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What is 2D Animation?

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2D animation is a graphic art that presents images sequenced quickly to create an illusion of life-like motion in a two-dimensional space.


These are in the form of computer-generated vector graphics, cell animation, and traditionally drawn images.


It includes characters, objects, backgrounds, and visual effects that help to create movement in two-dimensional images. Usually, the animators use 24 frames in a second to ensure proper utilization of the 2D animation.

A 2D animation video is an effective tool for organizations to ensure business growth. It attracts customers to the products and improves their engagement with the organization.

The use of 2D animation videos is 40% more effective than the other tools that ensure the betterment of the business in the long term. This tool is effective because it smoothly holds the viewer’s attention and easily connects them to the organization. 

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The Best 2D Animation Videos that Worked for our Clients

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Interesting facts related to 2D Animation Videos

  • 60% of the businesses have increased their customer base using 2D animation videos.
  • Suitable marketing video helps businesses to increase their traffic by 300%.
  • The ratio of organizations using animated videos for their marketing practices is 52% higher than the organizations performing non-animated video marketing practices.
  • Landing pages with video content engage 83%  more users than landing pages with text content only.
  • The click rate of emails having a video is three times more than the emails with text only.

Why must Businesses include 2D Animations in their Marketing and Advertising Plans?

With the rise of eCommerce platforms, people are more interested in shopping from the comfort of their homes instead of going out in crowded places. This gave businesses both an opportunity and a challenge to shift towards internet-based marketing and advertising.

Marketers came across numerous ways to improve sales but none of them were compelling enough to make a quick sale as users couldn’t experience the product. So how do businesses ensure that the user makes a quick decision when they see a product online?

2D Animation Videos!

2D Animated videos can not only influence the audience’s decision but also can be a great tool to improve branding and sales outreach.

Here’re the top reasons why every business must choose 2D animation services and opt for animated videos in their marketing plan:

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Grab Attention

Animated videos have the power to grab users' attention in an instant.

They can help you reach your target prospects and allow them to comprehend the entire idea of what your business does in just seconds.

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Reach Target Audience

2D Animated Videos have the power to reach the target audience with the minimum 'ads spent' as most viewers on social media tend to share the creative content.

This helps you reach a lot of target prospects.

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Improve Engagement

Animated Video Ads have the power to not only draw in users but also engage them throughout the entire duration of your commercial video.

They can be used on both paid and owned digital channels to engage your target Audience.

We Are Committed To Offering The Best 2D Animation Services

As a leading 2D animation company, we are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


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How much does a 2D Animated Video Production Cost?

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The cost of 2D animated videos depends on the type of animated video chosen by the organization.


Various factors impact the cost of 2D animation videos, such as video length, voiceover, level of graphics, etc. The video’s cost is the collection of all these factors mentioned above.


In the tech-savvy culture, businesses must use 2D animation videos to ensure business promotion. The animated videos must be customer oriented to ensure growth in the long term.


Choose 2D animation services to create videos for ensuring better marketing practices help to improve sales and profitability by up to 200%


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Want to reduce marketing efforts and achieve target business goals faster using 2D Animation Services?

Why MotionGility is the best choice when you're searching for 2D Animation Company to partner with?

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At MotionGility, we provide animated videos for every stage of the funnel. As the best 2D animation company, we are here to elevate your marketing strategy and take it to new heights. Our 2D Animation services can help define your services better and deliver visible business benefits. 


Here is why you should partner with Us for 2D animation videos:

in depth brand research

In-depth brand

We take our time to understand your brand’s messaging and services to make sure the 2D animation videos we create completely align with your requirements.

client focused


While we always make sure to bring our own ideas to the table, our video planning process starts by understanding your requirements and expectations.

quick turnaround time

Quick turnaround

We have a defined workflow for our animated explainer video production process to ensure swift planning and execution

conversion driven


We are always focused on creating 2D animated videos that can give you visible conversions and measurable results

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We are experts in 2D animation video production helping brands to simplify their message and reach the target audience.


We are proud to be a marketing video production partner of the best brands and unicorn startups across the world. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes.


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The 2D animated videos should user oriented and present the life-like issues faced by the customers. It also includes the proper color and pitch that attract the customers and engage them. The 2D animated videos include specific information and convey the information in a short video.

There are various platforms that businesses can use the 2D animation videos. The proper use of these videos also ensures the betterment of the organization. Here are some platforms mentioned that are suitable for using the 2D animation videos.


  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Television Advertisements
  4. Digital Ads Media
  5. Corporate Events
  6. Presentations 

The 2D animation videos use to ensure the betterment of the business. It helps to improve the organization’s sales and profitability by attracting customers with the help of 2D animation videos. It is a modern marketing practice that many organizations choose to ensure the business’s sustainable growth.

Here’s a simple 5 step process to help you create a perfect 2D animation Video:

Step 1: Plan and encircle everything that should include in your 2D animation videos.

Step 2: Research properly for choosing the suitable style of animation and proper software that best fits the leadership style. 

Step 3: In creating a 2D animation video, organizations should ensure the proper use of facial expression and storytelling.

Step 4: The selection of characters plays a crucial role in making videos informative and attractive.

Step 5: After completing the videos, give a final touch to make the necessary changes. 

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