimonial videos can prove to be a gamechanger as they naturally go beyond the generic concept of marketing to potential customers.


    The reason being – Video testimonials compared to written ones are no less than a close friend recommending you to try out a product.


    On top of that, such videos are also equipped with engaging elements that make them more approachable.


    Well, discover below how these videos can help brands:

    Need help understanding how customer testimonial videos can help you generate better results for your products?

    Role of Customer Testimonial Videos in boosting sales: 5 Reasons

    Video testimonials are an underrated tool which a lot of marketers tend to ignore.


    Whereas in reality, they can prove magical in helping brands attain revenue goals if executed properly.


    Surely, testimonials are a bundle of benefits that can keep viewers hooked till the end as they contain vital information which your future customers want to know.


    Here are a few benefits of using these videos in your marketing and sales strategies:

    1. By helping build Trust & Credibility

    In today’s digital age where people are usually bombarded with promotional messages from brands, it becomes a bit difficult for receivers to believe.


    But when you use testimonial videos, your potential customers can watch a similar person talking about how they loved a product or service.


    Now this is enough to build credibility in their minds about a brand’s offering as they can clearly see how a particular product can help them get rid of their problems. 


    Also, this can allow you as a seller to stand out from your competitors and establish yourself as a trustworthy seller in the eyes of your target audience.


    Checkout below, a fine example of how a customer narrates her story and experiences regarding using a software:

    2. By humanizing your Brand

    Today’s customers have relatively become smarter, thanks to the internet accessibility where discovering products is just a matter of few clicks.


    Now this also means that they are becoming more and more aware about they must be treated in terms of after-sales service, product quality, relations, etc.


    To enhance their brand communication, this is exactly where testimonials can help brands establish deeper relationships by providing customers a transparent and personalized environment.


    If you look closely, these videos can prove great in helping qualified leads understand the ins & outs of the product by cultivating real values thus providing a human touch.

    3. By boosting your Product's Reach

    boosting a product's reach through testimonial videos

    While visiting a website’s product or landing page, visitors look for what we call as “Points of Assurance” for strengthening their buying decision.


    Now this might seem a bit complex but if you visualize it from a prospect’s viewpoint, testimonials of previous customers can prove to be a real playmaker. 


    On top of that – Such videos carry the ability to spread across different channels of communication thus boosting your product’s visibility amongst the target audience.


    Well, through just one testimonial, you can boost your product marketing efforts and ensure it reaches the right people effectively.

    4. By increasing Conversions

    You already read how testimonial videos play an instrumental role in building trust and establishing credibility in the minds of target audience.


    The trust thus built, can be leveraged by brands into boosting the prospects further in the marketing funnel and taking them to the final conversion stage.


    As a result, this can help them improve their conversion rate by large and generate increased revenues as compared to earlier figures.


    Quite well, there cannot be any better method to boost sales figures than customer testimonials.

    5. By boosting Engagement on Social channels

    what is social media video image

    The power of social media platforms in today’s digital era cannot be understated. 


    The reason is the massive and diversified reach they offer where brands are free to integrate testimonials as a part of their digital content strategy.


    Furthermore, brands can engage their audience and provide virtual customer support thus encouraging more actions on the website.


    With the numerous benefits social channels come with, brands can integrate different video marketing strategies and gain that extra push in terms of brand awareness and visibility in the target market.

    Looking forward to boosting brand sales using impactful testimonial videos?


    Customer testimonial videos have lately become a thing in the modern business setup.


    The explanation this works so well is that it joins the amazing vehicle of video with the testimonial part of the client experience.


    As a result, they serve as a great point of interest in attracting future customers toward the product, thus boosting sales.

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