Why is your Digital Presence important for Business?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Digital Presence

Imagine having the power to control your entire journey but staying sidelines with someone else driving you constantly on a rocky path.

Scary right?

Well, the above scenario represents most businesses struggling to get online.


Since customers now have gotten advanced and gone digital, they wish to be actively informed about everything that’s happening in the world around them.

And with search engines and social media focused on building business communities, your business always has digital footprints whether you manage it or not.


And not knowing what direction your digital footprints are in can have a huge impact on your business. The entire reputation of your business then relies upon random creators and users who’re posting randomly about them.


Thus, making sure you’re aligned with your digital presence and that you or someone you know is driving it effectively is now more crucial than ever.


But how does one do it with so much already in hand?


Well, let’s just discuss all your options without delaying anymore

7 Ways you can go Digital without burning a hole in your pocket

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    1. Get a no-code Website

    You want to run your business in a digital era and owning a website is no longer complicated. You don’t need to pay high to get developers or learn complex coding to create a website.


    With no code sites like Wix, WordPress, Shopify, etc you can create everything from a portfolio to an e-commerce platform online without coding a single sentence. 


    Plus these platforms are not a burden on your bills and work like a charm to make sure the business is online effectively.

    get a no code site

    2. Make Content your strength

    Content marketing is all about using content to make sure your audience can relate to your brand. Making sure your audience can connect to your expertise and trust you effectively is the only way to make sure you are ahead of the competition.

    use content to create a digital survey

    At every step of the funnel, potential users are consuming content in one way or another thus making content the most important part of any Marketing campaign. And with the right plan and engaging distribution, content can help you achieve a lot of target marketing goals 

    3. Optimize your Google My Business profile

    why is your digital presence important for business?

    Your business is now online and you don’t have the time to create a site. Well, you’re in luck because you now have a business listing that allows you to

    1. Share Business Information
    2. Integrate Maps, Payments, Calls, Service catalog, and much more
    3. Directly give access to users to book services or buy products

    Thus, making sure you optimize your Google Business Profile can help you bring in visitors and make sure your business is visible to everyone in your target location.

    4. Give your Brand a Face

    ‘People work with people, not Ads.’

    The statement pretty much concludes the entire brand-making and reputation-building scenario. No person makes a buying decision based on the hype created by an Ad. Making sure you give them something to trust on and connect to is the only way to make sure they go down in your sales funnel.

    Making sure to give your brand an expert face can improve conversions by up to 300% 

    give your brand a face

    5. Use E-Mails effectively

    E-mail marketing is a great way to target leads who’ve shown interest in your brand. Once you’ve collected the e-mails using various methods that portray a lead can be your potential customer, you make sure to nurture them and offer them various resources and offers to convince them to be a paying customer.


    Not just offers can nurturing leads, e-mail marketing can also help you 

    1. Get new potential visitors for your site
    2. Engage existing customers effectively
    3. To build a community 

    This can help you build trust and maintain good relationships with both new and existing prospects improving the chances of conversion 

    6. Focus on earning Positive Reviews

    why is your digital presence important for business?

    It’s no longer a mystery that more than 60% of paying customers made a decision by watching some or other sort of review. Thus it would be safe to assume if someone is reading a review, they’re ready to make a decision.


    Hence, ensuring you’ve positive responses everywhere can not only build a brand reputation but also make sure your brand is getting better conversions.


    Being present online is no longer optional for businesses, since more than 89% of purchases, Online or Offline, start with a Google Search. Irrespective of whether the product is being sold online or offline, most of us now avoid the hustle of searching for the product by wandering from shop to shop.

    As a business owner, ensuring you’re present online is both practical and hustle-free. Thus it would be safe to say, if you want your business to be successful, you must build a digital presence.

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