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Know How To Make Your Videos Viral in 10 Simple Ways

In the age of media, one term that you would have come across is ‘viral.’ Ever wondered what exactly that is? Well, any form of content that spreads rapidly over social media platforms and catches popularity is known as ‘viral content.’ With videos pacing up and acquiring a large section of the digital world today, a lot of videos go viral and earn a name for their respective brands.

These viral videos are widely used for viral marketing to gain attention and establish a reputation in the market.

Viral Marketing

The marketing that successfully induces potential sales and interest towards a brand or product is viral marketing. It basically has to spread like a virus to be able to create that effect. The core aim remains to be the content that users share by themselves. 

Every now and then some campaign goes viral on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, because of the ease of sharing and spreading of the content. A large amount of credit for this goes to viral marketing. 

The process of viral marketing is quite simple. Simply create the content in most attractive form possible, yet make it genuine and float it on the different social media platforms. Then all you have got to do is sit back and watch it trigger all the audiences. 

But before you jump into making your video viral, here are 10 things that you must consider while making your video viral.

Make your videos viral

1. Follow a plan

Don’t just rely on luck. Follow a strong marketing plan that will garner you attention online. This way, you’d attract a lot of organic reach and shareability.

2. Use the right tags and backlinks

Yes, you read that right. When you use relevant tags, you are enlisted with your competitors and with having a better video, you’d surely achieve more likes, views, and shares. Don’t forget to use a heavy backlinking process. The more links you get directed towards your video, the greater audience is to follow.

3. A Monday or Tuesday release

Choose the day and time of posting your video wisely. Research about the stats beforehand. When you have the most audience active, that’s when you must post your video. It will have a greater reach. Also, pick up a weekday when people are most likely to spend their time on YouTube or other social media platforms as a part of recreational activity.

4. Reach out to related parties

When you share a video that you’d like to go viral, send it exclusively to the companies or brands or influencers that can achieve you related audience. There might be a possibility that none of the above share your video, but some of them might even share. This way, you are establishing your name in their head.

5. Hit an emotion

When you make a video, make sure that it
hits an emotion.
Happy, sad, angry, anything.
This way your brand or video will have a
recall value and would be worth sharing.
Your video would turn out to be
relatable, hence it will
garner a lot of audiences.

6. Storytelling

Humans love stories. Since childhood, they love stories, to go to bed,  for entertainment, and for knowledge. If your video tells a story that pulls the right strings of the audience, your video is surely a hit.

7. Short and sweet

It has been noticed that a lot of people check the length of the video. Longer the video, greater the bounce rate. This means that you need to keep it short yet crisp. Watch-time hence, should always be monitored while producing a video.

8. A terrific title

Title is one thing that’ll strike the interest of the audience towards your video. Make it worth clicking

9. Decide on an aim

Know if you are posting a video just for likes, views, brand awareness, information or social awareness. Once you have decided on this, you can go ahead with a plan and strategy to achieve the set goal.

10. Going viral

Once you go viral, there’s no turning back. You’ll have to face the good and bad. Trolls and applauses. Be ready for it. Take it as constructive criticism and move ahead. 

Believe in the video you have published. Good or bad, be with it and live with it. Opt for options like cross-media posting to attract audiences from different walks. Don’t just sit back and wait for your video to get viral. Rather work for it. You can also approach MotionGility for exciting videos for your brand. We’d work collaborating with you, to deliver you a unique video. After all, to have a video go viral, you must get a video made by an ace video production company.

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