14 Remarkable Financial Explainer Video Examples You Cannot Miss

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Financial Explainer video examples
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    As per the latest Hubspot report, 86% of marketers in the video marketing industry believe that videos have yielded positive results and boosted revenues.


    This speaks volumes about how video marketing has proved helpful to modern-day financial organizations, Fintech startups, and banks in reaching their target audience effectively.


    Financial Explainer Videos can help organizations build meaningful long-term relationships with their current and future customers. You just have to leverage the power of digital platforms and market your products and services globally.


    To help you understand better, here are 8 financial explainer video examples:

    14 Best Financial Explainer video Examples

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      1. AllVue Systems - FinTech Explainer Video

      Target Audience: Banks and Insurance companies

      Animation Style: Isometric and Motion Graphics
      Company: AllVue Systems

      The best part about animation is: It opens to you a world full of unmetered freedom and creativity to express your idea in a manner best understood by your audience.


      Allvue’s specially designed all-in-one unique suite of solutions helps large organizations efficiently cater to their clients.


      The video talks about their interactive dashboard that provides real-time infographics, data, and transparent updates across all channels. 


      Animation has a bigger role to play in presenting the exciting features of Allvue’s easy-to-operate software.


      This video can be a great source of inspiration and reference for animators and illustrators looking for design and storyboard ideas.

      2. Skrill

      Target Audience: Consumers and Businesses

      Animation Style: 2D Motion graphics
      Company: Skrill

      Explainer videos are dominating almost every industry you look at. And, the primary goal of such videos is to convey the meaning and story of what the product is all about. 


      The idea was to establish Skrill’s top offering in the minds of customers. When Skrill approached us with a requirement for an explainer video, the first thing that we discussed was the central idea they wished to communicate. 


      The video begins with an enticing hook that moves to the central idea cum USP of Skrill’s money transfer facility. It focuses on a huge problem a lot of people face which is, transferring money from the US to India hassle-free. 


      With the help of cool animations, we made sure the message was being communicated in the most effective manner possible.

      3. Enfuce Myapp

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics
      Company: Enfuce 

      Having a strong script does not guarantee the success of your explainer video. It’s also necessary to have strong visuals and scenes that leave a lasting impression. 


      Here when we talk about Enfuce’s MyApp, their scenic visuals portray a stronghold in the complete video. The app has been produced to help users design their payment cards and even customize them as per their wishes. 


      This App Demo video is entertaining in the sense that it carries smooth scene transitions which speak about its features on the go.

      4. ID Finance

      Target Audience: Credit Card Users

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics
      Company: ID Finance

      We are witnessing exponential growth in the introduction of mobile-based Finance apps offering credit services in a few clicks.


      Here, ID Finance operates in the Data Science, Credit Scoring, and Digital Finance industry.


      The above video is a classic example of how an animated financial video can be created by incorporating mini-plots and sub-mini plots to showcase an app’s prime features.


      It has been produced in a manner listing all the backend technologies on which the platform works.


      While performing animation on your videos, make sure your script, storyboard scenes, and illustrations have a connecting dot that aligns each element together.

      5. Worldpay Business Finance

      Target Audience: Business Owners

      Animation Style: Motion Graphics
      Company: Worldpay Business Finance

      The integration of blockchain into the payment settlement and overall finance infrastructure has been benefitting FinTech startups in improving their users’ overall experience.


      The usage of a motion graphics style-based animation video by WorldPay is another beautiful example of how startups can leverage the power of animation.


      By integrating catchy motion graphics, they have explained their product in a fun yet engaging manner.

      6. ICICI Bank

      Target Audience: ICICI Employees

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics
      Company: ICICI Bank

      From its explainer video, ICICI Bank’s goal was as simple as it could be – To communicate and aware customers of the steps they are taking to curb Covid.


      The video is concentrated on delivering a crucial message about their responsibility and commitment towards work even in such complicated times.


      Various characters have been created and illustrated to add a touch of reality to the explainer video.


      Also, it lists down a routine framework their customers can follow to promote a healthy work-life balance at their virtual workspace and maintain team energy. 

      7. Daloopa

      Target Audience: General Audience

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics
      Company: Daloopa

      Daloopa aims to eliminate multiple spreadsheets by combining all your idea and presenting it in the form of an interactive sheet helping you track your money. 


      By using illustrative scenes, the company showcases how it helps its users get rid of multiple data analysis tools by bringing everything required for investment research to one place.


      It’s one of the simplest explainer videos we have ever come across. 

      8. RemitBee Money Transfer

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Animation Style: Motion Graphics
      Company: RemitBee

      This video is a perfect example of how brands can leverage the power of storytelling in their financial services explainer videos.


      If you grab a quick look, the honeybee has been assigned a dedicated character that keeps hovering around till the completion of the video.


      The script is rich enough and is accompanied by an energetic voiceover. All boxes ticked!


      As the video reaches its endpoint, it talks about the different use cases where the platform can help its users transact through the smooth remittance of money.

      9. Cred

      Target Audience: Credit Card Users

      Animation Style: Motion Graphics
      Company: Cred

      This video by CRED is a perfect example of how to introduce new features of the product in the most engaging way and in just 43 seconds.


      When we look at Cred’s latest sleek design system, it’s fun and engaging, and that has been most evidently portrayed in the video.


      The app has been produced to help users manage their credit cards in one place and get offers for each transaction done through the app.


      This Product Launch video is an awe-inspiring motion graphic video that bursts with vibrant pops of color and creates a mesmerizing experience for the viewers.

      10. Portfolio+

      Target Audience: Banks

      Animation Style: 2D Animation
      Company: Portfolio+

      We have witnessed how complicated Fintech can be to understand. This video created for Portfolio+ is a perfect example of how to explain any complicated concept in an easy-to-understand manner.


      Portfolio Plus is Canada’s cloud-first consumer-directed finance ecosystem that helps neo-banks and fintech enterprises become a part of the open finance movement. 


      In this video, brand colors have a calming effect and very soothing voiceover which makes it easier for the viewer to understand the services.

      11. Mastercard

      Target Audience: Generic Audience

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics and Typography
      Company: Mastercard

      Mastercard reveals its revolutionary Excessive Fraud Merchant Program (EFM) in this engaging explainer video.


      The viewer is taken on a visual journey through the key components of the program: fraud detection algorithms and real-time monitoring systems. Each step is illustrated with colorful graphics and intuitive typography.


      This colorful and informative explainer video captures the essence of the EFM Program so well that it makes complex concepts easily understandable and memorable.

      12. American Express

      Target Audience: Credit Card Holders

      Animation Style: 2D Motion Graphics 
      Company: American Express

      In this video, American Express presents “Credit Intel,” designed to help you improve your credit score. The video is packed with valuable tips and insights, which makes it a must-watch for anyone looking to take control of their financial well-being.


      The video begins with an engaging animation that introduces the concept of a credit score and its significance in our lives. It quickly dives into practical strategies and expert advice to help viewers boost their creditworthiness and achieve their financial goals.


      It is narrated by a friendly and knowledgeable voice, and the use of animated characters adds a touch of relatability and makes the information more engaging for viewers of all ages.

      13. Payoneer

      Target Audience: Amazon Vendors

      Animation Style: 2D Animation
      Company: Payoneer

      Payoneer is used to receive disbursements from Amazon worldwide. They decided to showcase how to integrate Payoneer with the Amazon account.


      They successfully explained each step using the layout of the Amazon account. First, the video starts with the animations capturing the essence of the brand colors and then slowly shifts to the user interface of Amazon, explaining the process.


      This video stands out as the perfect example for guiding the process, as the visual representation makes it easier for viewers to understand the procedures and follow along, especially for tasks that involve complex steps.

      14. Razorpay

      Target Audience: E-commerce Vendors

      Animation Style: 2D Animation
      Company: Razorpay

      Well-crafted storytelling engages the viewers right from the start and keeps them hooked till the end. Through this video, Razorpay just does that. 


      They portrayed the animated characters in real-life situations that often happen while making payments. It instantly makes the viewers connect with the situation and drives their curiosity to watch the video till the end.


      With its attractive characters and captivating storytelling, this video is an irresistible watch that showcases how Razorpay’s Magic Checkout can enhance any e-commerce business.

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      Why are Financial Explainer Videos essential for your business's growth?

      Financial services are constantly evolving, and so is their adoption by users. 


      Let’s look back past. Was it possible for us to transfer money, pay bills and track our expenses as easily as it is today? That’s great food for thought.


      When we look at the ongoing technological advancements taking place, we realize the importance of all the resources and tools making their outreach simpler and smoother. An explainer video is one among them.


      You see, explainer videos are not just another instrument to help make your complex concepts straightforward and effortless to understand for your customers.


      They are a fun medium to communicate the brand message, story, and features of your product or service.


      Animated videos on FinTech products make customers excite and evoke curiosity in them. The ultimate buyer’s journey can be made more interesting and fun to track by integrating videos into your branding and marketing strategies.


      Through explainer videos, you have the opportunity to create trust and credibility in the minds of your current as well as future customers. Brand positioning can be made easy by leveraging the power of storytelling in your animated financial video.


      Financial Video Production companies are witnessing an exciting uptrend in the demand for FinTech product-based animated videos. Now, this is an excellent opportunity to get yourself one and also an edge over your competitors in the market.

      Where can you use Financial Explainer Videos?

      1) Wealth Management Firms:

      They offer services such as managing their customer’s investments and diversifying them into equity, debt, mutual funds, and various investment options. Explainer videos can help them in communicating with their customers through interactive infographics, animated case studies, and output-oriented illustrated scenes.


      2) Banking Institutions:

      Around 40% of banks and FinTech companies have already resorted to utilizing the power of explainer videos in their customer outreach plans. 


      The reality is, traditional banking systems haven’t witnessed much growth in their approach toward acquiring new customers and nurturing them. With explainer videos, banks can boost user engagement and improve customer relations.


      3) Insurance Companies:

      It is a no-brainer that concepts related to insurance policies, premiums, beneficiaries, etc are naturally complex. And for finance industries, if their product or service offering is difficult to interpret, they are possibly sitting on a mountain of a huge loss.


      Animated explainer financial product videos make your job easy. You can increase your chances of converting customer leads into buyers by showcasing videos and explaining your insurance policy on the go.


      4) FinTech Startups:

      An explainer video can work wonders for your new startup if planned well. By providing them to your customers, you can introduce digital products, new features, and other necessary announcements to them via videos.


      Also, many FinTech companies are entering the market with exciting products that promise to ease customers’ lives. To achieve this, animated videos can play a massive role and help them attain customer acquisition goals.


      5) Credit Lending Firms & Institutions:

      Lending firms are focused on attracting potential individuals or companies who might require money. By presenting their animated videos, they can establish a smooth connection and build trust in them about their lending features.


      Through our mobile app explainer videos, credit institutions can display their USP and effectively position their brand against their competitors in the market.

      Looking for A Financial Services Explainer Video?

      How do we craft explainer videos at MotionGility?

      As an explainer video production company, after producing hundreds of videos for our clients worldwide, we have come up with a video production framework. Here’s how we do it:


      1) Kick-Off/Brainstorming Call:


      The moment we shake hands, we invite you for a brainstorming call to discuss expected deliverables.


      Also, this will involve getting a brief understanding of the concepts and messages to be communicated, the brand story, and developing a rough mind map for what’s ahead.


      2) Scripting:


      Now that we know what you exactly want, our talented scriptwriters shall begin with the process of the most significant factor of your explainer video – The Script. 


      After getting deep insights about your brand and the message you wish to share, we will make sure the script is compelling enough to hook your audience right from the start.


      3) Storyboarding and Style Frames:


      This stage involves developing a visual blueprint and establishing a connection with the story. Our storyboard artists will sit down to create sketches that will help define the path and shots of the video to be produced.


      4) Illustrations:


      This is an important stage where we focus on creating visually rich illustrations which complement the storyboard and script. We prefer to identify and follow an approach that suits our client’s requirements best.


      5) Voiceover:


      We open to you a huge stack of professional voiceover artists for the success of your video. We promise to choose an artist that effectively matches your video’s tone, develops an engaging environment, and helps communicate the message smoothly.




      The final stage is where we let motion graphics perform their magic. At this point, we add cool sound effects and exciting visual effects to help make your video an entertaining piece of content.


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