5 Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples To Learn How To Build Trust Effectively

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

Co-Founder & CEO, MotionGility

Testimonial Video Examples
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    You had a long week working hard to achieve target goals but it’s finally the weekend and you are ready to try the best pizza in town.


    You’ve tons of options to choose from but you prefer going to the one with an exceptional review from your friends.


    The same is the case with online products and services, more than 70% of people check for reviews and testimonials before opting for a product or service.


    Businesses can help new customers visualize growth possibilities and build long-term relationships with existing ones by creating customer testimonial videos.


    Let us understand how businesses can build trust better with both new and existing customers using testimonials and case studies based on these exceptional customer testimonial video examples.

    Customer Testimonial Video Examples And How To Use Them To Build Trust
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      Customer Testimonial Videos

      A customer testimonial video is a video created by a happy user of a product or service sharing their experience with the brand.


      A customer testimonial video is a success story or client feedback created with the intent of helping new customers to visualize growth or success with a brand.


      Before we begin with customer testimonial video examples, let’s understand the major reasons why all companies must include customer testimonials on their landing pages

      Why Are Customer Testimonial Videos Important?

      1. Customer Testimonials Build Trust

      With the world competing globally to expand businesses and grow exponentially, all industries now are suffering a nominalization in profit margins. Thus building the trust of customers in your brand is the only way to rise above the competition. Having customer testimonials on your website can help you do the same.

      2. They Help New Customer Visualize Success With Product or Service

      Offering a cross-industrial service in modern times is one of the most common trends followed by almost all companies. Thus modern cloud-based companies rely a lot on online brand building for upgrading their industrial approach. One of the best ways is to help new visitors visualize industrial growth using your product with testimonials and convert them into potential customers.

      3. Helps To Build Long Term Relationships with Existing Customers

      Most service-based industries charges, customers, on a regular basis which makes it important for them to build long-term relationship with existing customers. Customer testimonials can be a great way to understand customer needs and improve products or services as per the need of customers in an industry. 

      Interesting Fact

      BDAs in Tech companies with websites showcasing customer success pages tend to make a deal 27% faster than others.

      Now that we understand how customer testimonial videos can do wonders.


      Let’s check out some exceptional customer testimonial videos that helped companies to build brand status by building trust.

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      Customer Testimonial Video Examples

      1. Sales Studio's Review Of MotionGility

      Video Type Animation Style
      Service Review Live + Animation Video

      MotionGility is an animated explainer video company based in Pennsylvania, USA. The company offers 2d animation services to clients in various industries for advertising, social media, websites, and PR distribution.


      The service review by Luis Xavier is combined with exceptional work footage and animated effects to create a great testimonial video. 


      The video helped MotionGility not only build exceptional relations with the team Sales Studios but also help companies in the same industry visualize success by MotionGility as a video marketing partner.

      2. Sellers Testimonial of Amazon

      Video Type Animation Style
      Seller's Review Live Videos Compilation

      Amazon is an American multinational tech company that focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is currently one of the Big Five IT companies, alongside Alphabet, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft.


      The testimonial video is a compilation of sellers’ reviews on how they achieved unbelievable success with Amazon’s e-commerce platform for their products in terms of branding and sales.


      The video is a great example of how companies can compile reviews to create an exceptional testimonial video.

      3. Mahindra Automotive's Review Of Sales IQ by Zoho

      Video Type Animation Style
      SaaS Product Review Live + Typography Interview

      Sales IQ by Zoho is an online customer engagement platform for sales, marketing, and support teams to communicate with users at all stages during their customer journey.


      The review by Mahindra and Mahindra is a great combination of animated typography with an interview testimonial from important users of Sales IQ in the company. 

      4. Google Glasses Review by Engadget

      Video Type Animation Style
      Product Usage and Review Live Video Production

      Glasses by Google is AR based smart wearable device by google which acts as a lightweight computer with a transparent display for hands-free work.


      The company added a lot of case studies with some review videos on the landing page but the video chosen is a great live product demo of Google Glass by Engadget and helped customers not only understand the brilliance of the product but also actually see it in action.

      5. Hubspot's Review of Zoom

      Video Type Animation Style
      Online Service's Review Live Footage + Recording

      Zoom is a secure and reliable video platform for all video communication needs from conferencing to online events.


      The video review by Andrew Lindsay is a great combination of recorded content and live footage representing the enhanced work culture at Hubspot using Zoom.

      Interesting Fact

      Building great relations with customers and investing time and resources in a customer testimonial video can help build a brand position in the industry, which can lead to 56% better leads and 20% better conversion.

      All the videos selected represent a unique style of testimonial video production and helped companies in their early stages to build brand value for their product or service in their respective industries. 


      Testimonial videos are used by both established brands and growing startups in their own unique way. Leveraging them properly can help businesses not only build a brand but also help brands to build customer trust in a new product or service.


      But are they really relevant?

      Need a Testimonial video Video For Your Business?

      Relevance of Customer Testimonial Videos

      All businesses whether large enterprises or budding entrepreneurs need to build trust and expand businesses in new industries to generate better revenue.


      With the rising global competition, businesses must find a way to build healthy relationships with existing customers and convert prospects into paying customers.


      What better way can be there than getting a recommendation from an existing customer to help new customers visualize growth possibilities and improve the quality of service or product based on feedback.


      Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Zendesk, Zoho, Salesforce, etc. are now actively using Customer Testimonials from legends in the industries on their home page to improve the brand value of the Product. 


       Here are top examples of landing page design inspirations for all businesses to share Customer Testimonials and Case Studies on the website –

      AWS: Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

      Google Glasses: Customer Testimonials and Case Studies​

      Ubersuggest (neilpatel.com): Results

      Final Thoughts

      Building a brand ain’t at all about growing and scaling your business by pitching for fundraising and dissolving equities. It is a sure way to visualize false growth and fall eventually.


      Sustainability is the factor that every business must focus on and testimonial videos are one of the key elements when it comes to growth and trust building.


      Thus, customer testimonial videos are now one of the best investments that can help you build new clients and retain existing ones.

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