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Improve sales and help customers understand your SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions using
animated SaaS videos with the world’s best SaaS Explainer Video Company.

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What is a SaaS Explainer Video?

A SaaS explainer video is a short walkthrough video explaining audience how a certain Software as a service is used effectively. 


These videos are created to boost outreach and help audiences build trust in your SaaS product. 


SaaS videos are created mainly to teach your target audience about how to use your product but above that, they are one of the best marketing tools when it comes to video content marketing.

Animated SaaS Videos that helped our clients become more visible

the best animated saas explainer video company
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the best animated saas explainer video company
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We deliver experiences and not just SaaS Video Production Services

Interesting Facts About SaaS Videos

If you are confused about whether or not SaaS Marketing Videos are a good choice for your product, These facts will help you make a quick decision about why your marketing strategy should include SaaS Video in your Marketing Plan:


  • 93% of video marketing users have landed a new customer with the help of videos on social media.

  • A good marketing video can help you attract up to 300% more traffic and potential leads

  • Users of video integrated marketing strategies grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

  • Video-based landing pages engage 83% more customers than Texts and Graphics

  • An email with a video can have up to 3 times more click rates  

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Why do all SaaS Products need an SaaS Explainer Video in their marketing strategy?

There are hundreds of reasons why SaaS Companies should include Animated Videos in marketing plans but here are the top eight on top of our list:

  • Helps you guide your user through the product interface
  • Adds value to your marketing content
  • A SaaS video makes vision comprehension easy and relatable
  • Helps in breaking communication barriers
  • Help you engage more audience and rise above the competition
  • Assist your audience in visualizing your product as a need

How much does SaaS Video Production Services Cost?

The cost of a Professional SaaS video differs with factors such as Style, complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length.


With all these factors, the cost of an explainer video differs. Therefore, our animated videos for businesses cost around 2500-8000 USD/Minute.


Investing in your video marketing with our compelling animated videos can lift your CTR to 2-4X.

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Are you looking forward to boosting ROI of your
SaaS Product using Animated Videos?

3 Reasons why brands prefer MotionGility as
their SaaS Video Production Partner

The ongoing cut-throat competition has forced SaaS brands to leverage the power of
Animated SaaS Videos and achieve their marketing objectives.

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Helps Grab Attention Quickly

Animated videos work best in dealing with low attention spans. Their rich visual elements help brands hook an audience's attention and quickly convey their message.

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Boost Conversion

If you’re struggling to convert your landing page visitors into customers, using SaaS animated videos can help you generate conversions and thus boost revenues.

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Strengthens Brand Identity

Modern brands require appealing videos to stand out from their competitors. Our customized animated videos help our clients strengthen their identity.

We are committed to offering the Best Animated SaaS Explainer Videos

We are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


Book your free 15-minute strategy call and work together on creating a winning explainer video to achieve your target goals faster

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Creating a SaaS Video is easy with MotionGility

the best animated saas explainer video company
the best animated saas explainer video company
the best animated saas explainer video company

Increase your product’s reach with Animated SaaS Videos

You know your product – We know video making & animation. A perfect duo for success, isn’t it?

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the best animated saas explainer video company




A SaaS product demo is a short video that explains user about complex pieces of information about a SaaS product using colorful illustrations and clean animations with or without a sound to highlight the key features of a product

A SaaS Explainer video can be a great tool for lead generation if repurposed properly and reached the right audience using both organic and paid ad channels.


Choosing the right explainer video for your SaaS business is a complicated yet most easy task if you know this simple 3 step recipe:


  1. Always be clear about the goal of your video

  2. Make sure you research your target audience thoroughly based on their age

  3. Always be clear on what channels are you targeting

If you’re a SaaS company owner or Marketing professional looking to expand the reach of your SaaS product in new demographics, generate new leads to pitch your product to, and hate long user guides with thousand words.


SaaS Explainer videos are the best choice for you. Animated SaaS videos can be used not only to Engage Your Audience during long walkthroughs but they have also proven themselves to be helpful in explaining long content in a short amount of time.