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Instagram Marketing Trends 2021

Instagram Marketing Trends 2021: Build Online Presence By The Latest Trends

Instagram Marketing Trends 2021 for Social Media has never failed to astonish us with its agile approach in marketing. Over the years, it has proved itself to be an extraordinarily efficient platform for all your marketing solutions. It features all kinds of Content in different forms, including pictures, texts, videos, gifs, shoppable posts, interactive sessions, etc. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that its versatility is what makes it great.


Instagram Marketing Trends for one, has always been an ever-evolving platform that offers tons of online exposure. The days are near when it will be famous for being a formidable e-commerce site. Its innovative tools and creative features have enabled creators to make interactive, fun, and creative Content.

Knowing the latest Instagram  Marketing Trends 2021 will not only keep you on the curve, but it will also help you grow, give more exposure to your business, will help you bring more online traffic, and will ultimately add to your revenue.

No matter if you are an established Instagrammer or just starting to build your presence on this social media platform, there is a lot that you can accomplish if you are aware of the latest trends. It can help you optimize your reach and solidify your online presence.

Below we have listed the key Instagram trends that are predicted to be beneficial for entrepreneurs in 2021.

  1. Instagram Reels: A Revolutionary Marketing Tactic
  2. Instagram Stories: Pillar of Influencer Marketing
  3. Instagram Live: Usage Expected To Rise in 2021
  4. Instagram Ads: Promote Your Business With Variety Of Ad Types
  5. In-App Shopping: Latest Trends of Insta
  6. Explore The World with Insta’s Explore Tab
  7. AR Filters: A New Wave In Selfie World
  8. IGTV Videos: Becomes The New Limelight

1. Instagram Reels: A Revolutionary Marketing Tactic

Instagram Reels did a magnificent entry in August 2020, and its usage is expected to rise as per 2021 marketing predictions. It is considered the direct competitor of Tik Tok since then, and the reason is apparent.Like TikTok, Instagram Reels also offers short videos of 15 seconds where influencers showcase their talents, endorse products/services, spread social awareness, or solidify their online presence.


With such tremendous progress that TikTok has made in the last few years, it has established itself as the leader in short-video making, and Instagram Reels are greatly benefitted from the popularity of TikTok.

The banning of TikTok and even the talks about the prohibition prompted the users to search for an alternative, and a month later, Instagram Reels were launched. The whole focus of TikTok users shifted towards Reels, and gradually Reels made their way into people’s hearts.

According to statistics, the number of people spending their time on Instagram increased by 3.5% after the Reels launch.


With many favouring factors, Instagram Reels have become the up and coming feature of the social media platform that helped the users build their presence on Instagram and ultimately fueled their growth in their respective careers.

2. Instagram Stories: Pillar of Influencer Marketing

instagram stories-motiongility

With over 500 Million+ users of Instagram Stories, it has made remarkable progress as one of the trendiest Instagram features in the last few years. It is considered a powerful tool in Influencer Marketing.

Instagram Stories serve you with an authentic and engaging platform for getting the word out and building your presence. It is one of the most used features of Instagram that provides a ton of online exposure.


Stories are certainly a great way to interact with your audience and engage them with attractive Content. It gives you a chance to post about your updates several times throughout the day and keep your profile popping in front of them, resulting in brand engagement. Because the more time people spend watching about your brand, the more they are likely to get interested.

Here are some tips on how you can optimize your reach through stories:

· Use of Interactive stickers, gifs, emojis, features such as Q/A, Polls, Quizzes, etc.

· Promotion and Advertising of Products, Services, Videos, Blogs, etc.

· Featuring Products In A Creative Manner

· Maintaining A Theme That Suits Your Brand Personality

3. Instagram Live: Usage Expected To Rise in 2021

instagram live- motiongility

Instagram Live is yet another tool that has shown some promising growth as per last year. Its use has skyrocketed since the pandemic has begun, and it is expected to live up to the hype. As per the study conducted by Business Insider, Instagram Live will remain a trending feature in 2021.


It is a great tactic to engage your audience and build your unique identity on Instagram. Live also helps you personalize your Instagram account and enables you to connect with your viewers in a better way.

4. Instagram Ads: Promote Your Business With Variety Of Ad Types

instagram ads- motiongility

Instagram Potential Advertising Reach is 849.3 Million users, and with this kind of exposure, you can do wonders in advertising and promotions. Instagram gives you the option of advertising your product or services through a variety of ad types, such as:


·         Stories Ad: Promote your products or services with Insta Stories


·         Photo Ads: Take help from the ever-green picture-based posts


·         Video Ads: Share the video with added motion and sound for enhancing your ads


·         Carousel Ads: Swipe-able Ads that allows you to share multiple photos and videos


·         Collection Ads: Inspire your audience visually and help them discover and browse products.


·         Ads in Explore: Reach people in Explore Tab and help them expand their interest beyond their following.

5. In-App Shopping: Latest Trends of Insta

Instagram shopping

Instagram shopping being the latest trending feature of Instagram, is available in 46 countries around the world. The In-app shopping feature offered by Instagram is the reason why Instagram is on its way to becoming a formidable e-commerce site.


It allows you to efficiently put your products and services on display and get in touch with your potential customers. And with the help of Instagram Shoppable posts, you can easily redirect your audience to your business page, giving them an option to explore your business and its products or services.


Some Interesting Statistics Concerned With In-App Shopping on Instagram:


· 83% Of People Discover New Products and Services on Instagram

· 81% of People Research Products or Services on Instagram

· 80% Decide Whether to Buy Product or Service.

6. Explore The World with Insta's Explore Tab

instagram explore- motiongility

With over 200 Million+ daily users of Insta’s explore tab, you can expect a lot of potential online traffic on your account or post if it gets featured.


The Explore Tab algorithm tracks people’s interests and likes concerning what kinds of accounts they follow, what posts they like, and what they search, then determines the kind of posts they would be interested in and customize their explore tab accordingly.


This feature would help you because you are automatically reaching your target audience, and your posts are presenting themselves in front of people who are already interested. This way, the brands featured in the Explore Tab garner more likes and following and are more likely to build a more extensive audience base.


(Animated explainer videos for Instagram that taste different) Cta with video.


Now, the main question arises, how do you get yourself featured in the Explore Tab? We will try to answer this question through the following steps:


· Use of Relevant Hashtags

· Adding Your Location

· Posting Regularly To Engage the Audience

· Posting At Peak Hours

· Including A Call To Action

7. IGTV Videos: Becomes The New Limelight

igtv- instagram

The use of IGTV on Instagram will continue to live-on with increased popularity. IGTV is the feature on the social media app that allows you to share long-form videos. Since last year, IGTV has shown tremendous growth, and it has also given an end number of opportunities to the users to build a more substantial presence.

As the recent reports suggest, because of Instagram IGTV, the platform creators started gaining the same amount of ad revenue as YouTube creators. Because of this, Instagram has been put in direct competition with YouTube.

And with the increased popularity of video content and IGTV, Instagram has plans to expand it and roll out more features to increase its usage. Conclusively, as we enter 2021, IGTV will take centre stage and attract more creators to generate Content.

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As we enter into 2021, many things come across as trending, and the rest will fade into the dark, Instagram has always been dynamic, and it will continue to be. The only thing that will remain the same is the popularity of Instagram among users.

With such a solid user base that the social media platform has built over the years, it is harmless to say that it will continue to be popular among the public. The people indeed introduce the features, but whether it will be a trend or not is decided by users.

The above-list of Instagram Marketing Trends for 2021 that we have curated will help you increase your reach and help you connect better with your audience.

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