Explainer Videos for Sales Funnels – Why Marketers Must Use

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Explainer videos for sales funnels
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    You have your target audience mapped out, marketing materials sorted, and campaign setup done to sequentially move your target audience into the buyer’s journey.


    If you’re a performance marketer, business development head, product leader, marketer, or entrepreneur, you already know your buyer’s journey inside out.


    Since you’re planning to get the most out of your sales funnel, you need to know about a proven marketing tool used by thousands of marketers –


    Strategically created explainer videos for sales funnels – Videos that help you achieve the final goal, i.e., conversions!


    Let’s break down how you can integrate explainer videos into every stage of your buyer’s journey…

    Explainer Videos for Sales Funnels - Breakdown

    The attention spans of consumers are decreasing rapidly, so marketers must ensure they don’t lose track of their future customers at any stage of the sales process.


    To communicate the value proposition uniquely and help businesses stay ahead of the curve, here’s how different types of explainer videos play a key role:

    1. Awareness Stage - Educational/Marketing Videos

    This is the topmost stage of the sales funnel where your target audience knows about their problems but is is almost unaware of your product’s solution.


    Here, you have an opportunity to create an everlasting first impression and introduce your product effectively.


    Normally, brands tend to opt for educational or marketing videos that are solely aimed at raising awareness, highlighting the target viewers’ problems, and presenting themselves as the perfect solution.


    Check out how we helped Feebak introduce their platform to their target audience:

    Right from the beginning, the video’s script focuses on addressing the pain point of its target audience and further talks about other issues. 


    With the use of appealing icons and motion graphics then, the solution which in this case is the key offering, is finally introduced.


    This helps the viewers grab a quick insight into a potential solution to their problems and motivates them to further explore the platform.

    2. Interest Stage - Product Demo Videos

    Now that you have addressed the potential customer’s worries, it’s time to go deeper into stressing more about convincing them to move to the second stage of the funnel.


    Here, your audience is already aware of the platforms they face and your solution. What marketers require here, is convincing pointers to help increase their viewers’ interest in them.


    This can be efficiently done using FAQ videos or product demo videos that help you break down your product/platform’s complex functionality using digestible terms and encourage viewers to take action.


    Check out how we helped ZScore with a demo video:

    Powered by motion graphics and an energetic voiceover, the platform walks its target users through its key features smoothly.


    Since at this stage of the buyer’s journey, the agenda is to arouse more interest, and such videos help brands communicate the core features as well as address their grievances in detail.

    3. Desire Stage - Testimonial Videos

    You made them aware of their problems and also offered a potential solution sparking their interest in your product. Creating the desire to buy or sign up for a demo is next!


    Basically, this involves nurturing your prospects into paying customers and bringing them closer to the end stage – Conversions.


    Here, performance marketers require supportive materials like testimonial videos to instill trust and boost credibility about their product in their minds so that they make a decision quickly.


    The creative desire in them can be sparked by integrating storytelling combined with reviews and ratings of your past customers, thus reinforcing the value proposition. 

    Look below at an example of a testimonial video:

    4. Conversion Stage - Animated Commercials

    All things boil down here at the decision-making stage! 


    As a brand, you only require one thing here – An actionable and catchy animated video that compels your target viewer to take action, thus driving him to your landing page or desired destination.


    Consider your prospect to be almost in if you’ve successfully kept him/her in the loop till the conversion stage.

    Given how the only need here is to play the final shot and invoke action, short videos such as animated commercials work magic!

    One of the key issues faced by modern brands today is the inability to successfully communicate their complex product features to the target customers.


    For the audience, the only thing that matters is how efficiently using a particular brand’s product can solve their problems. 


    So here, marketers can use the combination of animation and narration using mixed media videos to break down technical concepts into digestible elements for better comprehension and clarification.


    Accordingly, this engaging breakdown of information will help them grab the key points and understand the product/platform’s value proposition.


    Explainer videos for sales funnels are a beauty in themselves, combining multiple elements of human psychology, marketing tactics, and creativity to achieve the target goals.


    They’re more than good when it comes to accelerating a brand’s marketing efforts.


    So if you’re a marketer worried about losing your prospects at any stage of the sales funnel, explainer videos are your rescue team!


    As an award-winning explainer video company seasoned with helping brands such as Nissan, HDFC, ADNOC, etc., our team of experts can help you drive conversions and generate revenue.


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