Build A Brand Value Proposition And Increase Product Value Using Videos

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

With the World going  Digital, Everything is Now Available at the Tips of our fingers. The Present world is full of opportunities for both Businesses and consumers to enjoy tons of discounts and boost marketing in a way that’s incomprehensible to many. Everything’s available Online from Complicated Services to Branded Products. 


Let’s Understand How to Leverage Explainer Videos to Help Consumers Understand your Product or Service better. A step-by-step guide to understanding how Explainer Videos can be a great tool in building Brand Value Proposition and Making Products or Services Comprehensible.


In the Present World, Videos have become one of the most effective marketing tools. With the world going digital, videos have stood out really well. Online marketing has given marketers and the audience a boost to comprehensively have a different and more dynamic outlook on the market. 


If reports and facts are to be considered, videos have greatly influenced the sales funnel of almost every industry. Internet marketing has proven to be a cherry on the cake as well. With videos proving themself as sales machines for the global market, let’s not forget the fact that when videos are considered, they include a variety.


However, Animated Explainer Videos win over the competition when it comes to Product Awareness and Comprehension.


Product awareness is the thing that legitimizes the sticker price you put on your item. Better Item Esteem implies better legitimization at the cost. 


You’ll solve two problems at once by demonstrating to your Objective Shopper A Better Brand Value for your item. 


Initially, you’ll be progressively straightforward about what you’re charging for.

Second, your customer will confide in you more and keep on utilizing your item.


Concerning the productivity of an item video, it’s undeniable. A study reports that 90% of clients say that seeing a video regarding an item is useful for the dynamic procedure. 


Regardless of whether the item video coordinates clients towards the positive choice (to purchase) or the negative choice (to not accept) relies significantly upon how your item video is made, how it is pictured, and above all how well your content performs. 


There is one thing explainer videos do that other item videos like item demos or promotions can’t work out quite well: clarifying things, subsequently the name. 

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How To Use Explainer Videos To Build Product Value

1. Narrating

Narrating gives a superior opportunity to identify with the objective shopper’s concern on a passionate level contrasted with through and through publicizing. 


A progression of examinations performed by neuroeconomics pioneer Paul Zak found that accounts that are exceptionally captivating and contain key components — including a peak and end result — can inspire amazing empathic reactions by setting off the arrival of oxytocin. 


Regularly alluded to as the “trust hormone,” this neurochemical advances association and urges individuals to feel compassion. When discharged in the mind of your possibility it can assist work with confiding in your image or item, and by doing so expand deals. You can also use video marketing for this. 


In any case, a story that doesn’t obviously characterize where it starts, where it’s going on, and how it closes doesn’t connect with our cerebrums similarly. Indeed, individuals disregard it. 


An all-around recounted story can move everybody, even individuals who aren’t your need target buyers, even the ones who aren’t probably going to buy your item. Like this video from Intel that moves everybody’s hearts. 


This video shows how Intel’s item can assist it with focusing on buyers, and tech designers. The way that their item has an aberrant commitment to the improvement of another human’s life is the estimation of the item they grandstand in this specific video.

2. Features

Numerous organizations ignore the significance of slipping a touch of amusement into their item videos. There’s a well-known axiom: “We purchase from individuals we like.” Causing watchers to make the most of your video is the least demanding approach to get target customers preferring you. 


We dare say that any battle or advertising exertion you have taken a shot at intends to expand deals. In any case, on the off chance that you separate the selling procedure, deals never start things out. 


There’s a progression of steps your possibilities need to take to become potential buyers before they’re prepared to see the offer. More often than not, this arrangement of steps starts with getting them to like your image first. 


Without a doubt, it’s difficult to get everyone’s endorsement, and detached forceful jokes like in the video above aren’t some tea.


So the most obvious opportunity comes when you have figured out who your objective customers are and you make an item video that will claim best to them.

3. Product Highlight Feature

Envision featuring items includes this way: You are at the supermarket, mulling over products by your competitors.


Every last one of them has highlights that each oat brand has yet that they’re not in every case great at. That is the thing that item includes. 


Suppose your organization makes email showcasing programming, which is a very jam-packed specialty.


What does your application exceed expectations at? Maybe it’s a brilliant yet straightforward supporter association or basic expository interface? 


You can do all the elements featuring all the more effectively with the assistance of visual portrayal (i.e explainer videos). Words alone won’t convey a lot of significant worth for your item’s best feature(s). In the event that you attempt to do such, your intended interest group will consider it to be another showcasing contrivance that won’t convey.

You can approach an explainer video company for an ace video.


Organizations that have explainer videos have seen fewer help questions and expanded client comprehension of their items. Explainer videos likewise permit organizations to get imaginative and show the great side of their business. 


Explainer videos will in general be 30-60 seconds in length and are a successful choice for organizations who don’t have spending enormous enough on television and web plugs. On the off chance that there is a convoluted viewpoint to help or item, explainer videos are an ideal method to promote how an item can profit the client.


Data that is hard to clarify can be effortlessly pictured with movement and insights can be effectively introduced. 

Benefits Of Using Explainer Videos To Build Product Value​
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    Build Trust

    Videos assist purchasers with seeing your image’s character and help refine an organization. Drawing in with videos assembles trust with buyers and 57% of shoppers state videos give them all the more buying certainty. 

    Lift Web Index Rankings

    Videos increment the measure of time guests spend on your website. The additional time spent on your site makes web crawlers perceive that your content is significant. Videos installed on your site make you 53% bound to Appear First in a Google search. 

    Lift Deals and Transformations

    Driving commitment and building trust leads to more deals and changes. Adding an item video to your site or presentation page has appeared to expand changes by 80%.


    Interesting Fact

    Video watchers are 1.6x as liable to purchase an item.

    Furthermore, videos are shared more than some other sort of media, which broadens your compass over different stages and drives commitment.


    Explainer videos have turned the tables for a lot of businesses.  They have not only helped Businesses to Build Product Value but also create a Brand Value Proposition for the company itself. All you need to realize is that it can be a very powerful tool to increase product awareness and brand credibility for you. 

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