How to Use Facebook Video Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Advertising has always been the best way to promote your business around the global and local markets. Over time, advertising has evolved and it has blended well with technology. That is exactly how Video Marketing has been introduced. 

With the fact that visuals impact humans in a greater and deeper way, video marketing has been doing rounds for years. Firstly, the attention span of the audience today is very short and secondly, they live a life where time isn’t ample. Hence, as a marketer, it is very important for you to deliver your message to the audience loud and clear. 

Facebook has consistently been an eye-pleasing platform. All things considered, it started as a computerized look book before it was surpassed by loved ones sharing pictures of their young careless activities and later their children’s humiliating minutes. Yet, recently, the stage has diverted its consideration from still photographs to video. In the event that you ask most advertisers which substance commands on Facebook, they’ll disclose to you its video.

Facebook video marketing is one that marketers should greatly opt for. Why? Well, to be honest, because Facebook is a huge platform that is madly loved by the audience. The platform itself is so effective that anything that goes on it, becomes viral or trending. If you still don’t believe us, here are some reasons that you might consider before putting in all of your faith in Facebook video marketing.

1. Facebook Gives You Ample Exposure

With more than a million active users on the platform, Facebook lets you access a huge audience. You can simply get your business enlisted in front of all these people. This way, you will have a triggered potential of expressing yourself out there as a company or business.

2. Facebook Video Marketing also Helps You Connecting Better

Being one of the social media leaders, Facebook helps you grow socially. Each day. You can get in touch with real-time audiences, customers, and even your clients. You can build a rapport for your brand, without much hassle. The audience is already there, all you need is the action.

3. Facebook Videos Can Help You Get Viral

When a video is uploaded on Facebook, targeting a specific audience, there are high chances that the video can get viral. Since videos are easy to consume and share, the audience will share it with their audience and that’s how the chain will go on. If your video is good, you stand a great chance to get viral.

4. SEO

Did anyone ever mention to you that search engines love videos? Yes, you read that right. Going by the facts, the videos that are posted on Facebook are very easily trackable on Google. That is just as amazing as using YouTube, but with a better and streamlined audience. That would surely work for your business.

5. The Conversions

When social media is considered, it is not only about building an audience. But you can also have conversions from this platform. However, you need to be careful. Make sure that you implement a smart social media strategy for the desired outcome. Effective videos play an important part here. You have to present your video with the right content, script, and characters. You can always hire a professional to make a video for you so that you hit the right audience. 

Here were some reasons that are enough for a marketer to believe in Facebook video marketing. With that being said, here’s how you can use Facebook video marketing strategies to grow your business. Have a look:

-Keep a Check on The Length of The Video

It is being said the audience drops after 90 seconds while watching a video. Going by the thumb rule, that is keeping the video short and sweet, the video can work wonders for you. Though there are some exceptions, never offer a lengthy video to your audience. Make sure that while you are keeping it short, you use compelling visuals that keep the audience hooked to the video.

-Don’t Beat Around the Bush

The video that you are offering to your audience, must grab their attention. If it fails at doing that, your video will turn out to be worthless. Start with a crisp introduction, a meaningful body, and a smart CTA. Your audience cannot be fooled, so always keep that in mind.

-Give Them a Reason to Watch Your Video

No audience will watch a video that is boring or that is not relatable. Give them a reason that they can relate to. Add a post or text along with the video. Remember, you would only have a few seconds to keep your audience, so make it worth their time. The thumbnail and the initial seconds of video have to be very attention-grabbing. That’s what will work for your business and brand.

-Go For a Vertical Video

Yes, pick a vertical layout. Why? If facts and numbers are to be talked about, vertical videos have outperformed on the platform. So why does the audience prefer vertical videos? Well, because they turn out to be mobile-friendly. In the world of smartphones, it is important that you upload a mobile-friendly video.

-Text Along With the Video

As mentioned earlier, it is very important for you to caption your video. For example, if you are posting an explainer video, you need to write a clickable caption that will act as a build-up for the video. Then, you need to make sure that your video has subtitles or enough amount of text for the audience to watch it without the sound. More than 80 percent of the audience watches Facebook videos with sound off. You need to cover that. This way you’d be able to cover the audience widely.

-Have Variations

There are numerous styles of videos that can cater to your different needs of marketing. For example, you can go for:

Live Videos

Explainer Videos

Behind the Scenes Videos

Informational Videos

You got to research what your audience would like to have. And then serve them with that. Remember, you cannot always use one style for all your business requirements.

-Never Miss Out on a CTA

Do you know how important it is to have a smart CTA for your business? Imagine having watched a video, and then not knowing what to do with it. You have to tell your audience what should be the next step. How can they reach out to you? The importance of CTA is so great that it actually decides whether the audience is going to come back to you or not.

-Schedule Your Video as Per the Audience

Facebook analytics always lets you know when is your audience active the most. Make sure that you post your video only then. It will give the video a great reach and a good response. Except if you’re sufficiently fortunate to make some full memories group of web-based social networking chiefs, the capacity to calendar and post early is a reward, particularly when your crowd is in an alternate time zone. 

Setting up a distributing plan for your Facebook page will assist you with sorting out your recordings as indicated by your crowd accessibility, and guarantee that you can co-ordinate any crusade pushes across other appropriation locales simultaneously. Planning couldn’t be any simpler, simply schedule the alternative from the dropdown menu as you experience the transfer procedure. 

To be increasingly beneficial and to build your Facebook perceivability, you can likewise plan various posts on Hootsuite by keeping up a distinction of a couple of hours. One brilliant tip that can be included here is don’t continue boasting about yourself. Post videos identified with your industry, yet incorporate different advertisers and influencers which is an extraordinary method for building outside social connections.

-Don’t Lose Out on The Spark

Though your video has to be full of information and a smart CTA and even text, never forget the basic rule of the videos, entertainment. Humor your audience. Give them a chance to smile and connect with you. How would you feel if your video isn’t liked by the audience just because you weren’t creative enough with it? You can hire professionals like MotionGility who can help you in crafting an ace video for your business. 

Summing up, Facebook video marketing works magic for marketers who take it seriously. If you are a marketer, you need to make sure that you follow all the tips and tricks and voila, you’ll have a great time advertising. You can also Contact Us in case you need an animated video. We would be happy to serve you.

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