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Showcase the features of your app and entice customers to download it using mobile app video services from the expert mobile app video production company

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What Is A Mobile App Video?

Mobile App Video is a short animated video optimized to share how your mobile app can solve users’ problems in a limited time duration.


These videos are used to showcase all the features and working processes of a Mobile app.


Mobile App Videos are created with the intention of establishing your brand as a solution to customers’ pain points to increase downloads and rise above the competition.


Mobile app videos can be optimized for distribution on video distribution channels and app stores can help you achieve your target goals without being hard on your pocket. 

Need Help To Increase Downloads for Your
Mobile App Using Animated Explainer Videos?

Mobile App Explainer Video Examples

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Why Using Mobile App Walkthrough Is A Good Idea?

With millions of apps across app stores, using a mobile app video can help you outperform the competition. With people curious to learn about features and understand products before making a decision, having a good mobile app explainer video can help you boost CTR and improve download count.

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Virtual Demo

Provide demo of your mobile app virtually within few seconds

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More Downloads

Having video on google and apple play store helps increasing downloads

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Drive More Traffic

Helps to reach target audience and generate more qualified leads

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Convert more with the help of highly customised video targeting the pain points of your customers

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Higher SEO Rankings

Apps with videos get 50% higher rank on app stores for brining in relevant traffic and get more clicks

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Easily Shareable

Videos can be easily shared on any channel helping to reach your target audience

We Are Committed To Offering The Best Mobile App Videos

We are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


Book your free 15-minute strategy call and work together on creating a winning explainer video to achieve your target goals faster

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Types Of Animated Mobile App Videos

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Social Advertising

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Mobile App
Demo Videos

How To Create A Mobile App Video With MotionGility?

Making a mobile app video with an explainer video company is a simple process

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How To Make An Interactive Mobile App Explainer Video Yourself?

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An Animated App Demo Video is one of the most effective forms of marketing video production as they help users relate to your app and entice them to make a decision.

There are many steps involved in mobile app video production, but Here’s a simple 6 steps recipe to help you make The Best App Demo:


Step 1: Make sure you understand the App well and all of its USPs are clear to you.

Step 2: Start with a script that tells a story and all Unique Selling Points. 


Step 3: Create a storyboard while you brainstorm the visual treatment.

Step 4: Take your storyboards into the design.

Step 5:
Animate the final designs prepared.

Step 6: Add voice-over and music.


Your Video Is Now Ready To Publish!

Curious To Know About Our Mobile App Video Production Process?

How Much Does It Cost To Get Mobile Video Production Service From Professionals?

Various factors impact the cost of animated mobile app videos, such as video length, voiceover, level of graphics, etc.


The video’s cost is determined using all the factors mentioned above.


A professional mobile app explainer video with an explainer video company can cost somewhere between 2000 to 8500 USD per minute based on the requirements.

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Are You Ready To Improve App Downloads Using
Mobile App Explainer Videos? ​

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How Long Does It Take For Mobile App Video Production Company To Make An App Demo Video?

Making an explainer video for a mobile app needs several professionals at different stages of production.

Therefore it takes us approx Four to Six weeks to deliver a highly tailored video.


However, This duration can vary depending on the complexity and feedback during the entire project cycle.

In case you are looking to get it sooner – Get in touch with our strategist for a custom solution for your video needs. Afterward, we can help to make a timeframe that fits your marketing goals and is achievable with high-end results.

Why Motiongility Is The Best Choice When You Are Looking For
Mobile App Video Production Companies To Partner With?

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With a hardworking and dedicated team of Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Video Marketing Experts, and Story Board Artists. MotionGility one of the best-animated explainer video production companies in the world since 2019.


As experts in animated video production, we are expanding our outreach to almost all parts of the globe. MotionGility is now offering services in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, India, and Europe with Headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA, and Indore, India.

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On-Time Delivery

With our streamlined process we guarantee a smooth and on-time delivery of your video

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Effective Communication

We communicate fast and we always bring value with our communication for your video strategy

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At each stage we provide 2 free revisions helping you to get the expected outcome

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High Quality Videos

Guaranteed Quality with high-end animation. Our focus is to deliver the best explainer videos

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We work with great flexibility and available 24X7 to respond to your queries during entire project cycle

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Customised Videos

With highly skilled team our focus is to develop custom videos to provide unique experience

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We are experts in animated explainer video production helping brands to simplify their message and reach the target audience.

We are proud to be a marketing video production partner of the best brands and unicorn startups across the world. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes.

Connect Us With  Any Challenge, Our Experts Are Always Ready To Help! 


A mobile app explainer walkthrough usually starts with pain points and the walkthrough starts with the brand intro proceeding with key featured to end with a hook CTA.

There are various platforms that businesses can use the mobile app videos on.
The proper use of these videos also ensures the betterment of the organization.

Here are some platforms mentioned that are suitable for using the Mobile App Videos.


  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Television Advertisements
  4. Digital Ads Media
  5. Corporate Events
  6. Presentations 

The mobile app explainers are important because it helps in increasing the sales and profitability of the business.

The mobile app explainers enable the organization to connect with a large audience in the market and improve customer engagement. Also, presenting information through animated videos is more effective and ensures the betterment of the business.

Using mobile app explainers is not a necessity but having one can ensure the betterment of the business.

It helps to improve the organization’s sales and profitability by attracting customers with the help of mobile videos.
It is a modern marketing practice that many organizations choose to ensure the business’s sustainable growth.

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