How To Market Your Business With Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Market Your Business With Whiteboard explainer video

No matter what the size of your business is, marketing will always be an important part of your business. It turns out to be one of those factors that will generate sales for you, build a market for you, and get you some credibility.


With the world going digital totally, even marketing and ways of promoting a business, a product, a brand, or a service have gone digital.


This is where whiteboard videos play their heroic part.


When you hear about marketing whiteboard explainer videos, what do you really think?


Is it something that will have a promotion right from start to the end? Well, that certainly is not the case. Marketing videos are more than that.


They give your brand identity. They help your brand or business grow. And the best part is, that videos are so diverse that they can suit any marketing or promotional activity of your business in an effective way.


This blog, however, is dedicated to whiteboard explainer videos. The videos are widely used for training purposes.


However, this blog is not about training via whiteboard videos, but it is about using these videos for marketing. Ever thought of it? Then you are at the right place! 


The effectiveness of these videos is undoubted. Why? Let’s have a look at the list of some reasons that support the above-mentioned statement.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos are fun to watch

Yes, that’s the most basic to start with. A hand that keeps on drawing or illustrating a story while there are pieces of information flashing all over the screen.


Isn’t that a treat to watch? They are so easy on your eyes that you go with the flow while watching these videos.

They break down the complexity of the idea

If your product, vision, or service is something very technical, it would be hard to explain. But, a whiteboard video can turn that around.


Individuals frequently get exhausted during clarifications, and the more itemized those clarifications are, the harder it is to center.


Regardless of whether you’re promoting an item on a press page, or sharing another business procedure with your group, utilizing a top-notch whiteboard movement video to express what is on your mind will keep up high enthusiasm for whatever length of time that the video is playing.


This is on the grounds that whiteboard activities are quick-moving, outwardly itemized, and frequently brilliant, which makes them simple and enjoyable to watch—for whatever length of time that it takes to clarify the thought.

You have to cover a lot of thoughts at the same time

whiteboard videos

For reasons like those introduced above, a whiteboard explainer video is perfect in the event that you have to cover a lot of data in the introduction.


With thoughts unfurling outwardly as the storyteller depicts what’s happening, you can pull off remembering many thoughts for a similar video, without losing watcher intrigue. You can also hire an explainer video company to have better results.

You have to stand out enough to be noticed

Did you realize that whiteboard movement videos are similarly as powerful for B2B advertising? The modern yet-easygoing look-and-feel of whiteboard activity loans itself amazingly well to a professional workplace. 


Whiteboard movement administrations can give you a noteworthy edge over contending organizations when you approach different organizations with your offer.


You need to maintain a strategic distance from lousy on-screen characters no matter what

With the whiteboard movement, you don’t need to employ on-screen characters to play in your video.


This means critical cost reserve funds, yet it can likewise spare you genuine shame—great, persuading on-screen characters can be hard to track down, and terrible ones will have your crowd flinching through the whole introduction. Liveliness topples this difficult inside and out.

You intend to utilize web-based life advertising

In the event that you need to utilize YouTube or online networking promotions for your showcasing, whiteboard activity videos loan themselves very well to that position. Individuals like them, so you have a decent possibility of getting perspectives and snaps—and deals.


Did you know there are 300 billion ventures directed on YouTube alone, consistently? On the off chance that you need a lot of that traffic, utilizing whiteboard liveliness videos might be your most logical option.

You need to recount a story

In the event that you need your video to tell a piece of your image’s story, nobody will do that better than whiteboard activity administrations.


Disney demonstrated just about a hundred years prior that liveliness is a very compelling approach to recount stories. Why not follow that custom?

You need to utilize humor

In the event that you need to fuse humor into your video introduction, whiteboard liveliness is probably the most ideal approaches to get giggles.


Beginner entertainers can be clumsy and irritating when they attempt to be clever on camera, yet in the whiteboard movement’s laid-back visual style, it can impart humor immaculately.

You need to reuse old sound content

On the off chance that you need to repurpose different kinds of content you have lying around—state, a digital recording scene, or discourse you gave—you can match the previous sound with whiteboard activity.


This will assist you with profiting by content you’ve just made, and it will inhale new life into it.

The subject you have to share is truly exhausting

In case you’re attempting to introduce something exhausting, yet significant—lawful terms, for instance—whiteboard movement can assist you with doing that successfully.


Individuals will, in general, learn better when they see something being clarified outwardly.


Utilizing liveliness close-by portrayal can enable your crowd to be all the more likely to comprehend and recollect what you’re sharing. 


Also, there you have it, some reasons why the whiteboard videos are magnificent for business purposes. Ideally, these focuses have propelled you with your own thoughts for utilizing whiteboard explainer video administrations.


So the question is, with all these benefits considered, how do you really market your product through a whiteboard animation video?


The answer is simple, share the video on a platform that encourages quality videos. Let’s say Facebook.


With everything that is going on int the world, the pandemic, and the lockdown, it is important to educate the audience about the product that you offer.


Post your video on this platform. Since the audience has a lot of time, for now, they will actually give it a go and watch it.


Who knows if they get converted as well? If not conversions, then you’d at least have a market that is aware of your product. This will build credibility for your brand. 


Similarly, try it promoting on Instagram. Instagram promotes high-quality content. So make sure you are consistent with that.


You can also use IGTV to post a high-quality video for your business. There would be no time barriers and you can have a good time promoting your brand.


Thirdly, embed your videos in presentations and client pitches. How does that help? Well, let’s be honest.


The presentations are boring. But, if you add a whiteboard animation video to it, then it can surely interest the audience. Which means you have a successful pitch to work on and deliver.


You can also contact us for an ace whiteboard animation video and we would be more than happy to help.

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