Get More App Downloads using Actionable App Demo Videos

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Get More App Downloads

There are 3,739 apps that are added to the Play Store daily. These numbers clearly indicate competition in the mobile app industry.


In this highly populated sector, if you want to stand out and get more app downloads, you have to think out of the box.


One way to do that is through animated app demo videos.


Such videos are used as introductory or walkthrough videos to showcase the functionality and features of an app.


You can use app introduction videos in many ways that can make your brand stand out and also help in increasing the downloads.


When humans come across a visually attractive video, they are naturally drawn to it.


There is a very high chance that they will remember your brand for a considerable period of time.


Let us learn how effective are the app demo videos in driving downloads

Need help in choosing the best app demo video for your app?

How effective are Demo Videos to get more App Downloads

get more app downloads

A successful app is defined by the number of downloads. To encourage users into downloading your app, there can be nothing better than app demo videos.


This is because these little gems are like mini-movies that showcase the awesomeness of your app in action. It gives potential users a taste of what they can expect. And trust me, people love visuals!


One of the great things about these videos is that they can convey a lot of information in a short period. In just 30-60 seconds you can showcase your app’s key features crisply and thus get more app downloads.


Thus, it becomes easy to showcase the unique selling points of your app which will eventually help you stand out from the competition.

Tips for Creating an Effective App Demo Video

Till now we have seen many wonders a demo video can make in order to increase downloads of your app. 


Now let’s learn what you should keep in mind while creating an app demo video.

1. Keep the video concise and focused

Well, we are all aware of the fact that as technology is advancing, the human attention span is having a downfall.


In this short period of time, you have to keep in mind that your video covers all the key features and is to the point.

2. Showcase real-life use cases and benefits

While creating a video for your app ask yourself, why the user will download your app?


Through real-life scenarios highlight their pain points and tell them how effective is your app in making a difference. 

3. Make use of Engaging Visuals or Animations

Interactive visuals that comprise of rich animated characters and icons are a great way to hook your audiences’ attention.


If we compare it to any other form of video, there are very high chances that your user will stop by to look at your animated video.


As a result, you stand an excellent chance to get more app downloads and boost your app’s rankings on the app marketplace.

4. Include a powerful CTA

The purpose of making a video for your app is to encourage your user to take action.


Including a CTA becomes significant here. Encourage your viewers to take the next step, such as downloading the app, or signing up for a free trial.

Case Study of an Effective App Demo Video

Let’s explore a real-life example that actually benefitted by creating a demo video. 


Autologiq is a Canada-based automobile company. They were looking for a way to spread the word about their brand and make the user aware of the services they offer through their application.


Their biggest concern was how they can make the user familiar with their app. As their customer base was pretty wide, they wanted to make sure they got their message across.


This is where they decided to create an app demo video that can effectively create awareness of their services and reach out to a wide network of viewers.

Through the video, AutologiQ was able to present the brand as it was envisioned and also explained its services to the customers in an effortless way.


Hence, they were able to clock more downloads and generate service queries on their app.

Where you can effectively use app demo videos to increase downloads

After knowing everything about how important it is to use these videos, you need to bring that video to the right places where it can shine and perform its magic!


The key here is to strategically place your video at spots where your target audience hangs out. 


Some places that can help you in increasing your app downloads are:

1. App Store/Google Play Store

Be it the iOSApp Store or Google Play Store, both are the ultimate libraries for any app discovery.


When users have gone to an app store, this means they’re actively seeking new apps to download.


That’s where your app demo video can jump in and convince users to give your app a shot.

2. Website/ Landing Page

Your website is a place where your target users will come to learn more about your app.


Embedding a video on your website’s landing page can lead to more engagement around your brand.

3. Social Media Platforms

Social media is the place where all the buzz happens. People spent hours scrolling down their feeds and imagine popping up your app demo video in the form of sponsored ads or posts.


It will capture their interest and drives them to click the download button.

Looking for an App Demo Video to increase your app's downloads?


The bottom line is that there can be nothing better than an app demo video to showcase your app. 


These videos are the key to making your app more discoverable to your target audience. Use these videos to ​show the world what your app is all about, and why it’s unique.


So go ahead, roll up your sleeves, higher a video production company, and have a flood of downloads for your mobile app.

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