OPA serves as a supervised marketplace for brands and influencers by enabling 100K+ influencers and 500+ companies to work together.


By leveraging technology, the company has been making consistent efforts to simplify, scale, and accelerate the growth of influencer marketing.

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OPA’s Project Overview

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To spread the word about its robust influencer marketing platform, OPA reached out to us with the requirement of an animated explainer video.


They wanted to position themselves as a hassle-free platform for global brands to hire influencers from, plan and run global-level digital campaigns, and track their performances.


As a result, they opted for an explainer video to align their goals with the micro-influencer marketing management services that they offer.

Check out how we helped them achieve their goals concerning brand visibility and outreach.

Challenges faced by OPA

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With the rise in the number of content creators and influencers, sourcing them might be challenging.


Moreover, planning the right campaign and devising an optimized yet result-oriented strategy w.r.t. the type of influencers is something not many brands are comfortable with.


OPA also figured out another challenge that brands face which is auditing the right set of influencers and finding which one among them might be the best fit for their brand representation.

At some stages, these challenges have reduced the growth of brands and their plans of reaching a wider set of target audience. 


In such situations, the pursuit of finding an effective marketing tool arose which led us into creating an animated video for OPA’s platform. 

Why OPA chose a Marketing Explainer Video?

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Well, the answer to their choice lies in the ability of explainer videos to market almost everything that too, engagingly and entertainingly.


Considering their agenda of pitching their influencer marketing services to their target audience, the use of an explainer video resulted in fetching them thousands of views and brand awareness.


Moreover, the most significant factor that played a vital role in their success is the integration of appealing characters, a storyboard turned into a compelling plot, and smooth motion graphics.

Explainer videos bring a bundle of benefits to the table. Presenting a product has never been easy and OPA realized its power, thus ending up getting an attention-grabbing and visually stunning video for their platform.

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Process we Followed


opa case study | an influencer marketing platform

Before we sat down to write the explainer video script, we brainstormed on OPA’s target audience, understood their pain points, and discussed how well we can grab their attention and drive them toward the website.


After thorough research, our creative team began the process of writing the scenes keeping in mind the instrumental role script would play in the video.


opa: storyboard

In the storyboard stage, we started creating a visual blueprint of the entire video consisting of multiple sketches, camera angles, details of each shot and dialogues, etc.


Our dedicated team of storyboard artists created relevant style frames and ensured that each key point OPA wanted to convey about its platform through the video was met.


opa 01

Right after we were done with the storyboards, we sent the frames to the client for feedback.


We applied the changes that were communicated and finalized the animated characters, scenes, and other necessary elements before sending it to the next stage.

Color Scheme

opa 06

Being one of the crucial elements of any brand’s identity, we ensured the coverage of OPA’s brand colors and integrated the same artistically into the video.


The illustration team made maximum usage of the color palette and ensured the touch of the client’s branding assets wherever necessary.


For making the conceptualized illustrations breathe out life, animators used their magical skills and made the scenes convert into motion graphics.


They also made sure to direct the video in the right theme for it to have a lasting impact on the viewers while also keeping the video aesthetically pleasing.

Voice Over

opa- voice-over

Voice-over gives the video a personality of its own. It actually humanizes the brand for the audience.


Once the sound mixing was done after the animation, VO was added after the artist had recorded it.

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Results OPA Achieved with us

By attaching this animated video to their website, OPA generated thousands of views and generated decent brand awareness around their platform and services.


Given their solid portfolio of ex-clients, they were able to attract more such brands and influencers thus giving birth to new collaborations through the stunning demonstration of their services in the video.