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Best Product Demo Videos for All E-Commerce Platforms

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What is an Animated Product Demo or Explainer Video?

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An animated product explainer video is a short animated video content created for e-commerce products to help the audience understand the product and visualize its need in daily life.


These videos are created with the intent to launch new products or help existing products reach new target prospects to ultimately improve sales.  

For companies looking forward to improving e-commerce sales and enhancing their product marketing efforts, product videos are the ultimate solution to your advertising, marketing, and outreach needs if repurposed properly.


A product video is also known as a product demo, e-commerce video, amazon product video, and product demo animation.

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Best Animated Product Videos across Industries

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Interesting facts related to Product Demo Videos

  • 72% of the successful businesses on Amazon use a Product Demo Video To Help Customer Understand the Product Better.
  • Shareable Product Demo Videos help businesses to Increase Product Reach by Up to 300%.
  • Landing Pages and Online Product Catalogues with Video Content Tend to Make A Sale 31% Faster.
  • Product Reveals Using An Animated Product Demo Video Can Help Businesses To Receive Up to 270% More Pre-Orders

Why do you need Product Explainer/Demo Videos?

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In the era of the internet with the world being a global community of interactive internet users, grabbing attention and engaging users is one of the most complicated yet rewarding skills to follow with your next big game-changing plan.


Videos have proven highly effective for brands with their marketing strategy but with drastic changes in consumers’ attention span, you need something more to stand out from the competition.

Product Explainer Videos are a way to go. Such videos sound like a really effective way to reach an audience but here are 5 Crucial Reasons why you must include Product Demos in E-Commerce or Product Marketing Plan:


  • Helps Audience Build An Opinion About The Product or Service
  • A Lot Of Details are Covered within A Short Time Span
  • It Helps the Audience Build A Trust In Brand (If Distributed Properly)
  • Product Videos Are Budget Friendly and Help Customers to Make A Purchase
  • It Helps Visitors Visualize Their Growth With The Use Of Your Product  

We are committed to offering the best Product Video Production Services

We are proud to be a part of 141 startups and 537 world-leading enterprises in their video production journey. We helped to achieve their vision and maximize marketing outcomes. 


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Types of Animated Product Videos

instructional video


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Brand Explainer

product launch videos

Product Launch

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Creating Product Demo Videos with MotionGility is Easy

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How much does it cost to get Product Video Production Service from professionals?

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With varying factors, the cost of an explainer video differs.


Style complexity, delivery time, voice-over, and length – all these factors help to decide the final cost of your video.


Therefore, our animated videos for businesses cost around $2500 – $6000 per minute.


Having an internet presence for your business or brand without animations and videos is similar to driving a car without steering.

So to stand out from your competitors, you need to think and make your decision wisely. Investing in your video marketing with our compelling animated videos can lift your CTR to 2-4X.

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Why MotionGility is the best choice when you are looking for Product Video Production Companies to partner with?

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At MotionGility, we provide animated product demo videos for every stage of the funnel. As best among the top product demo producers, we are here to elevate your marketing strategy and take it to new heights.


Our Product  Video Production Services can help define your services better and deliver visible business benefits. 


Here is why you should partner with our Product Demo Video Production Company:

in depth brand research

In-depth brand

We take our time to understand your brand’s messaging and services to make sure the explainer videos we create completely align with your requirements.

client focused


While we always make sure to bring our own ideas to the table, our video planning process starts by understanding your requirements and expectations.

quick turnaround time

Quick turnaround

We have a defined workflow for our animated explainer video production process to ensure swift planning and execution

conversion driven


We are always focused on creating animated explainer videos that can give you visible conversions and measurable results

Increase your product’s reach with Animation Product Videos in 90 seconds…

You know your product – We know video making & animation. A perfect duo for success, isn’t it?

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Product Demos are short videos that can help you share key features of your Product with the world. They can be easily repurposed but here’re Top 5 Places You Can Use a Product Video Demo on:


  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Product Listings
  4. Paid Advertising Media
  5. E-Commerce Platforms(Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify etc.)

You can definitely use Product Video to Launch a Finished or Under Development Product with the help of Experts who can understand the Design and Plan Videos based on a Prototype or Concept.


If you Need Help  with the same, Schedule a Call with MotionGility and our Experts will Get Back to you With a Perfect Solution.  

Choosing the right Animation Style For Your Video is a complicated yet most easy task if you know this simple 3 step recipe:


    1. Always be clear about the goal of your video

    2. Make sure you research your target audience thoroughly based on their age

    3. Always be clear on what channels are you targeting

The choice of the best channel for distributing your Product Animation Video is the one that caters to the Needs of your Target Goals. These videos can easily be Repurposed and Used to Target Audiences on Both Owned and External Channels.


Some of the most common platforms where Videos can be Broadcasted are:


  1. Paid Ad Channels

  2. YouTube

  3. Meta Suites

  4. Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc.
  5. Website’s Product Page 

Almost all 3rd Party E-Commerce Platforms now support both Images and Videos in their Product Catalogue. Amazon is One of The First Platforms to Utilize the Power of Videos in their catalogue for Online Sales.

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