7 Stunning Motion Graphic Video Ads Examples You Must Check Out

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motion graphic video ads

Watching animated explainer videos is really fun. Well, they are more exciting to create. 


Over the years, they have been highly instrumental in driving sales, increasing app downloads, boosting signups, and whatnot. 


Short commercial ads allow advertisers to go beyond limits and promote their company’s products or services.


Businesses of today strategically display 2D motion graphics videos on digital channels such as social media platforms, banners, and streaming ads to capture the attention of their target audience. 


Alright! Let’s check out some of the exceptional motion graphic video ads to inspire you for your next video campaign.

7 Motion Graphic video ads

1. Google Chrome Enterprise

We all love Google’s products. It won’t be wrong to say that a majority of the day in our lives is occupied by Google and its excellent products.


Well, in this commercial motion graphic video ad, the tech giant introduced one of its flagship products – Chrome Enterprise which is aimed at solving enterprise-level problems with its seamless features.


This video boasts Google’s iconic fonts, minimalistic design backgrounds, and seamless screen transitions that offer a wonderful viewing experience.


By adding energetic background music, the video addresses common problems faced by users with ease.

2. Skrill Money Transfer

30-second ads are less effective as compared to 60-second ads. Well, that’s not true as Skrill’s video busts this myth.


Skrill offers a unified payment platform and digital wallet for money transfers and online payments across the world.


When we created this video for Skrill, our main goal was to highlight the prime services and hero features that the platform offers. 


We incorporated the theme of cricket in the script and the storyboard which led to the establishment of brand awareness and trust in their customers.  


Also by adding valuable infographics and effective characters, we made sure that the video hooks people to their seats till the end.

3. Spotify Pet Playlist

In today’s time, animated videos are used widely and efficiently across multiple industries. 


Music Streaming Giant Spotify’s video ad is a great example of how a 2D motion graphic video can be used to build a niche audience and spread the word. 


By providing details such as type, mood, behavior, etc, pet owners can access a customized playlist for their dear pets. This is crazy, right?


With the integration of solid motion graphics and attractive backgrounds with smooth screen displays showcasing different pets, this ad campaign was an instant hit among pet lovers.


Also, would you like to share your Spotify playlist with us? Haha. Just kidding!

4. Raise Pay

“The most rewarding way to pay” – Indeed, a great tagline.


Raise Pay is an app that rewards its users with cashback every time a transaction is done through the app. It allows users to shop from hundreds of platforms and business listings and offers a robust payment and checkout framework.


This animated video is packed with eye-catchy elements in the form of colors, screens, and fonts. 


Moreover, the 2D motion graphics animation performed provides the elements with a jumpy texture thus enhancing the user’s video experience.

5. Google Home

Google’s products are awesome in themselves. At least this is what users speak about them. 


This is one of the best motion graphic video ads you will ever come across. Google Home is the answer to all your queries. 


By using its voice command feature, you can set reminders, video calls your friends and family, and even create custom shortcuts to make your life easy.


By choosing line graphics as the style of animation, this video will definitely capture a place in your reference swipe file.

6. Big Rock


By using animated motion graphics video ads in your marketing strategies, you unlock insane brand awareness and product outreach.


Big Rock is a well-known name in web hosting, domain, servers, DNS management, and domain sales services space. 


Through this video motion graphics ad, the company showcases how one can set up their web presence and serve customers efficiently with a quick domain, cloud hosting, and high-performance servers from Big Rock. 


The video has been excellently produced by paying extreme attention to background details and character animation. An energetic voiceover with smooth scene transitions and infographics makes this video earn a place in our list of examples.

7. Jaffa

When it comes to combining video production styles, commercial videos have always been the king of making fusions that make the audience stare.

Jaffa is now one of the top competitors of Coca-cola when it comes to carbonated drinks and the only reason they’re able to compete with a brand on this level is the brilliant futuristic approach towards Ad creation.

The video combines motion graphics animation with a live-action ad brilliantly using vibrant color and brilliant transitions to portray Jaffa as a chilling partner. 


The video is combined with catchy music and an enticing CTA in the end, making it one of the best video ads of all time.

Why Motion Graphics Videos are important for the growth of your business?

why motion graphics videos are important

Animated videos and designs backed by motions and illustrations have been one of the top choices for video marketers. Let’s understand a few important factors of the same:

Helps you break down complex topics

With the help of motion graphics, it becomes easy for organizations to break down complicated product topics and terminologies.


For thousands of organizations, motion graphics-based explainer videos have proven extremely successful for brands in communicating dense concepts for quick understanding for their audience.

Makes communication easy

Short animated videos are best when communicating the desired message with the customers. 


Animation videos possess the excellent ability to communicate quickly. As a result, brands find them easy to deploy such videos in their marketing and outreach campaigns.

Boosts brand awareness

Explainer videos provide an outstanding opportunity to establish and position a brand’s identity in the minds of target users. 


As per Hubspot, the number one reason brands prefer videos for marketing is to raise brand awareness.


Moreover, videos equipped with appealing graphics and visuals are loved by audiences making them a highly-winning media format for raising brand awareness in the market.

Unlocks unlimited creativity

Creativity is the ultimate weapon for animators and motion graphic experts. While producing motion graphic videos, video production companies earn an opportunity to exercise unmetered creative freedom.


This results in the creation of realistic characters and catchy illustrations that help brands engage their audience.

Increases Shareability

Visually rich videos become automatically worthy of sharing among multiple sets of target users. And not to forget, videos are among the highest shared pieces of content on the internet.


If a video is shared highly, it is a positive sign for the website as it helps increase session durations and attracts new users to the desired web pages.

Are Cost-efficient & Engaging

The cost of motion graphic videos is relatively less compared to live videos which large-scale organizations usually prefer. 


This makes them a cost-efficient option further allowing brands to explore creative ways to present their product or service in front of their customers

Need A Motion Graphics Video For Your Business?


Without a doubt, the future of marketing and adverting belongs to videos. 


The evolution of motion graphics has empowered thousands of brands into capturing the valuable attention of their customers.


Due to technological and geographical factors, today’s customers expect creativity in how brands approach and serve them with exciting products and excellent services.


Marketers and decision-makers need to ensure that your organization switches to animated videos and leverages this opportunity.


As a motion graphic video production agency serving global clients, we have successfully cracked what brands of today need to boost their marketing efforts and grab the attention of their customers.


If you want us to create an explainer video for your brand as well, do not hesitate in connecting with our experts today.

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