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MetricAid By MotionGility
Explainer Video For Pivotal Created By MotionGility
Vuram Tech_MotionGility
Deep Roots Whiteboard Video
DAO network
Explainer Video Company MotionGility
Explainer Production Process
Ding Dong now
Sales Studios
Americana Injury Clinic
Solar curtain Explainer video
Luis Xavier Sales Studios MotionGility
Vuramtech Covid19
Lifeup Whiteboard video
Product Video
Kara Foundation

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Quick Turnaround MotionGility

On-Time Delivery

With our streamlined process, we guarantee a smooth and on-time delivery of your video

Fast Communication MotionGility

Effective Communication

We not only communicate fast but we always bring value with our communication for your video strategy

High Quality MotionGility

High Quality Videos

Guaranteed Quality with high-end animation. Our focus is to deliver the best explainer videos

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At each stage, we provide 2 free revisions helping you to get the expected outcome for your explainer video

Fully Customizable Video MotionGility

Customised Videos

With highly skilled team our focus is to develop custom videos to provide unique experience

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We work with great flexibility and available 24X7 to respond to your queries during entire project cycle

Animated Explainer Video Company FAQs

As you know videos form 64% of the total internet traffic and this is expected to rise to 80% by the end of 2019. Putting up a video is worth only when it has all the elements that are necessary for making it a great explainer video.

Being into the business we understand your concern for core competency and making a great animated explainer videos is something you leave to us hence we suggest you to give us a chance for serving and let your team and management focus on the skills you are known for.

A great explainer video consists of the following elements-

  1. Tell a story – No matter how long is the video but when it goes like a story format, the viewer finds it easy to remember it and relate.
  2. Maintain Relevance – We offer many style choices for explainer videos but the one that goes well with your business and brand should be opted by you.
  3. Spread Information – A video which spreads some informational content is tend to achieve more popularity hence we recommend to keep some informative content in the explainer video.
  4. Vital first 3 seconds – First 3 seconds of a video decides whether the viewer wants to watch further or not hence use the first 3 seconds so wisely to grab the user attention.
  5. Quality always matter – Any compromise in graphic quality or effects would harm your market reputation instead of building it therefore we suggest to always opt for quality content.
  6. Create Anticipation – While writing a script for the explainer video introduction of some anticipation element would draw more interest of the audience and give results more than your expectations.
  7. Emotions always work – A balance of emotions along with anticipation and information creates amazing results for your explainer videos as it rings the audience’s’ mind more effectively.

At MotionGility – Best Animated Explainer Video Production Company, we keep in mind all the elements together with our creativity to make the greatest explainer videos for our clients because we understand your goal and put the best of our efforts to achieve them.

Animated Explainer videos currently dominating the marketing scenes because of their engaging capacity and attractiveness. They have been reported to increase the customer understanding, conversion rate and decreased the customer support queries.

After viewing the most amazing explainer videos you must be preparing to get yourself one but still confused about which style should you opt then here lies your answer.

Few Points you need to consider before opting for the explainer video style-

  1. It should represent and extend your brand value, as people watch the video they can identify your brand with it.
  2. Set your goal, like whether it is brand awareness, product or service introduction, a learning, or so on.
  3. The type of message you want to convey. For instance if it’s about product then go for product explainer video or if it’s more about learning and idea then go for Whiteboard videos.
  4. Go as per your planned budget, various options exists under various budget.
  5. The kind of audience you want to target.

After working upon these few points your choice of style for explainer videos would become clearer.

And still in case of any doubt you can email your concern at  [email protected] .

There are many factor which determine and impact the pricing of an explainer video. Like the duration of video, content, style amount of pre-production work, number of revisions, etc. Because we make custom videos therefore our range varies from $500 to $10000, depending upon the client’s requirement and goal.

To know the exact price for your explainer video kindly click here or you can mail your requirements at [email protected]

Our price package includes making up of whole video from the scratch to the finished product stage. It consists of following-

  • Requirements gathering
  • Script writing
  • Story Boarding
  • Illustration
  • Voice over
  • Animation
  • Music and sfx

To know more you can check out our process for making animated explainer videos.

We welcome bulk ordering whole-heartedly therefore yes we offer discounts for multiple videos. In case of 2 or more videos we offer 10% discount on the actual price of the video. As per client’s requirements we can also make the custom packages in case of video series production.

We give 2 free revisions at each stage of our work process. To know about our explainer video making process steps click here.

Of course we work with many Explainer Video Production Houses and other web service providers to make the suitable content for their clients’ websites. Our white-label animation service is offered for reselling purpose and we keep the deal confidential.

Yes, if you have your script already with you and you want us to work on it then we are all set. Here is another advantage you get that is we give 2.5% discount per minute on the actual rate of your explainer video in case of script supply by the client.

So you have a script ? Let’s start working on it then.

Whatever the quoted prices is finalized, our Payment terms involve remittance of 50% of amount as advance and 50% of amount on finalisation of video. You can pay us through any of these options- Payoneer, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

We are prompt in our communication hence you will receive our response really quick. Our response time is anything less than 10 hours. And if you do not happen to receive it even after 10 hours then there is a possibility of some technical error (which is highly unlikely), in that case we request you to call on +91 9669887834 or connect on our Skype and leave a message there. Our Skype id is –  Motiongility .

What Clients Are Saying About Us

I had such a wonderful experience working with the MotionGility. They are very professional and timely. I look forward to our next project together.
Algimantas Kairys SRDS
Professional results, effective communication, and an overall great client experience. I loved working with MotionGility and definitely comeback for more videos.
Andres Quintero Dicosoft
Love our video! They’re good in communication and they made the efforts to understand our product to create an excellent video! Would definitely work with them again!
Ahmet Fuat Yalçın Solar Curtain
Solar Curtain
Very prompt in their reply, finished video on time and great execution! Thank you and I will definitely recommend their service.
Roaa Algabrouny Teamtrics
It was a great experience and all team members were very professional and responsive to any queries or requests.
Shelley Costantini MotionGility Client
Shelley Costantini
Shelley Skin Care
Great work and communication. Achieved result on time! Thank you for understanding. Will recommend for great explainer videos.
Sanjay Uppal MotionGility Client
Sanjay Uppal
Finbots.AI, StraitsBridge
Highly recommend working with MotionGility. We worked with them and they managed very well to bring out our vision on the screen. Incredible work!
Persida Roata 2Performant
The video quality was incredible, and they really spent the time to understand what I wanted. Would recommend and will be coming back for future projects.
Rick Bergami Abuzz Technology
Abuzz Technology
Great animations, great voice overs and it was a pleasure to work with all round. They're not a 'rush the process' mob to quickly do jobs, - I highly recommend them!
Matthew Bovey Bazaar Network
Bazaar Network

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