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Skrill MotionGility

Skrill is a UK-based multinational corporation that provides a unified platform for online payments, money transfers, and money storage that supports 40 currencies.

ICICI Bank MotionGility

ICICI Bank being a leading multinational private sector bank in india is the second-largest Indian bank in terms of assets and market capitalization.

Nissan MotionGility

Nissan is the world's largest vehicle(EV) manufacturer, with global sales of more than 32,000 all-electric vehicles as of April 2018.

DAO Network MotionGility

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organised which is a Sub Domain introduced by Block Chain Lab.

Autologiq MotionGility

AutologiQ is a Canada based company which works in sales and service sector for automobiles. They also operate collaboratively with big organisations.

Solar Curtain is a product patented by Yalcin Enerji, a research and development company focused on innovation and other energy related services.

Ding Dong Now MotionGility

Ding Dong Now is an integrated and global platform aimed at helping students to learn through excellent mentorship and providing mentors with a platform to share thier valuable expertise.

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