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What is Blockchain Explainer Video?

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Blockchain Videos are animated explainer videos used to explain complex IT products working on a secure distributed ledger technology online based on Linked List data structure.


These videos are created with the intention of guiding users and stakeholders through the entire user journey and ensuring them how secure it is at the back end.

Blockchain Explainer Walkthrough can be repurposed to use at all stages of the production journey. If done properly they can help you achieve all your target goals from product launch to sales.


No matter whether you are trying to market your Fintech Application, Crypto Currency, Financial Server Database, or Non-Fungible Tokens, a blockchain explainer video can help users build trust and understand the complex concept behind your blockchain implementation.

Animated Blockchain Video Examples

dao case study
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uvo coin blackchain explainer video
Play Video about UVO Coin Blackchain explainer video
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Interesting Facts Related To Blockchain Video Production

  • A shareable Crypto product video can help companies increase product reach and improve sales by up to 60%.
  • 65% of technical users admitted that they choose cloud-server-based software based on walkthrough videos available on the internet.
  • NFTs and Cryptocurrencies with video advertisements get 30% more customers compared to ones with graphic ads only

Leverage blockchain videos to tell a story and reach target marketing goals

The Internet is now a global community with both businesses and potential customers waiting to connect using decentralized web3 and cloud servers using AI.


With rising global competition and industries shifting towards blockchains for Digital Currencies, NFTs, Decentralized Finance, CDNs, and cloud databases.


Explaining complex databases and how these online server-based product works make it challenging to convenience the audience to trust your brand.

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Despite the challenges, It is important to make a sale. How do I make sure to build trust and make a sale?


Share information about your product with a blockchain explainer video


Interestingly blockchain explainer videos have the power to not only engage target prospects but also help them understand complex concepts and share a story.


Moreover, They can be repurposed for distribution on all owned and paid channels, making them a pioneering choice when it comes to advertising, storytelling, and Brand building.

Our blockchain explainer videos are masters of the art and can help you achieve your target marketing goals 300% faster.

Need Help Understand Your Target Marketing Goals?

Types Of Blockchain Videos


Non-Fungible Tokens(NFT)

crypto explainers


blockchain video production company

Decentralized Financial

supply chain management

Supply Chain

money transfer walkthrough

Money Transfer

Are You Looking For An Explainer Video For Your Blockchain Products?

How to create animated blockchain explainers?

With DIY Tools

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Plan And Script


Create Story Board







With MotionGility

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We'll Take Care Of The Rest

Animated Explainer videos are fun to experiment with, but when it comes to animations, there are a lot of steps to start from scripting and audio to design and animation. A slight mistake at any level can mess up all the efforts.


To save you from starting over and over, here’s a simple 5-step animated video production process to help you create a perfect animation video:

Step 1: Research and choose the product animation video style best fit for your video needs.

Step 2: Always start with a script to tell a story. An animated video never begins with a storyboard.

Step 3: Create a storyboard while you brainstorm the visual treatment.
Step 4: Take your storyboards into the design and prepare characters and background elements.
Step 5: Animate the final design prepared.

Curious To Know How We Craft Videos At MotionGility?

Where Can You Use Animated Blockchain Videos?

Animated blockchain videos can be repurposed for distribution on almost all owned and paid channels which makes them a great investment that can be used at every stage from concept comprehension to advertising.


Here are the major channels blockchain products can use to connect with the right audience:

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walkthrough videos


customer support training

Support and

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Digital Ads

How much does Blockchain Video Production cost with an explainer video company?

Various factors impact the cost of animated blockchain videos, such as video length, voiceover, level of graphics, etc. The video’s cost is determined using all the factors mentioned above. 


A professional Animated Blockchain Explainer Video with a blockchain video production company can cost anywhere between 3000 to 8500 USD per minute based on the requirements.


The use of animated blockchain explainer videos for ensuring better marketing practices helps to improve sales and profitability by up to 200%.

Why Should You Choose MotionGility As Your Video Marketing Partners?

We can give you a thousand reasons why should choose us to be your video marketing partners but here are a few reasons why our clients are working with us for years

quick turnaround motiongility

On-Time Delivery

With our streamlined process we guarantee a smooth and on-time delivery of your video

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Effective Communication

We communicate fast and always bring value with our communication for your video strategy

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High Quality Videos

Guaranteed Quality with high-end animation. Our focus is to deliver the best explainer videos

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At each stage we provide 2 free revisions helping you to get the expected outcome

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Customised Videos

With highly skilled team our focus is to develop custom videos to provide unique experience

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We work with great flexibility and available 24X7 to respond to your queries during entire project cycle


Video Explainers are a great tool to comprehend complex tasks and machines. Typically Blockchain Products are hard to use and lacking precision leads to faulty results making it hard for users to Trust the Brand.


Animated Blockchain Application Demos may not be crucial but having one can help brands to not only build trust but they can also be repurposed to help in product marketing. 

All Animated Videos are Personalized and can be rendered to repurpose on all paid and owned channels. Based on your preferences please mention all distribution Platforms during requirement discussion.


Schedule a Call,  Share the Requirements, and we’ll Take Care Of The Rest 

When it comes to animated videos, there’s no one size that fits all. The ideal size of an animated blockchain explainer video depends on:

1. Complexity Of Concept

2. The Proper Product Usage Procedure

3. Target Audience

4. Target Goal of The Video

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to deliver an animated blockchain video but the delivery of a project is governed by a lot of requirement factors. Connect with our experts to learn more.

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