How using Videos can actually Help to Improve B2B Marketing Results?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

improve B2B marketing results
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    The global market is now becoming a community of businesses working together to offer services to customers. The companies are collaborating to offer all related services and share profits.


    This makes it easier for service seekers to outsource secondary services and focus on the prime objective of the company. The quality of services is taken care of by the service agency and all services are delivered on time if you choose the right agency.


    This created a huge competition among the service providers to stand out and make sure your target audience is able to reach you without any hustle.


    Since Inbound Marketing plays a crucial role in the B2B space, making sure to have a valuable internet presence is a great way to make sure your potential customers can reach you. And videos are a great way to do it.


    Although video production is no easy task as it requires a lot of planning and making sure it reaches the relevant audience requires you to put in a lot of effort.


    But the ROI on these campaigns is worth the hype and the companies can leverage them to get exceptional results. There’s no one size fit all when planning these campaigns but here’re some ingredients you must add on to work things better

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      Create videos that resonate with your Target Audience

      Target Demographics: Middle East [UAE]

      Video Type: 2D Motion Graphics

      Industry: E-commerce

      Any successful campaign begins with the content creation part of the process, which is literally the most time-consuming part. This requires you to plan with a lot of technical and emotional aspects in mind.


      Making sure your video content is engaging and the storyline relates to your target audience is crucial. Thus you need to make sure you know your audience in and out.


      And the best way to do so is  to make sure you’ve answers to these 3 questions before beginning your video production

      • Are you aware of the audience demographics?
      • Can you relate to your audience’s emotional sentiments?
      • Can you write a storyline that will resonate with your audience’s daily life?

      Once you have the answers to all these questions all that’s left is to start working on a epic storyline to make sure you stand out from the competition.


      Investing efforts in doing so make sure your distribution efforts are cut in half as a good story is more likely to be shared by the audience and the engagement rate can make it go viral.


      Start producing a video along with the same thought and you are ready to move on to step 1 in distribution.

      Add them to your website and all owned channels

      Now that your video is good to go, the very first step in building a distribution plan is to make sure you have a business presence across the web. Nowadays begins with building a website and creating content to make sure the users find you online.


      And Embedding your videos can help you do it. This not only helps to improve your site visibility in the ranking positions but also improves the session duration by engaging users effectively.


      Using videos with schemas can assist SERP in fetching videos and most videos hosted on the web are amongst the top results in a lot of search queries.


      The acceptance of video content made them an inseparable part of Search Engine Result Pages as Search Engines are dedicated to offering users the best experience possible.


      And once you’re sure your users can reach you easily, all that’s left to do is spread your web presence and reach more potential users.

      Make sure to outreach effectively

      Once you’re sure you have a web presence strong enough to engage your audience, reaching out to new potential users is the only thing between you and growth.


      Make sure your product is known to people across industries and that you have built an authority in the niche.


      Being consistent across all platforms where your target audience is present and making sure you’re known to everyone who can be your potential customers, is a brilliant way of making sure you stand out from the competition.


      You must have a  specific set of goals and must work on achieving them efficiently. And If you need a little push, you can add paid ads to your plan.

      Use Digital Ads to boost Goal Conversions

      Adding Paid ads to your plan sounds like a great way to make sure your target goals are achieved faster.


      But getting a good ROI on your ad campaigns requires a lot of patience as well as setting up your audience in a way that avoids dead outreach is indeed a complicated task.


      If you’re sure of who your target audience is and you can map out your audience’s behaviors in real-time, setting up a high-performing Ad campaign is easy.


      All you have to do is set up a campaign and start with a bid to begin target outreach and achieve goals with a brilliant ROI. 


      You must make sure your ad campaigns are monitored regularly and the bid is adjusted as per the performance after learning spent.

      Need help to create videos for B2B Campaigns?

      Final Comments

      Creating B2B video campaigns is a complex task with a lot of steps involved. But making sure to follow these 4 while creating your unique plan can not only help you bring in new customers but also engage them to improve retention.


      No wonder B2B videos are hype in the current market. Conversion, retention, outreach, and engagement make them the ultimate marketing tool.

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