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Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Choosing a best animated explainer video company for your marketing and promoting needs can be daunting. However, you can overcome this challenge if you as a marketer have the right kind of information about video production companies. Though you can always do some research on the internet to find out who’s the best, here’s a little help from us to let you choose amongst the best.
As a marketer, you might have specific needs for your video to fulfill. And to pick out a company that listens and considers all of this for you really matters. Are you ready to have a look at the best animated explainer video companies? Here you go!
Starting with the basics, you might have come across a lot of animated explainer videos while surfing the internet. The reason for this boom in the number of explainer videos is because explainer videos turn out to be one of the best and most innovative ways to promote and educate about your business and product.
Since years, explainer videos have been considered as a source triggering conversion rates. They turn out to be one of the most effective marketing tools when it comes to clarifying the objective of a product or business. With marketers shifting greatly towards video marketing, it is important to provide your customers with something that is beyond advertisements.
Explainer videos are known to generate and enhance the interests of potential customers. Not to forget, they also increase the web traffic of your website. In fact, if you ever have to prepare a sales pitch for your product, seek the help of an explainer video, it will liven up your pitch.

-How long does explainer video production take?

Usually, this depends on the length of your video and the animated explainer video production company as well. Yet the average time for a video runs between 6-8 weeks. Well, there are companies and artists that can come up with an explainer video in merely 3 days, but that would either be a non-customized video, or a template-based video. Such videos are too basic and barely require time and effort. Template-based explainer videos aren’t considered very professional. Hence, it would be a wise choice to not go for these.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts, there are



5 factors to consider before selecting an best animated explainer video company.

-Quality: Make sure you have a good look at the company’s previous works before hiring them. See if their portfolio meets your standards.
-Communication: See how they communicate and consider your suggestions.
-Feedback: it is human to not like something. If the company you hire isn’t accepting, you’ve got the wrong pick.
-Price: Don’t burn a hole in your pocket, but also consider the fact that quality comes with a price.
-Customization: Custom explainer videos are really game-changers. Make sure you pick out a company that aces in it. You, of course, are not looking for template-based videos, are you?

With that being said, here are the best companies that you can pick from, for your video needs.

1.) MotionGility 

2.) WowMakers 

3.) Studiotale 

4.) 75 Seconds

5.) Explainer Video Makers

6.) Video Factory 

7.) Again Studios

8.) Krisha Studio 

9.) Smarterjon 

10.) Silverbazel


We consider ourselves to be the best animated explainer video company because that’s exactly what our clients have to say about us. Our strengths include:
-Delivering 100% custom-made videos for our clients. 
-The quality of our videos is ace. Our video production process is so smooth that it leaves no loopholes. 
-Our prices won’t leave you bankrupt. We promise you that. 
-Not just a video, but we also provide our clients with a strategy to promote their videos. And that’s an added bonus. 

At MotionGility, we have worked for a number of clients, from almost every industry. Be it ADNOC, ITC, or Solar Curtains, we have delivered the best. Check out this cool video just to make sure.


Based in India, this company is a different level crazy and creative. They have worked with clients from various verticals, and have surely left a huge chunk of market surprised with their delightful videos. Founded in the year 2011, this company believes in customer satisfaction at its utmost level.


They are a team of videophiles, with a vision for turning ideas into stories. A video production company that has created more than 350 videos for over 150 companies.

Explainer Video Makers:

With a team that involves a group of creative artists that craft amazingly awesome explainer Videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, kinetic typographic animation, infographic animation, screencast videos, medical instruction videos, etc. All in all, they believe in turning complex subjects to beautiful, fun and revenue-generating videos.

Video Factory:

With a team of 25+ expert animators, Video Factory has worked for some of the best companies globally. They offer a full suite of services that include presentations, live videos, animated explainer videos, social media ad content, and digital marketing.

Again Studios:

This company is known to craft every video with love. They are deeply committed to quality and passion. Each of their videos has details that are worth admiring. And no, they don’t just make cute little videos, but they understand the target audience of their clients and offer tailor-made videos that can fetch higher returns.

Krisha Studio:

A company that is committed to providing the best of the videos and meaningful customer experiences. Krisha Studios has been helping businesses grow for long. Over the year, they have delivered results with utmost creativity and dedication. Their client communication is so smooth that you always come back for another video.


With 8 years of standing strong in the market, Smarterjon has made it a point to offer the best quality of workaround. Be it 2D animation, explainer video, Whiteboard animation, video presentation, kinetic typography, video editing, motion graphics, or graphic designing, you name it, and they have it for you. Till now, they have crafted more than 1000 videos and they are going better and stronger day by day.


With a reputation of being one of the frontrunners in the market of explainer videos, Silver Bazel is a perfect pick if you want an expert to deliver your videos. They have lately experienced a never-ending grip in the market and that surely counts as a leadership quality. The core aim of their videos is to expand their client’s revenue and business.

75 Seconds:

The company is known to craft videos that break down complex information in a simple, understandable and short video message to promote your business and services. Till now, they have crafted 1500 videos and now, there’s no looking back for them.

Summing up, the explainer video production process comes with its own set of guidelines and difficulties. Of course, it is no piece of cake and hence you need a well-trained team of experts for an ace video. We are not saying that should always contact us for all of this, but make sure that you pick your choice very wisely. Consider expertise, talent, previous references, clients, and communication. Not to forget, a have good look at the price list as well.
Investing in a best animated explainer video company is something you should think of very seriously and choose wisely.

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