A Guided Walkthrough For Boosting Lead Generation Using Videos

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Boosting Lead Generation Using Videos
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    In the Era of the Internet with Businesses competing Globally to Build Brands and Make Relevant Sales, Targeting the right audience and building a customer base feels like a Struggle More Than a Challenge. 


    In This Article, We’ll Walk You Through The Best Ways of Potential Lead Generation Using Videos And Build A Brand Reputation For Your Business Via Videos. Learn How To Repurpose Your Videos And Boost Reach On Paid And Owned Media Channels While Building A Brand Reputation For Your Business. 


    Building a Brand Value Proposition for your business is a struggle every entrepreneur or enterprise faces and gaining Customer Trust while Pitching a Sale gets hard. The Social Algorithms reject the reach of your content and all your efforts seem to have been wasted.

    So How Do Businesses Build A Brand Value Proposition In A Budget-Friendly Way?

    Using Video Content

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    Using Video Content adds a human touch to your business and increases Brand Recall Value. Your Prospects are more likely to retain the entire message when it is conveyed through a video.

    Video Content uses both Visual and Audio elements to convey a message and thus not only helps in better retention of the message but also gives us a ton of creative options to share a particular Message With the Audience.


    Before We Move on To Understand how you can leverage videos to work for generating leads,


    Let’s Understand 3 Different Genres Of Video Distribution Channels 

    Owned Channels

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    These Channels are the ones owned by the organization either directly or indirectly to target users searching for services they are offering. They don’t target users directly but offer a dedicated path for users to Reach your Services or Product.

    Here Are Top Owned Channels You Can Leverage To Work: 

    • website
    • Landing Page
    • E-Mail Signatures

    Social Channels

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    Social Channels are the ones created by Businesses to Build Communities and Regularly Interact with Audiences using Helpful Information, Customer Support and Service Help. 

    Here are the Top Social Media Channels that almost All Companies use:

    • Social Media Platforms
    • Forums

    Paid Ad Channels

    These channels help you reach your target audience using help from complicated AI based distribution systems that will analyze user’s behaviors and show your Ads to your Target Audience and promote your services to reach them.
    Here are top paid Ad channels to boost your audience reach:

    • Native Ad Channels
    • Seach Engine Ads (PPC)
    • Social Media Ads 

    Now that we are sure of Content Distribution channels, Here’s a Step by Step Guide On How To Leverage Video Content To Build Potential Leads For Businesses:

    1. Know your Target Goals

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    Using videos as part of your marketing strategy to find more leads doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Being strategic about why you want to use videos and identifying the goals you want to achieve through videos can save a lot of lead generation efforts.


    Almost All Platforms in present are Video Oriented and using Video Content with a specific Goal in Mind can help you Engage Customers and build the right customer base for your brand.

    You can have videos that are specifically targeted towards nurturing audience or reducing the time it takes to convert a lead into a paying customer. Make sure to know your goals before you start the video-making process. This will ensure the Messaging is On-Point and helps you Track Content Performance.

    2. Know your Target Customers

    social media video production

    When it comes to Targeting Videos Online, There is no Cookie-Cutter approach you can Follow. Your prospects are unique — unless you serve them a video that is customized to what they are looking for, you will find it challenging to establish a genuine human connection.


    To make videos more effective for lead generation, leave no stone unturned while researching your prospects. Find out more about them, their pain points, and how your product or service can help them.

    3. Choose the Right Video Content

    The Likeability and Content Preferences change with factors like audience age, gender, and liking. Thus choosing the right content for your target audience will not only help boost brand retention but also help you convey the message using the right medium and save excess costs.

    The Right Video for your audience is something you can decide using any factor such as Age, Location, Music Preference, and such, but there are no hard and fast rules to choosing the right video content based on your target audience.  

    4. Pick a Distribution Medium

    This is the most important decision you’ve to make as a Business Owner or Marketing Expert. The Outreach and Distribution of your Video Content will help in deciding the number of leads and the quality of the leads you will receive via your video.

    Thorough research on a distribution medium is what decides the actual success of the campaign. Irrespective of the content you choose, almost all videos can be repurposed and used on both owned and paid channels.

    Animated Explainer Videos to boost your marketing with 10X results

    Final Words

    The Process of using Videos to Boost Content Reach and Generating Leads is one of the most common practice every business use, but to stand out from the competition we’ve curated a simple recipe to Boost Your Campaign Results. 


    One of the most unique ways you can leverage video content can be to have an Animated Explainer Video and Repurpose it based on your target research channels. 


    Video Content is the  Future PRESENT

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