Skrill provides digital payments solutions to consumers and businesses around the world. From betting & trading to shopping & gaming, Skrill’s online and mobile payment solutions help customers make and manage payments with a few clicks.

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Skrill's Project Overview

project overview

Skrill is a UK-based multinational corporation that provides a unified platform for online payments, money transfers, and money storage that supports 40 currencies. 


It is a worldwide digital wallet used by the trading, e-commerce, and online gaming industry. 


During the IPL tournament, Skrill came up with the campaign idea of summarizing its services and features to the large audience who are interested in IPL with the theme of cricket.


They wanted to grab the attention showcasing their flagship money transfer feature supported in various currency formats. 

Let’s checkout more on how we helped them execute the video campaign.

Challenges faced by Skrill

skrill-fintech explainer video case study

The advancement in this dynamically changing digital world offered people up-and-coming ways for carrying out their daily activities and money transfers, which was earlier a tedious process that became instant and secure with Skrill.


Undoubtedly, digitization introduced comfort with its hassle-free management but people were still not very quick to accept it because of the underlying trust issues they had concerning the safety of their money.


The challenges faced by the general public were well taken care of by Skrill. It brought together the convenience of technology and the feeling of secure money management with its unified platform.

Why Skrill chose an Explainer Video?

skrill-fintech explainer video case study

Money transfer and management is still dubbed as a complicated process even though the services offered by Skrill were so effortless.


But people first needed to see it in order to believe it. Skrill was looking for an explainer video that would not only present their company as a safe and secure platform but also explain the services and procedures in an smooth manner.


The video was customized for six countries to show the transfer of money from different nations and the simultaneous change in currency values.

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Process we followed

Here’s our in-depth process of how we helped Skrill generate 1 Million Views on their short video ad.


skrill-fintech explainer video case study

The script is the central point that binds all pieces of acts into one and the script needed to make a strong impact on the viewer for the video to succeed.


Skrill’s requirement was pretty much the same of a video that contains a short & sweet script.


skrill-fintech explainer video case study

The storyboard artists were the first ones to execute the video creation process by creating several style frames that matched the vision of the client.


They made sure to use the elements to demonstrate the cricket theme. With the help of our skillful storyboard artists, Skrill got the foundation laid of their entire video.


skrill-fintech explainer video case study

The style frames were then sent to the client for feedback and were introduced with new alterations if any.


The illustration process is what fills up the colors in the style frames created by the storyboard artists and brings them to life.

Color Scheme

skrill color scheme

The illustration team made sure to use the colors as per the Skrill’s color palette and logo to provide a customized touch.


The artists also gave preference to the use of logos whenever they had to use the word Skrill.


Play Video about Skrill

For making the conceptualized illustrations breathe out life, animators used their magical skills and made the scenes convert into motion graphics.


They also made sure to direct the video in the right theme for it to have a lasting impact on the viewers while also keeping the video aesthetically pleasing.

Voice Over

voice over motiongility

Voice-over gives the video a personality of its own. It actually humanizes the brand for the audience.


Once the sound mixing was done after the animation, VO was added after the artist had recorded it.

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Results Skrill Money Transfer achieved with us

With the help of this video, Skrill was able to present the brand in their desired manner and also explain its services to the customers smoothly.


The video successfully instilled a sense of trust and credibility in the minds of viewers towards the brand and the endorsement of their services was also done righteously.

result motiongility