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Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

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Video Resume

In today’s job hunt, one thing that has prominently emerged is a video resume. After all, the growing tech market and the need to be smart does justify this. So what exactly is a video resume?


Like a printed resume, a video resume turns out to be a short account of your qualifications, professional experience and interests. All of this compiled in one brief video to be presented to a prospective employer. A video resume is no rocket science. A few edits here and a few cuts there, and voila, you have a video resume on the go!


However, before submitting time and assets to making a video adaptation of a resume, you ought to think about whether an intuitive media application is proper to an industry. Moderately preservationist working environments in the lawful or money related callings, for example, are probably going to be less intrigued with a competitor’s resume exhibited in video structure than a publicising or style configuration firm. The best video resumes highlight short, to-the-point answers, unrivalled altering abilities and regularly a dash of cleverness.



Video resumes have existed for a considerable length of time, and have been truly made and disseminated physically utilising VHS tapes and, in the end, copied DVDs. The rise of YouTube, economical webcams and far-reaching broadband Internet access have joined to significantly rethink this type of media, bringing about a large number of candidates recording and transferring recordings. The two businesses and candidates can spare huge enrolment and travel costs by receiving the utilisation of video resumes.


A decent video resume can lift an up-and-comer over different candidates. Ineffectively delivered or imagined recordings, be that as it may, can possibly destroy a candidate’s odds for business.


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Why video resumes?

Well, firstly because they are unique. A recruiter surely has a lot of resumes piled up with him already. Then what makes your resume stand out completely? Well, its format. When your resume reaches the recruiter in the format of a video, it will induce curiosity among the recruiter.

video resume

Your character, aptitudes and skills are obvious right away. Video resumes either include you, talking certainly into the camera, or an aggregation of all your past works. Whatever your execution, your character and aptitudes are apparent ideals from the beginning.


On the off chance that you are applying for an inventive position, and you turn in a video resume demonstrating all your artistic undertakings, it is exceptionally simple for your recruiter to see this and promptly shall acknowledge what you can offer to the organisation.


A video resume is simply you noting all their regular inquiries questions. Obviously, since it is a controlled situation, you can seem unruffled and sure, and you will put on a show of being exceptionally able for the activity. 


Here are some do’s and don’t of a video resume that would surely turn out to be of great help for you :


1. Plan it well

Consider how you’d like to react to the given brief, and think about the video format that works best for you. Is it accurate to say that you are open to conversing with the camera on your PC or telephone, or would it be simpler to have a companion “talk with” you? Or on the other hand, what about a slideshow with a voiceover, or maybe an explainer video, explaining all your achievements? These things are choices, so be innovative and pick something that feels normal to you.


video resume

2. Don't recite it

Rather than posting past jobs and duties, accept the open door to share an encounter or quality about yourself that has specific significance to the position however that probably won’t radiate through on your resume. For instance, concentrate on the piece of your experience that describes you the best through photographs and stories, demonstrated in a way that portrays you like a vigorous pioneer who’s ready to fabricate a network in any organization. 


3. Script it

When you’ve concluded what precisely you need to cover, plan the core points you’d like to convey and scribble down clear approaches to state them. Composing your thoughts early supports expectation and lucidity—and dispenses with run-on sentences and over-the-top speech breaks 


4. Clarity

A recruiter would like to see you and hear what you need to state! Lessen the background commotion, pick a sufficiently bright setting, and abstain from having the camera facing up your nose. These things sound self-evident, however, they go far.

5. Shoot until perfect

The magnificence of video resume is that you don’t need to choose an awful take. In the event that the neighbor’s cat just jumped in from your window, the camera can simply be cut or re-done. And end it subtly, rather than just being awkward or crazy. 

6. Watch your resume carefully

Have you at any point re-read an email you’ve recently written to find spelling blunders, run-on sentences, or a couple of abused descriptive words? Blunder, right? You should watch your video for similar goof-ups. Consider having someone look at it to be double sure.

7. Alter it

Tools and software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Movie Maker are instinctive and simple to utilize, and there are a lot of free video altering projects to attempt. You don’t need to be a prepared proofreader to roll out little improvements that go far. On the off chance that you can’t make sense of something, there are a bunch of YouTube instructional exercises to demonstrate to you how.


1. Don’t make it personal. Keep it, utmost professionalism.


2. Don’t link your social handles in case you have something too personal on them, that recruiters wouldn’t like to see. 


3. A video resume can never replace a traditional resume. It can often induce insecurities among other candidates because the idea of you being selected on the way you sound and look isn’t very acceptable.


A video resume puts your personality, your face in front of the recruiter. Make sure you leave an impact in the very first seconds of the video. You never know if a perfect video resume can land you in your dream job. Structure your resume well, because your video is you. In a literal sense. Make sure that you don’t give up on your confidence or you might just simply ruin your video.  


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