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Animated Ad Examples

A brand’s popularity is mainly based on how well it promotes the product or services. Advertising campaigns, especially digital ads are the most significant part of the marketing strategy. 


However, with digital evolution, the way ads are being made is also changing. 


There has been an 800% increase globally in ad-supported videos in the past year alone, according to Customer Think, with 64% of customers purchasing after watching branded videos on social media, as per Tubular Insights.


Digital platforms like YouTube and social media are now equally important as tv commercials. So brands are now looking to hire the best explainer video company to create animated ads that bring customers together and make a long-lasting impression. 


Talking about digital ads, animated advertising videos are the most popular whenever a brand wants to reach a broad audience. 


According to Crackitt, 59% of marketers now use animated explainer videos to sell their products and services. 


Why? Because animation provides limitless opportunities to create animated ads filled with unique characters and fun stories.


There are brands that solely depend on animated ads to promote their products and services and successfully get the job done!


We have found the best-animated ad examples of all time so that you can create something as impressive as the brands mentioned below.

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    Animated Ad Examples that went viral

    1. Place You Want to be - Volkswagen

    Target Goals: Customer Engagement

    Animation Style: 3D Animation 

    Industry: Automotive

    For the automotive industry, it is quite challenging to create ads that really get to the viewers, but Volkswagen went beyond what could be expected from a car company.


    This is an entertaining animation video crafted with the viewpoint of a Green Beetle. The video story enables you to understand how exceptional Volkswagen’s servicing is. 


    The ad’s animation is super attractive and smoothly highlights the core message. It somewhere reminds you of the famous movie series CARS!

    If you are looking for a video to promote your automotive services, this is one of the best references you could go with.

    2. Summa health

    Target Goals: Brand Awareness

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Healthcare

    This video ad is an ideal example of how healthcare videos advertising should be created. The video combines 2D animation and transitions, explaining how Summa Health benefits you. In addition, Summa Health has used a fun story to recreate the role of a primary care physician.


    If you are into healthcare, this 30-second Healthcare animated ad is exactly what you need for your next video ad.

    3. Oreo: Wonderfilled

    Target Goals: Customer Engagement

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    The theme of this advert is to wonder what would happen if an Oreo is given to mean and scary characters like a  vampire, a giant shark, or the big bad wolf.


    If you hear the music of the video carefully, you will notice the famous Musician Owl City has done the song, especially for the brand.


    The primary audience of this commercial is children and adults who like this brand. With unique animated 2D cartoons and motion animation, the video looks as fun as the music.


    If your brand promotion is aimed at children, something like this can help you find the right jingle for your brand that kids like to sing.

    4. Slack - work simplified

    Target Goals: Brand Awareness

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Slack has always managed to impress with its fun-filled video ads. They come up with the best SaaS explainer videos full of creativity and entertainment. 


    The animation of the video goes perfectly with the story, where the video creators have used the brand’s colors throughout the video. The colors that you can find on their Logo. The story shows how Slack simplifies professional tasks and makes your life hassle-free.


    If you are a SaaS company, using the same technique would work great to explain your digital product, especially when used with the brand’s identity.

    5. Starbucks Coffee

    Target Goals: Customer Engagement

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Haven’t you felt the smell of your favorite Starbucks coffee while watching this video?


    That is the magic of how animated ads work. Starbucks ads have always brought a smile to viewers’ faces; this is just another piece of art they have created.


    Simple yet captivating visuals, the fantastic background voice, and of course, the story of blending coffee from multiple origins are enough to evoke the audience’s senses and make them run to their favorite Starbucks!


    This video could inspire any brand looking to connect to its target audience emotionally.

    6.McDonald's mobile app launch

    Target Goals: Brand Awareness

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    What could work better than bringing the famous movie characters in the video ad and engaging the viewer till the last moment? 


    McDonald’s mobile app launch video has made the best use of animation and music within 35 seconds. In addition, the ad brings joy with the message that you can enjoy meals anywhere with your loved ones just by using your mobile app.


    The animated video ad successfully reached its goals with 7 million app downloads within just two years of its launch. If you want to launch your mobile app, something like this would work for your business.

    7. Air Reinvented. Nike

    Target Goals: Customer Enagagement

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Apparel Accessories Sports equipment

    Nike has never disappointed its audience when it comes to commercials. There is something energetic about their video ads that make you explore the new collection. 


    This aesthetically pleasing animated video shows its best sneakers designs of all time, along with the latest collection. With every new display, the music and cartoons change, making it look more appealing.


    The nostalgic animation of the video is the USP that you can take as inspiration for your new product launch ad.

    8. Catch by Coca-Cola

    Target Goals: Customer Engagement

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    How can you skip the unique Coca-cola when talking about super cool animated ads? The brand has used the bear commercials since 1993, with the next in the 2012 super bowl and the same polar bear made a comeback with this iconic animated ad called Catch. 


    The video highlights how different people have different experiences while enjoying their favorite cold drinks. 


    The captivating 3D animation is one of the reasons why 3D ads have mainly become popular during that time.

    9. You are just a sip away - Nespresso on Ice

    Target Goals: Customer Outreach

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Nespresso video is one of the best-animated video ads made to the list due to its simple yet effective visuals. A summer commercial with stunning visuals and upbeat music that promotes the icy Nespresso beverage. 


    It showcases different people enjoying the Nespresso on the ice at various places- You are just a sip away is the core idea of the video, crafted with 2D animation and smooth transitions.


    So if you want to bring simplicity and effectiveness to your short animated commercial, try to create something like this video.

    10. American Express

    Target Goals: Lead Generation

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Fintech

    This amazing 45-second animated ad introduced the career campaign 2016 by American Express. The best part about this ad is its simple yet engaging script combined with compelling animation to highlight the career opportunities at American Express. 


    This could be a remarkable example for brands looking for candidates. You can also consider this video promoting a digital solution or a service-based brand.

    11. Red Bull Gives You Wings

    Target Goals: Customer Engagement

    Animation Style: Whiteboard

    Industry: Food & Beverage

    If you closely watch the video you can find the explainer video  characters and relate to what they are going through.


    The vintage-style animation and sound effects perfectly match and create a comic-style story that keeps you engaged and entertained—subtly convincing you with the idea of how Redbull gives you wings!


    This video is a hand-drawn character in different situations with one thing in common- Redbull. It gives them wings to do something extraordinary.


    An incredibly entertaining ad that has been a favorite of its customers. This can be one of the unique ideas of brand advertisement with memorable visuals and fun characters.


    A brand should try a mini-series of animated ads to keep the audience engaged and excited every time their ad is launched.

    12. Whatsapp: End-to-End Encryption

    Target Goals: Customer Outreach

    Animation Style: 2D Animation 

    Industry: Mobile communication

    Everyone uses Whatsapp, and there was a time when everyone was worried about the privacy of the conversation, both personal and professional.


    WhatsApp came up with the end-to-end encryption feature in 2016, and this video explained how in the best way!


    The animated commercial video started with a short story of a person sharing a location with a friend. Then, without the risk of others getting it, they reach their points with encrypted chats.


    The incredible animation got more than 6 million viewers on YouTube, and the visuals and story are the clear winners here!

    Benefits of using animation for advertisements

    benefits of using animation for advertisements

    Animation offers the best way to tell a story and engage people of all ages. If you are considering other options for your brand ads. 


    Here are some significant reasons why you should stick to animated ads for your brand

    Animation is versatile

    While the animation is evolving, it remains relatable for people of all generations. With the versatility of creating cartoon characters and bringing 3D animation with a story, a brand can reach a larger audience with animated ads. 


    You can beat the competition and bring everyone together with memorable animated characters in advertising.

    Great for building brand identity

    If you have seen ads from Slack and Redbull, you might have noticed one common thing. They both have kept a few things the same with every video. 

    While Red Bull has created a drawn animation in all its ads, Slack has been using the colors of the brand logo.


    Animated ads allow the development of brand identity and help customers differentiate your brand from others

    Animation is timeless

    While marketing attempts fade away with time, ads that include animation are evergreen even when you have used star powers within the commercials. 


    For example, you can still find the 10-year-old polar bear ad by coca cola engaging. So, if you want to create timeless video ads that remain in the memories of your audience, the animation is the best option for creating shareable videos.

    Creativity and Impact

    The most important reason behind animated video advertising creation for a brand is to make an impact on your target audience. Animation is considered the most effective way to impact the viewers’ minds if done creatively. 


    The options that animation gives you are limitless. You can create your brand character or take your audience to their childhood and evoke emotions. According to Crisp Medium, animated ads are 4.5 times more effective than static ads on banners.


    So, you can be as creative as you want and leave a long-lasting impact with something beautifully created for your brand.


    Of course, most brands are willing to invest in getting the best video ads for their brand. However, small businesses need to budget their marketing and find cost-effective ways. 


    Using animated ads helps you reduce the cost of creating marketing videos. You don’t need to set up a studio and pay actors to promote your offerings with traditional commercials. 


    Even if you go with the best animation team, the cost is still less as compared to traditional commercials. From reshooting the video to equipment and paid filming, you can save a lot of time and money with animated business ads.

    Need help in understanding how Animated Advertising Videos can help you attain your marketing goals?


    Animation brings opportunities for brands to tell stories most entertainingly. A 30-second animated ad can do wonders for your brand if done professionally with the right approach.

    The videos mentioned above have helped these brands achieve the goals they kept in mind while producing the videos. Hopefully, you will find the right inspiration for your next animated advertisement and create something that might make it the best video ad of all time!

    Finding the right video advertising company that understands what works best for your story is also highly recommended so that you can leverage their skills to create incredible animated ads.

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