What is Motion Graphics? Why do you need a Motion Graphics Video?

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    We live in an era where almost every information is accessible on our fingertips.


    Right from television, mobile, and internet mediums, the production, flow, and availability of content is much easier than ever before.


    Now this directly speaks about the infinite opportunities available to brands to build their presence and position themselves in the market. But is it that easy to grab audiences’ attention?


    Surely, not! However, with animated motion graphic videos, today’s businesses can easily capitalize on the market opportunities and establish deeper relations with their target customers.


    Keeping in mind the decreasing human attention spans, they can be an effective tool to engage your potential customers and produce engagement on your branded content.


    Before we discuss the different types of motion graphics and why do you need a motion graphics video, let’s understand what they actually are:

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      What is Motion Graphics ?

      In simple words, Motion Graphics is nothing but graphics in motion. These graphics may comprise of charts, icons, illustrations, typography, text, color, etc.


      The illustrations or hand-drawn objects when in motion, create an illusion or a movement and are combined with audio and visual effects to help them appear more appealing and engaging. 


      Motion Graphics are an interesting way to communicate with your users.


      As an integral part of an explainer video, they help explain key points, add depth to video, and engage users throughout the story.


      Moreover, they are considered to be the most challenging form of animation as there are no natural references available to how shape, composition, and grid should move. 


      Let’s see how it was done before computer-based motion graphics software took over the industry:

      History of Motion Graphics Animations

      Walter Ruttmann, a German cinematographer in 1887, experimented with oil & paints on glass plates and laid the foundation of what is today known as Motion Graphics.


      Since then, cinematographers across the globe have tried a lot of physical ways to animate texts, which turned out to be an expensive way to create motion graphics design, thus limiting its availability to only high-budget films and advertisements.


      But with the introduction of Adobe After Effects in the late nineties, the term motion graphic was made public by Trish and Chris Myers.


      They made motion graphics a common phenomenon using computers and made it accessible for use.


      Indeed, this was the beginning of a new era in the world of Animated Motion Graphics with a native video editing software acting as a founding stone for billions of creative cloud spaces with modern-day procedural animation.


      For your better understanding, here’s a compilation of the best motion graphic video examples

      Types of Motion Graphics Animations

      Motion Graphics is an umbrella term comprising different types and styles that drive its role and impact on the way animated explainer videos are created.


      With motion graphics animation, businesses can easily break down complex concepts and products into easy and crisp digestible pieces of content through visuals.


      Doing this, will help them insane brand awareness, reach out to the target audience, generate quality leads, and increase revenues.


      Let’s look into the different types:

      Kinetic Typography

      what is motion graphics? why do you need a motion graphics video?

      The best way to add a few seconds to your Promo Video, Brand Wordmark, or Company Catchphrase.

      Kinetic typography is one of the most used and known animation techniques used by animated video production companies.


      It is the process of integrating movement with texts. The text is brought up in a video from time to time in a way that intends to express a certain emotion and convey an idea.


      Also, as per classification, kinetic typography is a part of temporal typography and is further broken down into Motion Typography & Fluid Typography.

      Animated Logos

      Helps to add depth to your brand recognition by showing your brand logo in motion in a video.

      A logo is a graphic mark or emblem or symbol that is used to help the company or an individual in building brand presence, recognition, and identification.


      With the evolution of content forms on the internet and tons of channels to build an online presence, making your identity creative is a necessity more than just a pursuit.


      Animated graphic design can help you convert your static logo into Animated Logo.

      Animated Graphic Loops

      graphic loop vector

      These animations use a set of shapes or vectors in continuous loop motion driving focus to the video’s message.

      Animated Graphics Loops are motion graphic templates with abstract shapes that move seamlessly in a loop gaining users’ attention yet letting them focus on various elements of the picture.


      The movements created by motion graphics allow brands to communicate their core message with ease and easily hook the attention of their viewers till the end of the video.

      Animated Explainer Videos

      A 2D Animated Explainer Video is an interesting way of sharing a long story with the world with an engaging form of media.

      It is one of the most challenging tasks to engage your audience when narrating long stories. 


      Infographics and brochures too at times stop working and you might feel like you don’t have a choice other than cutting short the script or avoiding some elements of the story.


      But did you know, there’s an art form under the umbrella term motion graphics that can help you in sharing all your content with the audience in a super engaging form?


      Well, explainer videos use both audio and visual elements and make the message clear in an engaging and comprehensible form.

      Having a well-scripted narration in animated explainer videos with engaging graphics can help you achieve your marketing goals 87% faster.


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      Product Animations Logos

      animated product videos

      These videos highlight the key features of your product and use quick illustrations to show how the product works.

      Product animations are used in a product video where a motion graphics designer focuses on key elements of your product and uses animations to highlight the key features.


      As a result, every detail about the product is communicated and visually presented using typographic arrangements and sometimes graphics loops.


      This is the most commonly used motion graphics video used by not just startups but also the best e-commerce brands across the globe.

      UI/UX Animations

      what is motion graphics? why do you need a motion graphics video?

      Used to guide your users on how to use a software or app while actually working on the product.

      Using Motion Graphics Animation techniques, an UI/UX Animation video creates a walkthrough of the software using simple screen recordings being played along with software using smooth transactions.


      These animations are played to introduce the user to your newly built product along with the product in action.

      Animated Ads

      digital ad media vector

      Used on paid channels mostly to introduce your product or brand to the world.


      Check: 7 Stunning Motion Graphic Video Ads Examples

      These videos use motion graphics to share key features of your products or services using both typographic and illustrative elements.


      On paid media channels such as Native Ads, Display Banners, and Social Media, animated ads are the best way to communicate your product interactively and efficiently with the world.

      Transparent Animated Assets

      drive sales icon

      They are used as layering elements on existing videos and Web or Mobile UI.

      Transparent animated assets are pre-designed buttons, icons, or objects, that are originally still PNG images but are animated and rendered with the integration of motion graphics.


      Their usage is mainly involved with layering elements on existing videos and user interfaces of web and mobile apps.


      They are extremely useful in facilitating smooth navigation and act as an interactive guide as to where the user should click next. 


      With all the types being discussed, let’s move on to why an organization needs to own an Animated Motion Graphic Video without further a do:

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      Why every organization must own an Animated Motion Graphics Video?

      In today’s digital scenario, content is undoubtedly king! 


      And with all the data available on social media, it has become increasingly difficult day by day to attract users and hook their attention for a decent amount of time without crisp content and appealing motion graphics. 


      While some websites and social handles showcase clickbait and plagiarism-filled content, brands must adapt to modern marketing tactics and strategies.


      What’s more concerning is the decreasing human attention spans.


      If you look at the trends of prominent content formats across the internet over the past five years, you would find how videos have ruled the internet be it any platform!


      This has given rise to the challenge of engaging a user with an effective marketing tool like explainer videos through which brands can easily communicate their complex products within 60 to 90 seconds using eye-catchy graphics.


      To help you understand better, here are the top 5 reasons why they can be so important for your brand’s growth:

      It helps you sell your story

      One of the primary goals of a motion graphics video is to bring a brand’s story to life. 


      By using an exemplary design process and visual effects, motion graphic designers can easily explain the story to target viewers with ease.

      Adds value to your content

      Motion Graphic videos have proven themselves to be an effective tool when it comes to sharing content on both owned and paid media channels. 


      The role of motion graphics in the creation of animated informative content is highly underrated. 


      If executed well, the very same graphics can increase the retention time of users on branded videos and boost the visibility of content on the internet.

      Helps break down complex terminologies

      With the rise in technology, new products are being launched on a daily basis.


      However, brands especially in the SaaS, Blockchain, FinTech, etc., find it difficult to communicate their product to the target audience.


      It’s here where motion graphics can help simplify complicated concepts with the use of crisp infographics, icons, and engaging illustrations.

      Helps break communication barriers & improve comprehension

      As stated above, motion graphics are excellent when it comes to explaining concepts.


      This way, brands can get rid of communication gaps and establish a strong relationship with their potential buyers. 


      Also, the obstacles of product comprehension can also be eliminated via seamless transitions and graphical elements that hook the attention of viewers.

      Boosts SEO Performance & Increases Efficiency

      Motion Graphic videos if integrated in an SEO-friendly manner can improve your brand’s visibility, thus pushing you up on the discoverability page.


      On top of that, such animated content pieces are highly shareable and can be capitalized in Off-page SEO activities.

      Want to leverage the power of Motion Graphics in accelerating your brand's growth?

      Final Thoughts

      There’s a ton of video content available on the internet today. It’s up to you what format you choose to increase your brand’s visibility.


      With motion graphics, there are a variety of animation styles available for you to choose from. By picking the most suitable one for your business, you can create super engaging videos and even repurpose them for global visibility on channels across the internet.


      A marketing campaign focused on a single content type is no doubt a disaster. 


      Owning a particular content type may or may not work for you compared to your competition but experimenting with content types and motion graphics video is always a good idea.

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