7 Incredible Animation Styles(With Examples) To Help You Convert Leads

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Animation Styles

With the world becoming a community of content consumers across tons of creative platforms, it’s hard to grab users’ attention using long descriptive texts and visuals.

Marketers cut through the noise to engage users and create content that hooks the user to get interested. Most Marketers did it by using animated videos.

Interesting Fact

88 percent of marketers have found that the ROI of video marketing campaigns is better than satisfactory

While animation content grabbed users’ attention, One of the major concerns still remained the same.
Which Video Animation Style should I choose to achieve my target goals?

To help you answer the question for yourself here’s a list of top video animation styles with examples to help you understand which is the right choice for your video.

Need help to understand which is the best Animation Style for your next video?

Here are the different types of video animation styles that you can use

1. Motion Graphic Animation

Motion Graphics Animation is a video production style where various elements such as shapes and text are moved in the frame in a way that brings a story to life.

Motion Graphic Animation Style is a good fit for all companies trying to convey a complex message in a short amount of time using an explainer video.

Difference Between Inbound Marketing V/S Outbound Marketing

Target Audience: Marketing Enthusiasts and Newbies 
Company: MotionGility
Industry: Education and Infotainment

OPA Marketing | Mobile App Explainer

Target Audience: Micro-Influencers
Company: OPA Marketing
Industry: Influencer Marketing

Plantation By ITC

Target Audience: Farmers And Rural People
Company: ITC Limited
Industry: FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

2. Paper Cutout Animation

Paper Cutout Animation is a minimalism-based animation style where characters and backgrounds look like they are cut from paper and are drawn with colored pencils or crayons.

Paper Cutout Animations are a good fit for corporates looking for a way to share a brand or an origin story. They’re a good fit for storytelling.

"Coco"-Paper Cutout Animation

Target Audience: Kids and Young Teens
Company: Headexplodie
Industry: Entertainment

Giangrande-Paper Plane

Target Audience: Music Lovers
Company: Giangrande
Industry: Music 

3. Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is an animation video creation style where videos are created by physically manipulating objects in individually photographed frames creating an illusion of motion.

Stop Motion videos are a great fit for companies in creative industries and brands willing to introduce their product or service in a few seconds.

Candy - Short Stop Motion Film

Target Audience: Kids and Young Teens
Company: Pilot Light
Industry: Entertainment 

Magic Soap. Stop Motion Animation

Target Audience: Hyper Curious People
Company: Guldies
Industry: Infotainment 

4. Cartoon Animation

Cartoon Animations use real-life inspirations to create characters and backgrounds and animate them precisely to create a life-like motion on the screen. This is done to share information engagingly and effectively across all industries

The cartoon animation style is a perfect fit for all real-life scenarios and sharing both entertainment and information across channels to engage audiences long enough to influence a decision.

Winnie The Pooh: Owl's House

Target Audience: Kids and Young Teens
Company: Walt Disney Animation
Industry: Children Entertainment

Tekken 8-Story & Gameplay Teaser

Target Audience: PS5 Gamers
Company: PlayStation + Bandai Namco (Tekken Project)
Industry: Video Game  

Revealing MotionGility Logo

Target Audience: Medium To Large Businesses and Unicorn Startups
Company: MotionGility Pvt Ltd
Industry: Animated Video Production 

5. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is a video animation style where static images are transitioned in a way that them feel like they are drawn by hand. This is one of the most simple yet most effective animation styles which can be used to engage users, build brand presence and effectively create sales.

Whiteboard Videos are best suited for firms in all industries with a limited budget and target audience that loves classic animation.

Life Up | Explainer Video

Target Audience: Fitness Enthusiasts
Company: Life Up
Industry: Health and Fitness 

"Weeds" -Opening Season 8

Target Audience: Drama Lovers
Company: Weeds(Jenji Kohan, Craig Zisk, Roberto Benabib, Rolin Jones, Brian Dannelly)
Industry: ShowBiz

MedVector Explainer Video

Target Audience: Investors and Stakeholders
Company: MedVector
Industry: HealthCare

6. Infographics Animation

Animated Infographics refer to a video style based on the animation of infographic images and simplifying complex data in a limited time frame. A lot of crucial factors play an important role in Infographics Video Production

Infographics Animation is Video Style best fit for companies in Tech with rapid growth potential and complex data statistics to work with.

Merren | Customer Feedback

Target Audience: All Businesses
Company: Merren.io
Industry: Customer Satisfaction

AT&T Cargo View

Target Audience: All Businesses
Company: AT&T Cargo
Industry: Logistics and Delivery System

Can Printers Create Smiles? -Epson

Target Audience: End Customers(Non-Business)
Company: Epson Printers
Industry: Computer Accessories

7. 3-Dimensional Animation

3D Animation refers to animation in 3-dimensional space to create a notion of movement in a 3D real-life scene. It is usually done using CGI graphics and animation tools to create a notion of real life motion.

3D Animation is the best fit for you if you’re looking for engaging your audience and give them a real life-like experience. 

FIFA 23 Reveal Trailer

Target Audience: Gamers And Streamers
Company: EA Sports
Industry: Gaming and Entertainment

Which is the Best Animation Style for my video?

There is no right answer to this question as the best video style suited for your brand is the one that aligns with your target goals.

But these pointers can help you decide on the perfect animation style for your corporate video:


1. Make Sure To Be Clear About Your Company’s Video Marketing Goal

2. Decide On A Budget And Understand The Cost Affecting Factors Related To A Particular Video Style

3. Decide How Long You Want Your Marketing Video To Be

4. Make Sure To Understand Your Brand Colors And Theme   

Looking for an Animated Explainer Video?

The best Animation Style is the one that aligns with your target goals

Animated Videos are the best way to build a brand, enhance your marketing strategy, help you generate revenue, and position your brand in consumers’ lifestyles. Using Animation to do so feels complicated it is not with the right choices.


Each Animation Style has its own benefits and a specific target goal they are best suited. Once you are clear about your video marketing goals, it’s not at all hard to choose an animation style for your explainer videos. 


This will not only help you boost outreach but also gain tons of leads that converts really easy.

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