8 Video Animation Styles With Examples to Choose From for Your Next Video

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Animation Styles
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    The world of animation is a rich bouquet consisting of multiple types of processes, shortcuts, techniques, etc., all synced to produce the final product – Animated videos.


    Quite synonymous with global marketers today, these creative videos have proved to be an effective marketing tool for attaining target business objectives.


    Since they’re competing with viewers who have tons of visual content available online at their fingertips, it becomes necessary to figure out the perfect style from a pool of animation styles available.

    Interesting Fact


    88% of marketers have found that the ROI generated from video marketing campaigns is better than other tools.

    But there’s a question many marketers come up with while getting a video created: What style of animation should I choose to achieve my desired marketing goal?


    Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best styles you can consider while getting your next video produced by an animated video company:

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    help you generate measurable marketing results?

    8 Animation Styles to Choose From

    1. Motion Graphics

    Motion Graphics is a video animation style where various elements such as shapes and text are moved in the frame in a way that brings a story to life.


    This style is widely preferred by startups and enterprises belonging to the technology industry as it helps them explain their complex platform’s functionality and software through engaging visuals within 60 – 90 seconds.

    Many fintech and software automation brands like CRED, Asana, etc., are now using 30-second motion graphic video ads to generate signups, increase downloads, and boost web traffic.

    Feebak - Consumer Survey Software Explainer Video

    Play Video about Feebak Software Explainer Video _ SaaS Product Demo Video

    Target Audience: B2B, B2C, D2C 
    Company: Feebak
    Industry: SaaS

    OPA Marketing | App Explainer Video

    Play Video about Opa 02

    Target Audience: Micro-Influencers
    Company: OPA Marketing
    Industry: Influencer Marketing

    Slack - Motion Graphics Video

    Target Audience: Business Enterprises
    Company: Slack
    Industry: SaaS/Communication

    2. Paper Cutout Animation

    Paper Cutout style is a minimalistic animation style where characters and backgrounds look like they are cut from paper and are drawn with colored pencils or crayons.


    Multiple props are cut out from sheets of cardboard and paper and then sequentially placed frame-by-frame to produce a flowing state of moving images.

    Paper cutout animations are a good fit for corporates planning to share their brand story or product journey through engaging visuals. 

    Honda - Paper

    Target Audience: General Audience
    Company: Honda
    Industry: Automobile

    Giangrande - Paper Plane

    Target Audience: Music Lovers
    Company: Giangrande
    Industry: Music 

    3. Stop Motion Animation

    Stop Motion animation is one of the most creative video styles you will ever come across. 


    Here, videos are created by physically manipulating objects in individually photographed frames creating an illusion of motion.


    Further when each frame is played in a sequence, this animation technique helps create the effect of moving objects.

    Stop Motion videos are a great fit for companies operating in the Food & Beverages, Health Products, etc., and also other brands willing to introduce their product or services effectively.

    Candy - Short Stop Motion Film

    Target Audience: Kids and Young Teens
    Company: Pilot Light
    Industry: Entertainment 

    Magic Soap. Stop Motion Animation

    Target Audience: Hyper Curious People
    Company: Guldies
    Industry: Infotainment 

    4. Cartoon Animation

    Cartoon animations use real-life inspirations to create characters and backgrounds and animate them precisely to create a life-like motion on the screen.


    Here, the Tom and Jerry animation styles can be taken as an excellent reference.


    Despite the initial version based on the traditional animation style, those videos are still a reference point for many producers.

    The cartoon animation style is a perfect fit for all real-life scenarios and sharing both entertainment and information across channels to engage audiences long enough to influence a decision.

    Winnie The Pooh: Owl's House

    Target Audience: Kids and Young Teens
    Company: Walt Disney Animation
    Industry: Children Entertainment

    Tom & Jerry - Classic Cartoon

    Target Audience: Kids

    Company: Warner Bros
    Industry: Entertainment 

    Brand Logo Reveal

    Target Audience: Business Enterprises & Unicorn Startups
    Company: MotionGility 
    Industry: Animated Video Production 

    5. Whiteboard Animation

    Whiteboard animation is a video animation style where static images are transitioned in a way that them feel like they are drawn by hand.


    This is one of the most simple yet most effective animation styles which can be used to engage users, build brand presence and effectively create sales.

    Whiteboard Videos are best suited for firms in all industries with a limited budget and target audience that loves classic animation.

    Life Up | Explainer Video

    Target Audience: Fitness Enthusiasts
    Company: Life Up
    Industry: Health and Fitness 

    "Weeds" -Opening Season 8

    Target Audience: Drama Lovers
    Company: Weeds(Jenji Kohan, Craig Zisk, Roberto Benabib, Rolin Jones, Brian Dannelly)
    Industry: ShowBiz

    MedVector Explainer Video

    Target Audience: Investors and Stakeholders
    Company: MedVector
    Industry: HealthCare

    6. Infographics Animation

    Animated Infographics is one of most used corporate animation styles where complex data and statistics in general are explained through catchy visuals, charts, icons, etc., showcased as infographic videos.


    This style of animation is largely preferred by banking institutions, universities, non-profit organizations, and even startups for impactful user education and engaging them into taking action.

    Infographics animation video style is best fit for companies in Tech domains with rapid growth potential and complex data statistics to deal with.

    Piriton - Infographic Video Example

    Target Audience: General
    Company: Piriton
    Industry: Healthcare

    AT&T Cargo View

    Target Audience: All Businesses
    Company: AT&T Cargo
    Industry: Logistics and Delivery System

    Can Printers Create Smiles? -Epson

    Target Audience: End Customers(Non-Business)
    Company: Epson Printers
    Industry: Computer Accessories

    7. 3-Dimensional Animation

    3D Animation refers to animation in 3-dimensional space to create a notion of movement in a 3D real-life scene. It is usually done using CGI graphics and animation tools to create a notion of real life motion.


    Apart from width and height, 3D animation also deeply involves the use of depth which allows animators and motion graphic artists to provide an immersive and 360° experience to viewers.

    3D animation is a fairly expensive and time-consuming video production process and is preferred by media houses and brands wanting to invest a decent amount in video creation.

    3D animation style is most used by the medical, food & beverages, architecture, pharmaceutical, etc., industries as it allows me to communicate their message effectively.

    Pharmaceutical Industry 3D Video

    CG Boost - 3D Short Film

    Target Audience: General

    Company: CG Boost
    Industry: Media & Entertainment

    8. Clay Animation

    Clay animation is a creative style of animation where objects and characters are created from Clay and photographed in a stop-motion sequence.


    While filming, great emphasis is laid on their movements so that a realistic touch can be provided to the final video

    Hungry - Claymation

    Incompatible - Clay Animation Example

    Which Corporate Animation Style is best for my brand?

    In the past 8 years, we’ve had the opportunity to serve global brands spanning diverse industries with appealing corporate animation videos.


    Based on the experience we’ve had working with them and industry needs, here are the styles we always suggest to our clients.

    1. Motion Graphics -

    Works best when you have a complex product to explain to a mass audience within short time frames.


    Brands such as Slack, Zoho, CRED, Hubspot, Asana, etc., use this style.

    2. Whiteboard -

    Suits perfectly for brands wishing to educate their audience on a limited budget using a whiteboard video.


    This style can be leveraged for explaining concepts that require deep research as it involves use of flat characters to keep the audience engaged.

    3. Infographics -

    Best choice for educational institutions, rural organizations, research bodies, etc., wanting to internally train their employees and educate stakeholders.


    AT&T, United Nations, etc., are business entities known for using this style.

    4. Character-based Motion Graphics -

    If you’re planning to raise awareness around social causes or let’s say, increase customer loyalty by showcasing the brand journey with strategic animation videos for businesses, this style is your go-to solution.


    Examples – HDFC Life, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Vicks, etc., have preferred it.

    Now that you know what the world’s top brands prefer amongst the many corporate animation styles available, here are a few tips you should consider before choosing a particular style:


    • Make sure to be clear about your company’s video marketing goal.
    • Decide on a budget and understand the factors affecting the final cost of your video as per your animation style choice.
    • Decide your desirable animated video’s length
    • Make sure to understand your brand colors and theme   
    Looking to get an engaging animated video produced for your brand or product?


    Animated videos are the best way to build a brand, enhance your marketing strategy, generate revenue, and position your brand in consumers’ minds.


    Each animation style has its own benefits and a specific target goal they are best suited. Once you are clear about your video marketing goals, it’s not at all hard to choose a style for your videos. 


    In case you’re still confused about which style to go with, click here for more details or best, get in touch over a Free 15-minute Strategy Call with our video marketing expert today.

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