Expert Tips To use Animated Customer Support Videos To Retain Customers

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Customer Support Videos

Irrespective of whether a company is at the startup or scaling stage, every company targets a customer base trying to not only acquire new customers but also upscale or retain the existing ones. Thus Customer Support is one of the Most Important Segments for a Business to Sustain and Build Relationships.


Let’s learn how to improve retention and save customer support efforts by putting Customer Support Videos to Work.


The Videos not only save on customer support costs but are also a great tool at the disposal of customers to solve their problems irrespective of time. 

Interesting Fact

A Company With Exceptional Problem-Solving Skills And Good Customer Support Tends to Retain Customers 79% Better than The One With Extraordinary Production Processes.

Leaving your client support system confined to a particular medium will restrict their reach to you and it might not be possible for a customer support executive to solve minor problems for a bulk audience and not lose some customers. 


Thus Companies like WordPress, Wix, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. have started using Videos and Step by Step Animated Guides to help customers solve minor common issues on their own and save waiting time.


The practice not only Built Customer’s Trust in the Brand but also Helped The Brands to Save Unnecessary Customer Support Costs. 


Explainer Videos are one of the Best Tools Available to Establish Your Product or Brand in an Effective Manner. They can be an Extraordinary Tool for Companies to Improve Customer Support with Videos.


Here’s a Great Example Of How Samsung Explained Its Customer Support App with an Animated Commercial-

The Video Not Only Helped Samsung Customers To Understand And Use The Service But Also Boosted Samsung Product’s Sales By 23%. 

Customer Support Videos

When it comes to Customer Support no company can rely on one type of videos or guides to solve all challenges as there are many. Each set of problems require a different type of video style and to Help you Choose Which is the Right Video Style for Your Customer Support Goals.


Let’s First Understand The Key Challenge Segments which can be Solved Using Videos:

Application Guidance Support

One of the most challenging customer support segments is the guidance required through complex applications and a lot of customers might feel the need to take guidance for a new feature in hand.

Minor Resets and Updates Issues

When it comes to security and cumulative updates, almost all non-technical users feel a bit uncomfortable with even the changes.


The text guides included with the updates are helpful but to a user from a non-technical background, they feel like a burden. Thus a guided video is now more necessary then ever.

Direct Memory Replacements

Products like Computers and Laptops come with both complicated and upgradable components and rushing toward a service center for every minor memory upgrade is a hassle for customers.


But every system has a unique set of clips and screws designed to protect them from external harm and from heating. Including a Video Guide with Online Products will help customers to Do the Minor Upgrades themselves and save both Money and Time.

Web Solutions

The moment someone says DIY Cloud Web Solutions the very first thing that pops up in mind is WordPress. But while doing it yourself, you come across Tons of Options and Plugin Errors to solve which you feel like Contacting Customer Support but with the video solutions deployed by WordPress Support not only helps you with your problems but helped WordPress to Gain Trust In The Web Market.


Now That We are aware of the Major Segments where Customer Service Videos can do Wonders.

How Organizations are Changing Customer Service Scenario Using Customer Service Training Videos.

How To Set Up Taxes In Wix

Video Type Animation Style Results
Customer Training Mixed Animation Video Helped more than 300 users, Better business for Wix

Boat Watch Flash | Walkthrough

Video Type Animation Style Results
Product Walkthrough Guide Kinetic Typography Guide Flash Is Now The Most Selling Smartwatch Brand

Explainer: the open data opportunity

Video Type Animation Style Results
New Feature Introduction Line Graphics Animation More Users Choosing Microsoft Business Innovations

Aaron Sims Creative Stress Test UE5

Video Type Animation Style Results
Early Access Feature Training 3D Animation Unreal Engine Is The Best 3D Animation Software Till Date

All The Videos Selected Solved a Unique Purpose Of Customer Service and Training in their unique style and respective goals targeting all target audiences.


The videos can be used by almost all Growing and Scaling Startups to not only build Brand value but also Sustain in a Market full of Competitors and Trustworthy Brands.

Final Thoughts

Building A Brand ain’t at all about Growing and Scaling your Business by Pitching for Fundraising and Dissolving Equities. It is a sure way to Visualize False Growth and Fall Eventually.


Sustainability is the factor that every Business must focus on and Customer Support is the Key Element of Growth and Trust Building. Thus Customer Service Training Videos are now one the best investments that can help you build new clients and retain the existing ones.

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