Why Product Explainer Videos are The Best Tool For E-Commerce Sales Improvement

Komal Kokate
Komal Kokate

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

With the digital era on its peak, it is no surprise that videos have turned out to be one of the best promotional tools for a lot of marketers. Going by the facts, more than 70% of the internet audience demand videos for entertainment and purchase-making decisions. 


With such a huge demand for videos in the market, if as a marketer you are not into videos, then you are surely missing out on something great. With user engagement touching the sky with videos, one of the best forms of videos to be used subtly for your brand, is product explainer videos. 


There are a few misconceptions that are the reason why marketers don’t opt for videos. Some believe that videos are expensive or that they require a lot of equipment, but that’s surely not the case.


Videos tend to be highly tangible and accessible than any other form of content. Not to forget, they have also turned out to be financially bearable. What more would you want out of a promotion tool for your business? 


But that can be any form of video, why are we bent upon explainers? Well, let’s have a look. 


Explainer videos address an issue and they answer a query. Yes, they do tell a story, but they are also a great tool to ‘explain’ anything. It can be your product or your vision, you name it and the video does it for you.  


If product explainer videos are to be considered, you know you can be as creative as you want to be. You can induce humor, create a good story, some characters that go with the flow, and voila, you have an explainer video to attract sales and clients. 


They can be utilized anyplace. When you make an explainer video, you can utilize it in various settings. You can keep it on YouTube, you can insert it into the landing page of your site, you can utilize it as an element of your point of arrival, or even fuse it into slideshow introductions. They’re short and general enough to move without any problem. 

product explainer video illustration

Explainers are highly shareable. Today, there’s an audience on almost every platform out there. But to grab that audience, you have to be present. Hence explainer videos. It is one form of content that can go well with social media, websites, and even advertising portals.


They get you great sales. Believe it or not, they do. From old clients to new ones, videos have been a favorite to everyone. Why? Well, one reason is they are easy to consume. Any client, be it old or new, would not want to spend a lot of time reading and understanding your product. Rather, they would just watch a video and decide if they really want it or not. 


They’re versatile. Since they’re short and generally simple to alter, you can switch things around without any problem. For instance, if you are looking for something that would fit in great in your video marketing campaign, product explainers are the thing for you. Don’t hesitate because they are worth all the risks you are taking. They will just do their job right. 


You can build your brand image. You can let your product’s promotion go hand in hand, yet build a brand image for yourself. You can flaunt the advantages of your product directly. You can also hire an explainer video company in India, and they can deliver an ace video to you. 


You get an opportunity to demonstrate your vision and stand out from your competitors. Explainer videos are a magical tool that requires creativity. They can help your brand humanize and stand out from everything that your competitors have been doing to promote their brand. 


On the off chance that you need to make an explainer video not just for promotion but for customer support, you can even do that. 


Today, it is these product videos that have eliminated the need for a human to support the queries of a customer. All you have to do is get a product explainer video for your brand and embed the problems that can be faced by a customer while using it. You can add a good story to it. Make sure you give a good solution to every problem that can ever occur with your brand. 


At that point, you’ll have to discover methods for video creation, regardless of whether that is exploring for an organization or attempting your own hand at the assignment.


If you are a marketer, never step back from taking up explainer videos.


Understand your product, the needs of the clients, and the audience, and then pick an explainer video to go with. When you have an explainer, your audience will always know what they are getting into. It can be their big reference for sales. 


You need to understand that videos are very easy to consume, hence it will never be a problem for the audiences. 


Product videos don’t require hefty machines to be viewed. With everything going mobile, there have been proven figures that show more than half of the internet audience love watching videos on phones and that’s precisely how you have to grow as a marketer. This will drive significant benefits to your business. 


Explainer videos tend to derive traffic, and increased traffic to your business. They turn the simple audience into prospective clients just because they are so convincing to watch. No, they are not misleading. They are simply more connected. Any business that uses video receives more web traffic from search than any other source. This has been tried, tested, and proved.


As per Google, a major number of the audience has said that they have purchased a product after watching a video. A lot of marketers experience a 100% increase in sales after adding a product video to their brand and product. Isn’t that what a marketer would want at the end of the day?


Product videos enhance your visibility. Going by the facts stated, more than 90% of mobile video consumers share videos, that they like, with others. If you add a video to your product or brand, it simply increases the lifespan of your product. Also, it triggers your reach, and lets you have a wider market for your sales. This turns out to be a winning situation for so many marketers. 


When you opt for a product video and add a story to it, you are making an effort to connect to your customers. That is something very important to the consumers. It means that you care and that’s one thing that can build your empire. If you recall, established brands always have such connecting videos. Ever wondered why? Because they know that videos form an emotional connection and what better than a product explainer video? 

Product Explainer Video Example

Product videos help you save on a lot of resources. You would no longer need a sales rep to make a pitch for you. You have a product video doing that very efficiently for you. Not to forget, it can be as long as you want and as short as you want. It can include all the details without having to miss out on anything. 


An explainer video is often an excellent start line for a conversation. You won’t want your audience to get bored and hence, a product video is something that would not leave your audience disappointed.


Presentations: Time is restricted during a presentation. An explainer video can be as helpful as a presentation. It would represent your vision, numbers, product, and service in a way that not even presentations could cover. Isn’t that too many good things wrapped in one tool? Well, certainly it is for the marketers. 


Summing up, a product explainer video can do wonders to your business, if and only if you choose the right people to make your explainer video. The video would pitch for you in ways that you would have just dreamt of. Not flaunting, but product explainer videos have turned out to be one of the most magical tools in the history of the marketing mix.


It is up to you how you choose this amazing concept for your brand. You can contact us for any further assistance and we would be happy to help. Till then, make sure you make wise promotional choices for your brand and product, in the end, it is all that matters.



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