12 Best Animated Product Videos That Improved Company’s Sales Exponentially

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best animated product videos
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    The success of animated explainer videos introduced many different uses of animated videos in the market. From animated brand story videos to animated sales pitches, the list kept going on.


    Among all these, Animated product videos came up as a widely produced video type.


    Using animations, brands are able to quickly explain even the most complex of products to their customers.


    Adding upbeat music and some fun infographics to mix only makes the videos more interesting and engaging. That is why animated product videos are becoming increasingly popular among brands and customers. 


    In fact, customers regularly seek animated product videos to understand how a product works instead of reading a guide.


    In this blog, we’ll see some amazing examples of animated product video to help you inspire your next one.

    Why Animated Product Videos work for brands?

    Several articles indicates how powerful video marketing has become and why businesses are getting deeper into animated brand video production

    According to one of its stats, more than 87% of marketers have accepted that videos give them positive ROI, while 86% of them agree that it’s a brilliant investment for lead generation.


    Whatever you sell, you need to make sure that your video has the potential to make a lasting impression on the buyers. By investing in a good animation video production company, you can not only mark your presence on several platforms but also boost conversion rates


    Product Animated videos are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and sell products or services to the largest audience within no time. 

    If you are still not well aware of the scope of animated brand marketing, here are the best animated product video examples for you to get inspiration for your next brand video.

    Animated Product Video Examples you can get inspired from

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      1. Spotify Animated Explainer Video

      Animated Explainer videos are certainly a great way to explain your product to the audience.


      The biggest benefit of using animated explainer videos is – they make complex things easier to understand. Similarly, animated explainer brand videos can also help your audience quickly understand what the product and your brand are all about.


      Here is a great example of an explainer product brand video-Spotify used the perfect mix of text + visuals + storytelling to convey their brand persona with this video.


      The video had no voiceover and minimal text, the music, vibrant colors, and visuals were enough to explain the video’s message to the viewers.


      What made the video truly amazing and unique is the use of live-action along with pop-art-style animation.

      2. Ahrefs Animated Product Video

      Animated Product videos are created to showcase the product features and how it’s beneficial for customers.


      Product-based companies utilize these videos for marketing communication and social media ads. Virtual product demos, 360-degree product views, and animated product video explainers deliver a comprehensive experience for customers.


      Ahrefs is an SEO tool that provides various SEO related to its clients. This video explains what the product actually is and how it works. Starting with the problem, the product video shares an animated presentation of the product and its usage in a quick time.


      It is not only the visuals; it’s the combination of what you hear and what you see that impacts decision-making. The video efficiently explains the product to people who do not have much understanding of SEO or digital marketing.

      3. Adobe Motion Graphic Video

      Another engaging animated brand video type is Motion Graphics. Widely used by brands to explain complex products in the most interesting way possible.


      This animated product video by Adobe is one of the best product animated video examples. With minimalism, clarity, and style, they have been able to convey the message to their subscribers.


      The designer has worked on the design and display of elements to make it as informative as possible. Even for a first-time viewer, the message is clear and catchy.

      4. Unilever Whiteboard Product Animation

      Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular approaches to bringing ideas to the screen.


      Custom illustrations and animated characters are the key aspects of whiteboard-animated product videos. The goal of these videos is to break down a story or message and get the attention of the audience.


      Unilever created this short whiteboard video to create loyalty and increase customer engagement. Focusing on men’s hair and skincare, the brand told a story that kept viewers hooked till the end.

      5. Google Business Solutions with Animated Video

      While communicating with your potential customers, you need to create stunning videos that deliver your message within two minutes and bring people to your website.


      The tech giant is known for its amazing and unique animations displayed on the search engine on special occasions. The company uses the same animated approach to explain its products.


      In this video, Google has animations and motion graphics to explain what Google Home is and how it works.

      6. Storytelling Through Starbucks Product Animation Video

      Just having visuals is never enough in such a competitive marketing world. Brands need to come up with stories that engage, entertain, and evoke the emotions of the viewer.


      Storytelling is the soul of creating animation that supercharges the video with a relatable narrative and character.


      This Starbucks video uses animation, stop motion, and great storytelling to entice the audience. The short video answers the most asked question by its customer – why does Starbucks blend its coffee?


      Though the video is less than a minute long, its animation and vibrant colors are enough to hook you.

      7. McDonald's 2D Animated Product Video

      2D animated videos are getting largely popular for big brands. Being a powerful tool to communicate, 2D animated videos enhance user experience while exploring the website.


      The most popular type of 2D animation video is social media videos, where you can stand out with unique posts and live-action content.


      In its new app commercial, McDonald’s used 2D animation to explain how to order their favorite food to the customers. The brand ensured to highlight its brand colors throughout the video.


      Keeping the varying customer age group in mind, the video was easy-to-understand, unique, and interesting.

      8. Dove Animated Videos for community awareness

      When it comes to creating animated videos that contribute to the community, it gets important to tell the story right with an emotive tone.


      With an endless combination of illustration, music, facts, figures, and characters, a brand can evoke the right emotion and spread awareness for a specific cause. This is a great way to enhance brand reputation and match international brand standards.


      The brand is known for creating awareness about women’s bodies and helping them feel good about themselves. With the thought, Dove partnered with cartoon Network to create this amazing masterpiece.


      The video uses live footage and animations together to make this video stand out. The poetry-like voice-over helps the user to connect with the video on a deeper level.

      9. Shopify Chip Reader - Animated product demo video

      If you follow Shopify, you might have seen their product animation demonstration of the Shopify Chip reader made for pop-up shops.


      The demonstration of the product offers information and a variety of objectives for the users. With an eye-catching demonstration and creative graphics, the animated brand video appeals to new buyers and existing Shopify users.

      10. Convergent

      Another popular example of infographic animation is Convergent explainer videos. Convergent is a software company offering digital products and solutions to clients across the world.


      With basic animation and a Call-to-action, the video has been used for marketing and education purposes across various channels.


      You can create infographics for service-based brands and digital products that serve across industries.

      11. Mindfulness by Apple

      Apple has recently developed the brand strategy of mindfulness in terms of screen time. With their health app, one can easily track how much time they spend on screen—a simple yet engaging way of promoting brand and app features.

      12. Sales Studios

      Sales studio helps customers with customized email marketing and sales pitching with customer experience automation. The video explains business solutions by highlighting the most common sales issues and providing the best solution for the same.


      This type of animated video is specially created for service-based companies that offer digital solutions and assets.


      The video is created keeping the brand colors and clarity in mind. Companies can also use these explainer videos on their homepage or service page to explain a specific product or service.

      Over to You

      Animated videos are perfect for brands who want to keep up with the trends and find the right leads for their business. Unlike other forms of videos, animated videos go beyond imagination and versatility.


      By understanding the users and showing them answers to their questions, you are presenting a favorable solution for them. Just hit on the pain points, and your animated product video is going to become a lead magnet in no time.


      Hence, you need to find the right people to have the right animation skills for your animated product demo video. No matter how complex your product is, animation can make it look the easiest thing to understand.


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