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The Ultimate Instagram Video Marketing Guide for 2020

Instagram: A Favorite

Instagram has turned out to be one of the fastest-growing platforms on social media, in this digital era. In the year 2020, the platform has turned 10 years old, and there’s no way anyone is getting tired of this platform anytime soon. Instagram has turned out to be a popular platform for not just the millennials, but also for all the marketers out there. 

Yes, you read that right. 

These days, even marketers have started using Instagram as a platform to brand their business, and believe us, they are really doing great. With that being said, it has also been proved that Instagram is emerging as one of the prominent marketing tools. After all, it is the digital era and video marketing has surely paced up to make a place in these platforms. 

There has been a myth floating in the air that Instagram is just limited to pictures and stories. Yes, photos are the primary focus on the platform, but, videos are no behind. Let’s not mess it up here and look at all the things in detail that IG has to offer to us. 

Instagram videos:

Lately, Instagram videos have gained attention and we aren’t surprised. There have been reports that have been doing rounds stating that videos on the platform have better engagement than the pictures there. But let’s not restrict this fact to just this. There are other reasons that lead to investing in IG videos. For starters, IG stories. 

When there’s something that cannot be portrayed in a single picture, marketers opt for this feature. A 15-second video that entails details. You can promote your brand, product or simply educate about something to create awareness. Or, why so serious? You can just make something fun and post it. And there will be engagement. Hence, it is very important for you to build a strategy around videos. 

Now that it is clear at why IG videos are so important, let’s see how things are done.

The process of creating, sharing and optimizing videos on IG

The length of IG videos can depend from time to time, subject to subject. And guess what’s the best part, it ain’t expensive. Let’s have a look at options of uploading and shooting IG videos.

1. Pre-Shot videos:

You can upload a pre-shot video on your IG feed. Let’s have a look at the steps:

-Click on the ‘+’ button, and go ‘Library.’

-Scroll through your gallery to find your video. 

-Pick the video and choose the right fit for the screen, which includes “dimensions.”

-Click on share and your video is ready to go.

Image Source: @michi_ny

2. IG videos scheduled for auto-posting

Yes, that’s possible. You can schedule your videos on IG for later with a few apps that let you schedule. All you gotta do is schedule them as per the respective apps. 

3. Videos in stories and IGTV

You can post stories that have already been discussed above. You can also post detailed videos on IGTV which does not bind you to any time limit. Ever wondered how productive that would be?

How Instagram videos are a big help?

Well, let’s list out the reasons. A wide range of content truly function admirably in-feed posts, particularly all the video types talked about above. 

While using social media video marketing in feed, recollect that while you can share item videos that are limited time, the greatest accentuation ought to be on by and large relationship-building whenever the situation allows. Individuals as of now get a flood of top-notch pictures from you in their email; this is your opportunity to appear off camera content to truly assist clients with finding a workable pace. This will build compatibility and brand faithfulness altogether, and furthermore improve the probability that they buy on the off chance that they haven’t yet. 

While you can’t at present label items in videos like you can in picture posts, they’re as of now testing the capacity to label people in video content, so items could be straightaway. At the point when that is the situation, natural videos on Instagram can be utilized to expand transformations on stage. 

Regardless, however, ensure that you’re sharing however much brand-building content as could reasonably be expected, regardless of whether you’re including limited-time content, as well.

Some Tips

React to all remarks however much as could be expected. This builds your general commitment rate, which encourages you in the calculation. It likewise gives you a lot of social verification. 

Recollect that crowd centered content is significant. Your objectives matter, yet on the off chance that your crowd isn’t into it, there’s no point. 

Videos should just be the length of they should be to express what is on your mind and to be successful; any more and you chance losing watcher consideration.

IG videos for promoting products

Since videos have a lot of power of convincing the audience, IG videos turn out to be one of the best options for the promotion of the business. As per Hubspot, in 2019, the video was the #1 form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics.

IG videos for brand credibility

Videos that help you connect with the audience are great. They help you create a following and a brand message that is strong and loud. It can be a makeup tutorial, a recipe or anything that would help you maintain relevancy. Whatever your focus is, make it short and crisp and you’ll be ready to rock the digital world out there.

What does it take for some good IG videos?

-Cover Picture

The world is all about what you see. Hence, giving your followers what is eye-pleasing is a must. Make sure what you post is pretty. And relevant. Investing a good amount of time in looking for a cover picture for your video will play you out. Pick one that describes your video the best. Or pick one that creates curiosity. Of course, you don’t want your audience to scroll past your video, do you? 


IG never lets you play sound on its own. If you wish to play sound, you will have to tap on the video once it has already been played. So make sure it is worth the second tap. Also, it means that if the viewer does not tap on the sound, you will have to make the video so convincing and clear that it could be understood even without the audio.

Even if the audience is not able to play the sound the video should be strong enough to give out the overall feel. 

-Initial seconds:

This is probably the thumb rule forever for every video. It is very important to create a video that has your audience hooked in the initial seconds. Once that is done, it can be very easy for you to have your audience to watch the video until the last second. 

-Video length:

Now this will require some of your efforts. After all, all good things don’t come handy. It is a proven fact that engaging an audience can turn out to be very tricky. However, if you vest your interests in finding out what and how long of a video can your audience watch, you can surely rule out as an IG player. 

To be honest, lengthy videos are not very engaging. Unless the topic is very crucial and you literally have something very unique to hold back your audience for that long. You can try experimenting in the initial videos that will lead you to a specific number. But keep it short, it is fun to watch and easy to consume. You can also opt for time-lapse videos for such cases. 

-Editing apps:

There are loads and literally loads of editing apps that are available on the internet. You can use these apps to create your own kind of branding that will not only make it all the way more pleasing but also give an outstanding feel. 

Now that we have had a look at some of the tips that can really turn out to be helpful for your videos on IG, let’s see what magic you can create with this amazing IG tool. There’s no denying that IG stories have turned out to be very famous for all the millennials out there. Be it food, fashion, lifestyle, political views, anything, and everything that can be out there on these stories. 

So how can these IG stories funk up your brand, or business, or product? It’s easy. Make it interactive. 

-Create IG stories in a series. 

When you post a story, don’t bundle it up in one post itself. Rather, break them. This way, your audience will be curious because they’d want to know what next. 

-Use GIFs, stickers. 

Who doesn’t like a little bit of fun? When you post a story, search for a relatable GIF or sticker. It livens up your message. But don’t overdo it, it might hamper with your actual message. Keep it subtle. 

-Use polls. 

You can ask a question on your Instagram story, and let your audience choose from two options that you decide upon. This way, you can get an idea of what your audience wants from you. 

For example: If you are a clothing brand, and you’d want to launch a range of merchandise, all you have to do is ask the audience what they would prefer. They might prefer a jacket over a pullover and it would be great because you don’t have to give a hit and trial to your merch. 

-Use hashtags.

Yes, you read that right. When you put up a story and add a relevant hashtag to it, there are chances of getting the right audience to the story. This is one of the major aspects of Instagram ad guidelines. 

-Live videos.

While you have everything from a question to a poll to post on the IG story, you can also opt for a Live Video, which is an option in the IG story section.

What are live videos on IG and how can they help you?

Live videos can turn out to be a boon for brands and businesses that are looking for better audience engagement. How? Well, let’s have a look. 


If you are about to launch something new, launching a teaser on live videos can turn out to be great. Because the audience would wait for it. And once you go live with all the details, you’ll see the audience interacting and all curious. 

-New launches

Of course, it has been mentioned. Why not launch something new with a live video. Wouldn’t it be great? Your followers would be able to see everything from inception. 


You can get your followers the live version of an event that is important to you, your associates and everything that relates. This helps in building awareness and getting more engagement. 

With having a look at the magical features of the IG stories, there is a possibility that you’d think can these drive sales. Well, IG stories are perfect for grabbing eyeballs of the viewers. Since they are instant, people love them. Because people around the globe want to know what’s new. When the viewers’ interest is piqued, they turn into sales. 

Not to forget, you can also use branded stickers these days at the Instagram marketplace and they would entail all the details about the product. They are known as Shoppable Instagram Stickers. These are available in both, colored and transparent variations. 

If you have 10k or more followers, you can add a swipe up link to your stories that will directly lead your followers to your website or the landing page you want. If you are under 10k, you can encourage your viewers to click on the link in the bio (which of course you’ll have to mention.)

You can also add a video and place a countdown sticker. It builds the correct hype around your video launch and then you can launch your video on IG live as well. 

Instagram story ads are amazing. Believe us when we say that. You can portray your product, brand, business in such an effective way. Instagram video ads length will assure the fact that you don’t exceed the length. 

Summing up, this was mostly about how you can have videos on IG and use them effectively. You can also Contact Us at MotionGility and we’d be happy to create a video for your IG feed.

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