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How To Use Instagram Video For Business

Online videos have turned out to be one of the best ways to cash in some great profits. This is the reason why businesses are opting for videos for marketing and promotion over various social media platforms. However, it is one platform that has really captured the market for videos, and that is Instagram. 

Going by the facts, more than 20 million companies have already opted for this hugely-preferred platform. Also, more than 50 percent of the online audience is inclined towards this platform because that’s what the audience has been doing since it is a digital world. Not to forget, Instagram has more than a billion users that are active, so it turns out to be a win-win situation for every marketer. 

If you are a marketer, you might be wondering how this actually works. Well, let’s dig a little deeper. Firstly, let’s look at the different types of Instagram videos that marketers can have access to. 

-Instagram Feed Videos

These are the standard Instagram videos that have been on the platform since its inception, the year 2013. If you switch to the explore section of the Instagram section, the videos you see are from this section. These videos have been preferred by the brands for long. They are well-planned and laid videos. They can be square, vertical or horizontal, anything you prefer. The length of these videos can range from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. 


Highly inspired by Snapchat, Instagram Stories disappear in 24 hours. You can post a picture or a video in these stories. If you are a marketer, you need to realize that Instagram stories have a wider reach than the Snapchat snaps and videos. It promotes creative content. They are vertical videos that tend to have rough edges, to give it a raw, more connected look. A lot of brands and marketers use stories to show a personal side of the brand to their audience. This is how the audience relates. The length of an Instagram story goes up to 15 seconds. It surely helps in Instagram video marketing as well. 

-Live Videos

Live streaming is now a thing. Almost every platform is now doing it. Instagram Live lets you do a live video stream and interact with your followers. With an aspect ratio of 9:16, live videos are the best way for you to show to your audience an event, uncut moments, etc. 

-IGTV Videos

They are apparently the newest of the features Instagram has recently flaunted. If you wish to have mobile-optimized videos for longer viewing, then IGTV is for you. Any user, marketer or brand can set up an individual channel for these IGTV videos without any hassle. These videos are easy to navigate in the profile and there is no rocket science involved. The app or the feature is said to give the audience a TV feel and that is something that is really commendable. This means that IGTV videos have a versatility the same as a television without the hassle of advertisements. This means that audience will surely prefer an IGTV from you. 

Since you have the nuts and bolts made sense of, how about we investigate nine distinctive Instagram thoughts that you can use to develop your business.

1. Offer Something Engaging

Give the endowment of a grin. 

Numerous Instagram clients are just looking down their feed hoping to be engaged. Along these lines, engage them! A great tactic for video marketing.

Best of all, engaging Instagram videos are the ideal chance to exhibit your image character. Thusly, this causes you to extend associations with your supporters. 

Furthermore, in the event that you really make your supporters giggle, they’re unmistakably bound to connect with the Instagram video. They may like it, share it with a companion, or leave a remark – all of which help to support your remaining with Instagram’s calculation. 

It doesn’t have to have blockbuster impacts or creation quality either. For instance, there are many videos on IG that impeccably passes on their fun, energetic brand character.

2. Offer Something Rousing

Correspondingly, individuals love to be propelled. 

In this way, make rousing videos that will move and inspire your supporters to feel much improved, pursue their fantasies, and get increasingly out of life – without being excessively mushy. 

These kinds of Instagram videos are an ideal method to grandstand your image esteems and let supporters comprehend what you care about, and they ought to resound profoundly with your intended interest group. 

Here’s an awesome case of how Nike utilized an Instagram video to move and resound with its female devotees.

3. Recount To a Story

Stories are an incredible method to associate with individuals. 

Since early on, we learn tales, fantasies, and stories – it’s what makes us human. 

The well-known specialist around the world have stated if you realize what is the frequently missing fixing in a business message? It’s the business message that doesn’t recount a fascinating story.

4. Instruct Something

You can likewise make an Instagram video to share and encourage your devotees something new identified with your image. 

In the event that you sell wellness gear, you could share exercise schedules. On the off chance that you sell cosmetics items, you could offer cosmetics tips. Whatever your business does, there’ll be something you can show your devotees. 

It doesn’t need to be an aptitude either. You could likewise share intelligence, exhortation, or an interesting thought.

5. Advance Your Current Items

You can likewise make Instagram videos to advance your current items, which can be unbelievably compelling. 

There are huge amounts of various approaches to do this. You could get specialized and show the intricate details of your item’s best highlights. You could show your items being utilized out on the planet. You could likewise share a client audit or tribute of a particular item. Use an explainer video if necessary.

6. You Can Have Teasers

Instagram is a great platform that can help you promote your line of products and services. You could also release trailers for your product and they would create a curiosity among the audience.

7. BTS Videos

Instagram is a great place for your audience to connect to the human side of your brand. You can take your followers on a journey of your brand story and vision and they will love it for sure. 

With that being said, how should you be using IG videos for business? Well, here are some tips for that.

-Create Platform-Specific Videos

Instagram allows 60 seconds of video in the feed, 15 seconds in the story, and lengthier videos for IGTV. What you as a brand or marketer need to understand is the fact that IG has a specific audience. Create videos according to that audience. It is not necessary that you get to use the same video that you would have been using for all other platforms. That might turn out to be a blunder. 

1. Make Sure That Your Video Has a Visual Aesthetic Towards It

It is important that you make sure that your video is visually appealing. Highlight the high points of your story. Have a video that your audience won’t scroll past. Also, make sure that your video is consistent. This really plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the audience. 

2. Write Captions That Are Connecting

Yes, that’s the most important part of posting the video. If you don’t have a caption that involves creativity and uses keywords, it might slip away from the eyes of your audience. 

Summing up, all you have to do is, make sure that your video covers all the aesthetics of IG and follows the guidelines. You can also work with IG influencers to promote your video and brand. All you have to do is, sit down and plan it all well.

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