9 Best SaaS Explainer Video Companies to Navigate Growth

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Best SaaS Explainer video companies
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    Are you struggling to find an appropriate and quality explainer video company for your SaaS product –


    A company that suits your budget, looks promising on the creative visualization front, and becomes your production partner?


    Well if your answer is yes, wait no more and check out the list of the best SaaS explainer video companies currently operating in the market.


    This listicle has been prepared keeping in mind the production expertise, past work for clients, reviews, visibility on the internet, and many other factors.


    We’re pretty sure that before you reach the end of this blog, you would have identified the most suitable SaaS video production company for your services.


    Check them out:

    Top 9 Best SaaS Explainer Video Companies for SaaS Videos

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      Founded: 2017

      Clients: ADNOC, HDFC, Porsche, Nissan, Pfizer, AutoDesk, etc.

      Pricing: – $3500+

      Yeah, why not? As one of the leading animated explainer video production companies in the world, we’ve been creating appealing SaaS explainer videos for many brands.


      For obvious reasons, SaaS products are complex as they are equipped with technical elements that might be difficult for the layman to understand.


      With expertise in creating an engaging storyline for the product, we ensure that a brand’s story is presented in the most visually appealing manner.


      Our commitment to providing exceptional quality animated video production at great rates has enabled us to build a stunning portfolio of explainer videos today.

      Yans Media

      Founded: 2015

      Clients: Solana, Haptik, Stacks City, Tilder, Barclays Intrapreneurship


      Yans Media is one of the top animated explainer video production companies originating from the land of Middle East.


      Their work mainly covers the creation of appealing 2D & 3D motion graphic videos for appealing presentations of their client’s products and services.


      As experienced animated video makers, they have been known for demonstrating complex products via appealing elements and storytelling, thus boosting the attention of the viewers.


      Founded: 2012

      Clients: Panasonic, 4logik, Lightsense Technologies, etc.

      Pricing: $10,000+

      Just as their name suggests, Explainify has been at the forefront of producing amazing animated videos for clients across the globe.


      Their work speaks about how effective they are when it comes to producing videos that have a set core agenda in terms of brand/product communication.


      As a result, their comprehensive portfolio today hosts a variety of high-quality pieces from diversified industries.


      The company is highly passionate about telling stories that capture attention which also reflects in their work.

      Did you know: 80% of SaaS marketers look forward to investing in a SaaS explainer video for their product.


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      Founded: 2016

      Clients: Digital Ocean, Buffer, Airtable, Sisense, Square, etc.

      Pricing: $10,000+

      Based out of Melbourne, Vidico is the next addition to our list of the best SaaS explainer video companies worldwide.


      As per their vision, the company’s forte lies in producing videos with only one aim, i.e., breaking down the complexity of products for the brand’s audience.


      This has allowed them to create stunning explainer videos for the market as well as category leaders and serve them with exceptional pieces of animation.


      Apart from creating animation-based videos, the company also actively produces live videos for startups and tech enterprises.

      YumYum Videos

      Founded: 2010

      Clients: Walmart, Collaboration Squared, Gravity Forms, McKesson, etc.

      Pricing: $8000+

      YumYum Videos is an award-winning video production company based out of Argentina that excels in producing a variety of videos.


      They have become highly sought-after animated video producers because of their ability to break down complex features into engaging graphics.


      By always believing in producing minimalistic yet highly appealing videos, they have been helping brands spread the word about their products.

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      Kasra Design

      Founded: 2011

      Clients: Panasonic, MayBank, Visa, Swiftpass, Mindsay, etc.

      Pricing: $3000+

      The next candidate on our list of the best SaaS explainer video companies is Kasra Design.


      Being an umbrella-service provider animation studio, the company provides a diversified range of services with abstract & isometric-style motion graphic videos dominating their portfolio.


      As per their previous work and testimonials from clients, they excel in carving videos by laying great emphasis on the brief and the output expected from them.


      This has rightfully let them serve a variety of industries apart from Saas, such as creating videos for FinTech, Blockchain, etc.

      Bread N Beyond

      Founded: 2009

      Clients: Shell, Honeybee, PayPal, XY Labs, etc.


      Based out of Indonesia, BreadnBeyond is one of the leading animated video production companies that excels in producing explainer videos.


      As is the prime hurdle of complexity with SaaS products, the team of experts at BreadnBeyond believes in producing every video based on 3C’s – Communication, Concision, & Clarity.


      The video production studio has been operational for 14 years now and continues to serve top startups and enterprises with effective videos.


      By making optimum use of infographics, explainer characters, and motion graphics, the company banks on its beautiful handcrafted animations.


      Founded: 2009

      Clients: McAfee, Suse, NeWage, CooperVision, etc.


      Broadcast2World is another leading explainer video production company specializing in creating different animation-style videos such as whiteboard, character, 3D, etc.


      With a core focus on visual storytelling, the company strongly believes in connecting people and building trust among them through engaging videos.


      Their videos offer clients a fresh perspective thus helping them position their brand or product in their target market efficiently.


      B2W houses an expert team of animators, marketers, and illustrators committed to delivering impactful animated videos.

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      Founded: 2018

      Clients: Kantar, Visa, Uber, Medallia, NBC, etc.


      Explainly, a California-based video production company, is the last mentioned on our list of the best saas explainer video companies.


      By working with industry giants the likes of Visa, NBC, Uber, etc., the company has amassed wide recognition for its quality work.


      Their belief lies in leveraging the power of storytelling to produce an easy demonstration of complex business products by following a rigorous video production process.


      The company’s key services to various industries such as healthcare, B2B, retail, cybersecurity, etc., include 2D, 3D, Mixed Media, and Live Action videos to name a few.

      Looking for appealing SaaS onboarding videos that can help acquire users for your platform?


      Pretty sure that by now, you would have explored the complete list of the best saas video production companies.


      Since the companies listed above hold expertise in producing videos of different animation styles, choosing the one that suits your product’s requirements the best would be the right decision to make.


      If in any case, you’re finding it complex to finalize one, you can always get in touch with our video marketing expert.

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