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Why animated explainer videos are best kind of promotional videos for business?

In this fastest internet growing era traditional marketing is gradually getting replaced by digital marketing. Business owners and marketing managers are looking out for smart marketing ways to promote their brand and products. With so much of compelling stuff already appearing on internet it has now become a matter of cut throat competition to opt for something that can catch the customer’s eyes and attention.

After doing the tricks and tactics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you have won the battle of ranking your website in the top 10 results of Search Engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) but now another  battle begins for making the visitor stay on your webpage for long and then provoking him/her for getting converted into sale as this the only ultimate goal of every business. But among so many sellers offering lucrative deals to the customers through enticing text and visuals it’s a matter of tough competition to get the chance to stand out and grab the opportunity.

Here comes animated explainer videos to your aid as they are the best promotional videos for business. No matter if you are a startup company or an already existing big giant the charm that’s been offered by animated explainer videos can never be faded away and always work in your favour. We are not saying it vaguely but logically and aptly.

animated explainer video services

Here are few facts derived from researches conducted by some reputed marketing agencies and business houses.

– An average user spends 10-20 seconds on your website if there is no engaging reason for stay. Hence these 10 seconds are crucial in providing him a reason for stay.

– Putting video on your landing page increases the conversion rate by 80%.

– 20% visitors retain the information they read while 90% of users retain the information they view and watch. A good reason to integrate visual content in your website.

– Humans can process the visual information 60000 times quicker than text.

– By the end of 2019 videos will make 80% of the internet traffic.

– A study conducted has revealed that 82% of the people who watched any video remembers it for 30 days and out of them 12% make the purchase in those 30 days.

– Video content has the best ROI rate as suggested by 51% of marketing persons.

– A 50% increase in the sales reported by business after they have put video marketing in their marketing plan.

animated explainer video services

We do not just want you to blindly rely on the above facts in fact we would ask you to go into the details on your own because being a part of the human race, at some point, you also have experienced that visuals have a lasting and influential effect on our mind as compared to mere text and audio.  

As you are now aware of the marketing potential of the Videos but here another question arises, among so many explainer video styles why to go for animated explainer videos.

But why to go for animated videos instead of staged and live action videos?

Here is why we recommend to have animated explainer videos instead of any other style.

  • Animated explainer videos work where it is not possible for the businesses to promote their brand and products through any other video style.

  • The cost of hiring celebrity actors for product promotion is quite very high, animated explainer videos prove very reasonable in such situations.

  • Animated videos are full of eye-catching visuals, grab the attention easily and strongly fuel emotions.

  • They are not just bound by the script. As the elements can do anything like dance, fly, wear any costume, move to any location and so on.

    In nutshell, animated explainer videos give you several advantages over real videos and they are used for illustrating the complex processes and products in an easy and interesting ways.

10 Reasons why animated explainer videos are best kind of promotional videos -

animated explainer video services


1.Gives full scope of Creativity  –

Humans always had a thing for creativity since the beginning. The way in which animated explainer videos can tell any story is quite different and appealing as when animation comes into play the video doesn’t have to be crafted in the molds of reality only. Imagination can spread its wings and fly as high as it wants.
Real and live action videos are good too but are they capable of showing drifting cars in the background without the actual damage to cars or reaching out to the whole Milky Way Galaxy from  grass ground ? Answer is no. But these can be done when you are working on animated explainer videos because when the reality enters you can only show what is permissible on the realistic ground and creativity also gets trapped into the limitations. But animated explainer videos give you a sky full of creativity which in turns offers you huge potential to stand out from your competitors and leave an everlasting and memorable impression on the mind of your audience.
The more creative the message is the more likely it becomes for the audience to remember and recall it.
So why to wait ? Get yourself an animated explainer video production company now to make your video marketing campaigns dominate the marketing scenes.

2. Dynamic in nature –

Images and text are quite static and hence lack the factor of dynamism. Video are dynamic and therefore get the more audience engagement and interest. Too much of still images and static text also creates a bit of boredom for the website visitor.
Videos always attracted the marketers but because of the slow internet connection in the past their optimum utilisation could not take place but in the era of 4G and 5G internet uploading and downloading has become a matter of few seconds and many video hosting companies have promoted the usage of videos by providing the shareable server space to users at very reasonable rates. Due to fast internet connection and quick video streaming it has become more popular and convenient to integrate dynamic video elements in the webpages.

animated explainer video services

3. Decrease bounce rate of your website –

Bounce rate is defined as the number of users who move back from the site after viewing a single webpage. With a very short attention span of 10 to 20 seconds it becomes a matter of utter importance to give some engaging content to the visitor within this duration. In this case you cannot entirely rely only on images and text. Some dynamic and interesting content becomes a necessity.
By providing a video on home page or landing of the website, decreases the bounce rate by giving you SEO advantage.

4. Increase conversion rate for your business – 

As we have already mentioned using video content increases sales by 50% and it is the marketing content with best ROI. Videos are reported to have a persuasive impact on the viewers which leads to conversion and sales. Most of the companies now a days put videos in their sales funnel to get the optimum results from their marketing strategies. Here the science behind this secret which works uniformly over all the individuals and that is – a video combines both the video and audio stimulus together which can explain any complex message in an interesting and understandable way by enabling the user to retain the information for long which in long run persuades him or her to make the buying decision.
Also 52% buyers say that watching a product video makes them more confident about their online purchase.
Therefore animated explainer videos hold a direct impact on conversion and sales.

5. Offers SEO advantage for better ranking –

As we have already mentioned that using video content on your website or landing page can help you retain the user for long due to which the bounce rate for your website decreases. Bounce rate is one of the key SEO factor for ranking purpose.  
Also videos constitute 80% of the internet traffic due to which search engines give weightage to them.
Youtube, one of the video showcasing platform owned by Google streams 4 billion videos daily. This is enough to get the potential of video marketing. Websites which integrate videos get benefit of this fact as many a times they get on the 1st page of SERP when user searches the relevant video query.

animated explainer video services

6. They are explainer videos, explain better than words –

A story watched is better understand than the story heard. Explainer videos have a balanced equation of audio and visuals which can explain any complex idea, process or product within a span of a minute or two.
Words are not sure to deliver the exact and transparent idea, there exists the chances of trick but videos are simple and comprehensible which eliminates all the guessing part for the viewer and clearly conveys the idea.
Moreover Videos have a longer retention ratio in the human minds as compared to the text and audio which gives the benefit of easy recalling to the viewers.

7. Simplify complex topics –

Animation can bring life to your idea, process or product which cannot be done by images and text. While explaining any complex process mere text is not enough to make the audience understand also images are not self sufficient to reflect the transition of the steps by allowing the user to get the full concept. But these limits are nothing when we opt for animated explainer videos. You can make your characters talk, fly or run. You can very easily show the processes and the mechanism run to your viewers.
Nowadays the usage of animated explainer videos for education and training purpose is also widespread. As they make the learning fun and interesting.

8. Animation appeals because it brings nostalgia –

Animated films have been in trend since long and there is no saturation point for them as both the children and adults love to watch them. Many of us associate animation to the cartoons and without any doubt they represent good times of everyone’s childhood. They make us nostalgic which is a very strong emotion. This principle works behind getting the major viewership for animated explainer videos, as everyone finds animated videos more appealing and nostalgic as compared to any other style of videos.
Their charm compels both the children and adults to watch the videos.

animated explainer video services

9. Universal application –

Usage of animated explainer videos is not just limited to any single marketing medium. They can be used on the homepage of websites, landing pages of the video marketing campaigns, in emails, over social media platforms, for presentations, in house trainings, over other digital mediums like televisions, electronic banners, they can be showcased on the video showcasing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo for generating traffic, and many more.
As the animated video are capable of fulfilling any marketing need, whether it be product explainer video, educational video, mobile app explainer video, infographics, any announcement or release, or anything. They just fits perfectly everywhere and deliver the best results.
Also they are liked by all the audience, irrespective of their age, gender, location, interest or anything. That’s why we call them the Swiss knife of marketing world.

10. Fun and entertaining –

Everybody loves entertainment even if it is a CEO of a Multinational Company or a college pursuing student. A message conveyed in a light hearted manner but with strong punch of emotions and eye capturing graphics can have a massive impact on the mind of the viewer and it will ultimately provide advantage to you and your business.

The more entertainer your video will be the more publicity and popularity it will gain over social media and other online platforms.

In nutshell animated explainer videos feature your brand and your product in such a way that they leave an everlasting impression on the customer mind. They also make the complicated and complex things easy and understandable.
If you have not tried animated explainer videos for your video marketing and branding then it’s high time to give it a try and achieve the desired boost in your sales.
Have a look at these few examples of the animated explainer videos that have increased the revenue for our clients. Click here to view our animated explainer video portfolio

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