What Is Motion Graphics? Why Do You Need A Motion Graphics Video?

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    In the digital era with the reach of information in every household using mediums such as Television, Mobile, and the internet mediums, the world is now available at the tips of your finger in a super interactive and meaningful manner. Every aspect of what you see on the internet goes through a long process of creation.


    Now every business is looking forward to growing their brand presence on Internet, But it’s hard to grab the audience’s attention on the internet full of creative content and beautiful animations.


    So How Do Businesses Create Their Unique presence on the internet?


    The Answer is Simple, Animated Motion Graphic Videos.

    Let’s understand detail with what Motion graphics are, how they’ve changed from history to modern times, how Motion Graphics work on engaging user and help businesses in building a global brand presence.


    What is Motion Graphics ?

    Motion Graphic in straightforward terms means Graphic in Motion. These are animations or digital footages that create a notion or illusion of texts or images in Motion combined with voice, music, visual effects, or all for use in multimedia projects.


    Motion graphics are an interesting way to communicate with your users as motion graphics in a video explains key points, add depth to video and engage users throughout the story.


    Motion Graphics are considered to be the most challenging form of animation as there are no natural references available to how shape, composition, and grid should move. Let’s see how it was done before computer-based animation software became accessible to public.

    History Of Motion Graphics Animations

    Walter Ruttmann, a German Cinematographer, in 1887 experimented with oil and paints on glass plates and laid the foundation of what is today called Motion Graphics.


    Then cinematographers have tried a lot of physical ways to animate texts, which turned out to be an expensive way to create motion graphics design, limiting its availability to only high-budget films and advertisements.


    But with the introduction of Adobe After Effects in the late Nineties, The term motion graphic was made public by Trish and Chris Myers. They made motion graphics a common phenomenon using computers and made it accessible for use.


    This was the beginning of a new era in the world of Animated Motion Graphics with a Native video editing Software acting as a founding stone for billions of creative cloud spaces with modern-day procedural animation.


    Check out these Motion Graphics Video Examples for reference:

    Types of Motion Graphics Animations

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      Kinetic Typography: 


      The best way to add a few seconds of time to your Promo Video, Brand Wordmark or Company Catchphrase.

           types of animated motion graphics video 


      Kinetic Typography, Text In Motion, is a style of animation that uses motions combined with texts to portray important information during a video.


      The text is brought up in a video from time to time in a way that intends to express a certain emotion and convey an idea.

      As per classification, Kinetic typography is a part of temporal typography which further is classified as Motion and Fluid Typography.

      Motion Typography

      In motion Typography, the text on the screen does not move around in the 2-D Space away from each other. They scroll across the screen or can appear to recede or advance.

      Fluid Typography

      These are motion graphics where Texts movement happens around the entire screen in no definite pattern.

      Animated Logos:


      Helps to add depth to your brand recognition by showing your brand logo in motion in a video.

            types of animated motion graphics video

      A logo is a graphic mark or emblem or symbol that is used to help the company or an individual in building brand presence, recognition, and identification. With the evolution of content forms on the internet and tons of channels to build an online presence, making your identity creative is a necessity more than just a pursuit.

      Animated graphic design can help you convert your static logo into Animated Logo.


      Animated Graphic Loops:  


      These animations use a set of shapes or vectors in continuous loop motion driving focus to the video’s message.

      types of animated motion graphics videoAnimated Graphics Loops are motion Graphic templates with abstract shapes that move seamlessly in a loop gaining users’ attention yet letting them focus on various elements of the picture.


      Animated Explainer Videos:


      A 2D Animated Explainer Video is an interesting way of sharing a long story with the world with an engaging form of media.

      types of animated motion graphics video


      It is one of the most challenging tasks to engage your audience when narrating long stories or Advice. Infographics and Brochures too at times stop working and you might feel like you don’t have a choice other than cutting short the script or avoiding some elements of the story.


      But did you know, There’s an art form under the umbrella term motion graphics that can help you in sharing all your content with the audience in a super engaging form. The Explainer videos use both audio and visual elements and make the message clear in an engaging and comprehensible form.


      Pro Fact– Having A Well-Scripted Narration in Animated Explainer Videos with engaging graphics can help you achieve your marketing goals 87% faster.

      Product Animations Logos:


      These videos highlight the key features of your product and use quick illustrations to show how the product works.

                          types of animated motion graphics video

      Product Animations are used in a product video where a motion graphics designer focuses on key elements of your product and use animations to highlight features to share all details about your product using typographic arrangements and sometimes graphics loops.


      This is the most commonly used Motion graphics video used by not just the startups but also the best e-commerce brands across the globe.




      Used to guide your users on how to use a software or app while actually working on the product.

      types of animated motion graphics video

      Using Motion Graphics Animation techniques, an UI/UX Animation video creates a walkthrough of the software using simple screen recordings being played along with software using smooth transactions.


      These animations are played to introduce the user to your newly built product along with the product in action.


      Animated Ads: 


      Used on paid channels mostly to introduce your product or brand to the world.

      types of animated motion graphics video

      These videos use motion graphics to share key features of your products or services using both typographic and illustrative elements on paid media channels such as Native Ads, Display Banners, and Social Media, these are the best way to communicate with the world about your product interactively and efficiently to create a brand reputation and product introduction.


      Transparent Animated Assets:


      They are used as layering elements on existing videos and Web or Mobile UI.

      transparent animated assets

      These are an in-motion equivalent of Still PNG images and are rendered without a background to use them as layering elements on Existing videos and Web/App UIs to make them interactive or as a guide to where a person should click next. These are a great way to save time and repurpose clips for multiple projects.


      With All the types being discussed, let’s move on to why it is important for an organization to own an Animated Motion Graphic Video without further ado.

      Why Is It Important to Own an Animated Motion Graphics Video?

      In the present digital space, Content is no doubt the king in the campaign. With all the data available on social media, Attracting users is no longer easy without impeccable content and engaging design graphics. While some sites click-baits and exemplary plagiarism, it’s not possible to compete and survive in the modern workspace using just that.


      With the rapid spread of 4G internet and access to smartphones in the past decade and the transformation of content types in the past few years, the attention span of an internet user has declined drastically from hours to mere seconds.


      This gave rise to the challenge of engaging a user while Explaining an entire product in detail, which can easily be solved with the help of Animated Motion Graphics. 


      Motion Graphics Videos can be used not only to Engage Your Audience during long presentations but they have also proven themselves to be helpful in explaining long content in a short amount of time.


      There’re a billion reasons to integrate Motion Graphics videos in your marketing plan but here’re the top Eight on top of our list:

      It helps you sell your story


      The goal of motion graphics video is not just to animate characters, but to use an exemplary design process to bring life to a story using motion design, visual effects, and additional information.


      Motion graphics help the creators to use movement and animation to explain the story to a viewer.

      Adds value to your content


      Motion graphics videos have proven themselves to be super effective when it comes to sharing content on both owned and paid channels.


      There are a lot of creative cloud spaces available on the internet with tons of motion graphics templates to help users add value to their video content by adding key copy content in videos during video editing. It not only helps the user focus on key points of the video but also makes the video interactive.

      Makes marketing comprehension Easy and Relatable


      Whenever we need to share complicated information or boring details, motion graphics video makes it interesting as it adds a visual aid proven to be super effective in comprehension of complicated information.


      They break down information into small portions making comprehension and consumption easier and relatable.

      Help in breaking Communication Barriers


      Even though the internet has changed drastically in the past decade but with the expansion of the user base in the past years with the introduction of smartphones to access the internet, the communication barriers have also increased when it comes to sharing valuable content with the right audience.


      But with animated motion graphics, you can focus on key points in a motion graphics video to break communication barriers and make it easier for the audience to understand your video.


      Help you engage more audience and rise above the competition


      Motion Graphics Video is not only a great way to focus on key points and share important details but they are also a great tool to rise above the competition. With the rise of industrialization and e-commerce spaces on the internet, the world became a point economy available at the tips of your finger.


      The organizations are competing globally to build revenue and create a brand presence giving rise to competition in every part of the world. With the right videos and correct copy content, you can grab the attention of the right audience and rise above the competition.

      Assist you in the SEO process and increase efficiency

      Motion graphic videos are a great way to expand your brand and it has been proven to assist in the website’s SEO process. Collated with the right content, motion graphics videos can help you increase the efficiency of the site’s on-page SEO and assists you in off-page SEO by being sharable as they are easy to comprehend and are a simplified way of sharing information.

      They are a creative way to Create Brand Awareness


      With the evolution of internet-based businesses with the rise in smartphone usage in the past few years, there are hundreds of channels available to create brand awareness about your product.


      Although every channel works on a different algorithm and distribution pattern, the most common factor that drives growth is effective copy content and engaging graphics including eye-catching objects and texts in a definite motion. Because of their ability to engage the audience with or without audio, Motion graphics videos are one of the most creative solutions to create brand awareness.

      Can be Repurposed easily based on the platform and audience you’re targeting 

      With all the marketing channels available on the internet, choosing one that supports your Ad Content is one of the most challenging tasks. Though when it comes to targeting the audience and creating brand awareness, choosing only one platform is not at all a great idea.


      So how do we save content creation time yet target audiences from all platforms simultaneously? With Video Content you can repurpose the key sections to target all channels available on the internet.


      Most motion graphics videos with the right trim can be repurposed for almost all channels available on the internet.


      Choosing the right content type in the era of unlimited possibilities on the internet is one of the most challenging yet interesting tasks. From creating a brand to selling a product, every step of the process requires you to include the right content types on both owned and distribution channels.


      A Marketing Campaign focused on single content type is no doubt a disaster. Owning a particular content type may or may not work for you compared to your competition but experimenting with content types and motion graphics video is always a good idea.

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