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Social media marketing is probably one of the most in-trend and cost-effective strategies for making a place for your business in the market. Brands that wish to leave a greater recall value and visibility opt for platforms like Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing.

Which is better? Facebook vs Instagram

Launched in the year 2004, Facebook is big. The platform has grown so much that the average users on a daily basis turns out to be 1.47 billion. Though the initial aim of the platform was to connect with people around the world, but it has now come down to promoting business and products. 


On the other hand, Instagram was launched in the year 2010. It is still a younger platform than Facebook, yet it has massive reach. This platform turns out to be a home for visual storytellers. Celebrities, artists, brands, millennials, everyone got glued to this platform in no time. 


With that being said, let’s see which platform will be better to launch your social media campaign and leave an effect.


Factors to consider -

1. The brand engagement

Out of all the Facebook pages that exist, it has been surveyed that only 32 percent are active with brands, and have been sharing content, and also have an active audience engagement. 


On the other hand, it turns out that things are way better with Instagram. 68 percent of the business accounts on Instagram have active audience engagement. However, despite having a better audience engagement, Facebook still gets over 8 billion daily video views. So, for video marketing and videos, Facebook still rules out. 


2. Audience and targeting

Facebook, undoubtedly has massive, huge audience worldwide. Instagram still has a smaller portion of users. And it still has a ‘younger’ age group. So if you are trying to reach out to the younger ones, comparatively, Instagram should be your choice.


But if you wish to target millennials as well as adults, Facebook would do justice to you.


3. Mobile-friendliness and mobile users

Facebook has a mobile app for smooth functioning on the device. And Instagram is a mobile-dedicated app. Both tend to run smoothly on mobile devices.


However, Instagram lacks a smooth functioning on the desktop version. Instagram puts a lot of limitations if used on the desktop. No wonder it is an app made just for mobiles, yet at certain times, it does make you feel the need for an optimized desktop version. 


Hence, if you wish to advertise on Facebook, it barely matters what device you are using. But if it’s Instagram, it has to be a mobile phone. 

Going by the facts, it has been proven that 95 percent of Facebook users access the platform via mobile phones. Hence, make sure that your video is compatible with mobile phones. For Instagram, you have no choice but to optimize it as per mobile phones. 


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Is Facebook better?

Facebook offers you to choose from 11 different types of ads to market your content via video and content. They are: 


– Video Ads

– Image Ads

– Collection Ads

– Carousel Ads

– Slideshow Ads

– Facebook Instant Experiences/Canvas Ads

– Lead Generation Ads

– Offer Ads

– Post Engagement Ads/Boosted Posts

– Event Response Ads

– Page Likes

– Facebook Carousel Ads

– Facebook Collection Ads


facebook vs instagram which is better for video marketing

Or Instagram Is better?

Whereas Instagram offers you 4 types of ads to market through:


– Photo Ads

– Video Ads

– Carousel Ads

– Stories Ads


It must be noted that as per recent studies, it has been proven that Stories Ads are delivering more conversion rates. Not to forget, they are versatile and drive lead generation.​


So where should you invest?

That depends on the type of your business and what you want to achieve in your campaign. Here’s a tip: read more about each and every type of ad and invest in those ads that best fit your current strategy.


Facebook vs. Instagram: Ad costs.

instagram ads vs facebook ads

Now, here’s the final question: Which ads on which of the two platforms should you invest?


This depends on the type of campaign you want to run. And what you would like to achieve. The end results, the costs, and all such factors will help you decide.


The costs:


Social media marketing can be heavy on your pockets, but they are worth it. With that being said, you must know that the average CPC equals $0.27 and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) $7.19.


There are a few factors that can affect the cost of your ad, and video marketing campaign:


Ad objective,


Bidding type and amount,




Ad quality,


Your industry.


On the other hand, Instagram is again not cheap. Its costs can be high and yet it can be worth your money. All you gotta do is be smart about choosing your ad and its type. Choose the right platform to market your video and you’ll have a promising return. 


Should you invest in both platforms for your video marketing? Why not?


Instagram and Facebook have a plethora of things to offer. They can leave you with a high ROI. Though Instagram was designed to be the king of all things visual, Facebook still can rule out in case of reach. Another pro thing about Facebook is that it lets you measure the performance of your paid videos in the most granular and microscopic form. Instagram is still coming to that. 


On the other hand, Instagram has a direct reach to consumers and brands. Consumers find it more connecting these days. And not to forget, Instagram is growing, while Facebook has almost become stagnant. 


If it’s about the verdict, Instagram looks like a promising platform for video marketing. Facebook, however, is still in the race.


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