Why Is It Important For Businesses To Opt for Video Marketing During Lockdown

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Coronavirus: A Pandemic:

Coronavirus, or officially called COVID-19 is a deadly pandemic that has affected the whole world. Started in China, the virus has proved to be fatal for more than 170,436 people around the world. Being one of the greatest and most terrific human tragedies of the globe. 


As of now, the virus still continues to spread at its speed. Different countries are at different stages of the pandemic. With no critical in hand, for now, containment turns out to be the only precautionary method that is turning out to be effective. A lot of countries have witnessed resurgence and they are going by it. 


When it comes to measures, a lot of them have been taken into consideration. Measures including travel limitations, social distancing, testing and following, work from home, etc. Physical separation might be close unthinkable in packed urban settings, for instance, and the applications and advanced devices for contact following like those utilized in China may not be adequate in different pieces of the world. Another test is the conditions among these measures: to take one model, the practicality and stringency of physical separating measures generously impacts how different instruments ought to be sent. 


The objectives are to keep up numerous parts of monetary and public activity today and, after some time, to build up a huge enough pool of uncovered individuals (around 70 to 80 percent) to “secure the crowd.” Different nations are intently viewing the result of this methodology.


The months ahead will likely be very unpredictable and dynamic. It presently shows up likely that a few spots will encounter a neighborhood resurgence as limitations are lifted and economies revive. That will impact nations at the soonest arranges. For instance, Singapore has seen a resurgence chiefly from imported cases, which have prompted neighborhood transmission; this proposes limitations on global travel may proceed.


Social Distancing: An Important Precautionary Measure

video marketing is important for your business

For instance, it currently creates the impression that the infection likely won’t be profoundly regular, given the ongoing fast development in various problem areas in the Southern Half of the globe. Yet, it is as yet conceivable that the appearance of summer in the Northern Half of the globe will slow transmission fairly, as certain investigations in the two labs and regular settings suggest.


In light of this, we accept that pioneers ought to intently watch five wellbeing reaction elements in the coming weeks. Hence, social distancing, by far seems to be the only safe option to follow for now. 


The viability of the wellbeing framework flood and how it is kept up after some time. Nations with quickly expanding quantities of cases are discovering approaches to extend their basic consideration limit enormously.


Their capacity to do as such, and to push mortality from COVID-19 to bring down levels, won’t just spare lives yet additionally induce trust in their wellbeing frameworks’ capacity to deal with a resurgence. After some time, as cases level and afterward decrease, there will be inquiries concerning to what extent to keep up flood limit while additionally guarding against resurgence.



Suppliers will be feeling the squeeze to consider the more extensive setting of a limit flood; for instance, in the US, the mass abrogation of elective clinical systems and the related monetary hardship for some, suppliers is probably going to compel troublesome conversations about which techniques ought to be permitted to restart, and when.


Different impacts of flood limit, on immunization preventable infections and maternal and kid wellbeing, will likewise be basic to screen. 

The scaling of conventional general wellbeing draws near, with social distancing being the only option to follow. In corresponding with the flood in basic consideration, nations additionally need to consider building flood limit in customary general wellbeing draws near—illness observation, contact following, and focused on isolates.


Such a flood must expand on current endeavors to scale viral testing quickly, for the most part through RT-PCR2 machines. There is a fairly astounding connection among testing and the number of cases—by and large, nations that have tried more individuals have analyzed fewer cases per thousand individuals.


Additionally, to recognize and control flare-ups rapidly, boundless access to viral testing will turn out to be progressively significant as nations and urban communities get ready to unwind removing measures. In certain nations, this testing limit could be matched with at-scale contact following, with security by-structure installed; and isolate offices to help confine problem areas and forestall a more extensive resurgence.


How Businesses are Dealing With the Lockdown?

Skype calls: Exchanges, college addresses, prospective employee meetings, and all business exercises have just moved online by means of video conferencing/Zoom calls. Overseeing client relations through video-conferencing keeping up the individual touch will acquire pats on the head. 


A Correspondence Chain: While following productive work from home strategy, it is critical to build up a powerful correspondence affix in your association to evade provisos to guarantee a coordinated reaction both inside and remotely.


When you’ve surveyed where you remain on the four elements of your plan of action, you can thoroughly consider how potential changes in a single measurement can be lined up with the others. Which client sections esteem which of your contributions, and will that change due to the emergency? Clients who as a rule love eating in a café might be eager to change to remove buys, for instance.


Or on the other hand nourishment conveyance firms may locate that home-office workers establish another client fragment. In like manner, clients may change starting with one worth show channel then onto the next — for instance, from on-location gatherings to online gatherings, from the corner shop to webshop, from in-person counsel to YouTube recordings.


Additionally, because of a deficiency in one ability (for example creation in Asia), neighborhood creation capacities might be enacted to help incentives.


Associations may likewise move their abilities from exhibit to offer so as to convey to clients as opposed to persuading new clients. You can opt for Video Marketing, as this is the time when everyone from your clients to your audience, everyone is at home, looking at the content to consume. You can approach MotionGility for such videos and we would be more than happy to help you with ace videos for your business.


Basically, an emergency not just difficulties the four elements of a plan of action, it likewise makes chances to modify every one of the measurements and how they identify with each other.


why is it important for businesses to opt for video marketing during lockdown

How Might You Move From an Analysis to a Reaction?

Before you settle on any noteworthy changes in the plan of action, you’ll need to thoroughly consider how the emergency will influence your current execution measurements. What sort of income, or misfortunes, will you experience? By what method will the securities exchange judge your association in the present emergency? In what manner may it influence your notoriety?


At this moment, entrepreneurs are centered around caring for their kin, speaking with their clients and turning out how to get to government support. In any case, with no closure date for the lockdown, one thing is clear: This is anything but a short, sharp, stun. We can’t simply endure this. 


To endure, organizations should adjust. They’ll have to discover better approaches to work, better approaches to offer worth and better approaches to discover, draw in and offer to their clients.Content and video advertising is now assuming a urgent job as organizations handle this one of a kind situation. Furthermore, that will proceed as we as a whole grapple with our new reality. 


Email will be a significant piece of your coronavirus advertising and comms procedure, yet right presently it’s hard to be heard over the commotion.


Your own inbox will disclose to you that brands are falling over themselves to refresh you on what they’re doing during the emergency. We suggest making a committed greeting page on your site to go about as a substance center point for everything coronavirus-related. We also suggest you to approach an Explainer Video Company that can suffice your needs for a video. 


How much substance you put out will rely upon the idea of your business, however, the key is to placed it across the board spot and make it simple to discover from your landing page. 


This implies your clients can get the data they need from you when they need it. Find consistent associations with slanting themes 

Just as content that relates legitimately to coronavirus, consider different subjects and stories that are slanting at the present time. This is where the importance of video marketing is proved.


Dexterous brands that can make substance to satisfy spikes in need consistently have a phenomenal chance to associate with another crowd and assemble solid, dependable connections. 

Just as deftness, you will likewise require trustworthiness here. The two key inquiries to pose before you make content on an intriguing issue are: 


Do we have the believability or power to include esteem this theme? Ensure it’s a characteristic, sensible fit for your image. 

Is it proper? Afterall, this is as a matter of first importance a general wellbeing emergency. 


You can offer genuine worth now for additional deals later. You may conclude that deals need to assume a lower priority for the time being. Or then again perhaps your clients conclude that for you. 


In any case, content promoting can assist you with building connections since will bring deals once certainty and request returns. One of the advantages of working remotely is fewer interferences (or if nothing else less business-related interferences) and the headspace to think longer-term.


At this moment, it is important to realize that B2B space is enormous, top to bottom digital books and other high-esteem content resources.  After all, the Coronavirus pandemic is estimated to cost the world economy a staggering $1Tn given the current impact.Content like this is the thing that you assemble an entire crusade around. What’s more, you can re-use, reuse and repackage it for various channels.


Just as an opportunity to team up on the best quality level, 10x substance, remote working is probably going to imply that your crowd has the opportunity and tendency to expend it. In any case, it additionally has a long time span of usability, so on the off chance that you choose to sit on this substance for some time before you distribute it, you don’t need to stress over it dating. 


Investigation with new arrangements to supplant occasions Indeed, even before open social occasions were restricted by the legislature, a lot of brands had just taken the choice to drop their occasions. 

In a ton of cases, these occasions have now changed to live gushing or online courses. 


From a substance showcasing angle, online classes have a lot of points of interest, for example, the capacity to run email trickles to participants Be that as it may, have a consider how you can stir up the organization in light of the fact that separating your video or online course content will be a major test as an ever-increasing number of brands do it. After all, video marketing helps in growing sales, even when the lockdown is imposed. At least it will create an audience for you that can, later on, turn into your leads. 


You can, for instance, cut your recording with custom awareness as opposed to simply talk over a slide deck. Or on the other hand, you can attempt this whiteboard design, which stands apart truly well in internet-based life takes care of.


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