How to Embed a Video on your Website?
A Complete Guide

A comprehensive guide to learning how to embed a video on your website using various video hosting sites and social channels to repurpose content and improve engagement.

how to embed a video on website
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Videos are now an inseparable part of the web. Whether it’s the website’s homepage or social profile header, users now take more than 53% of their decisions after watching a video.

These statistics are on point and can be clearly justified as all platforms are now incorporating videos as their main display points. These created a brilliant opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers using videos.

Videos can have an exceptional impact on marketing ROI and using them on a website is no longer optional. But making sure your website’s speed isn’t compromised with heavy video files is one of the most important factors of SEO.

So how do you achieve both goals at the same time?
Well, making sure your video is visible on your website properly without burdening your host server is no longer expensive or complicated, all you have to do is embed them from 3rd party video hosts chosen based on your requirements.

But Is it really a good choice?
Let’s discuss this in detail

Why should you embed a video rather than host it on your website?

Hosting a video file on your website requires you to own servers that can share and process heavy files across the web. But owning and maintaining such servers and network protocols is no easy task.


Although a lot of cloud servers are currently available that allow you to host your site with heavy content but owning them either cost a fortune or you never get the speed your site deserves.


Thus, hosting videos on third-party hosting sites is one of the best ideas to achieve all target marketing goals.  And executing this idea comes with a ton of benefits.


Here’re the top benefits of using embedded videos on websites


  1. Embedded videos allow users to watch videos from 3rd party platforms on the current page, thus using them will decrease the bounce or exit rate.
  2.  The embedded elements help the site view speed without being a burden on load servers or CDNs.
  3. Video hosting sites are a brilliant alternate choice to save on expensive CDNs and file-host server 
  4. Embedded videos, when optimized for SERP, can help you bring in a lot of web traffic and engage users long enough to make a purchase decision or improve the site’s visibility to similar users

The above-mentioned benefits give users a good enough reason to choose to embed videos from video hosting sites over dedicated servers. But what exactly is a video hosting site?

Video Hosting Channels: A fast and secure video host network for your website

Video hosting channels also called video hosting sites, are dedicated third-party servers meant for hosting video files to share them with potential customers.


These videos can be shared using a link or an embed code on both owned and social platforms.


These video hosts are not only fast, reliable, and secure but also offer brilliant feature updates and social networks alongside the host site. 


When it comes to embedding a video on the website, having a quick response server is equally important to have a secure and reliable one. 

video hosting channels

Video hosting sites are fast, secure, and reliable when it comes to distributing videos, and embedding files, if available, is the best choice irrespective of the platform we’re talking about. 

Now that you know how embedding and hosts work, all that’s left to do it embed your videos. Let’s learn how to do it

How to embed a video on your website?

Embedding your video is no longer a complex process as both servers and distribution channels offer embedding options under the import and sharing umbrella respectively. A lot of options are now available on all web creation platforms. let’s unravel how embedding works on all these platforms.

Embed a video on your WordPress site

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that works with a MySQL or MariaDB database and supports HTTPS. It is written in the hypertext preprocessor language. A plugin architecture and a template system, known as “Themes” in WordPress, are key features to creating a website.


Embedding videos on a WordPress site is an easy drag-and-drop process with Elementor and can be done by one of the two below mentioned methods

embedding video on wordpress

1. Using Video Element

a complete guide | how to embed a video?
Play Video

WordPress video element in both block editor and Elementor plugin. To host a video using the ‘Video’ element, all you need to do is drag the video element to the spot you need your video in and paste the video link from the selected platform.

Make sure you have all the settings in place as per your requirement and your video is ready to be used on WordPress

2. Using HTML Source-code

To embed a video using a custom HTML code, all you have to do it make sure your embed code is error-free and paste it in the HTML block or the ‘Code’ element in Block editor or Elementor respectively

PS- You can get the embed code under sharing options in almost all hosting channels

Embed a video on your HTML site

HTML, also known as HyperText Markup Language, is a preferred markup language for documents intended to be viewed in a web browser. It is frequently assisted by tools like Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and programming languages like JavaScript.


Embedding a video using HTML was a complex process in its early days but with embed codes available on hosting platforms, embedding a code is super easy

All you need to do is 


Step 1: Go to video host
Step2: Search for embed sharing code

Step 3: Copy the code and paste it in your site’s HTML document


And you’re good to go!

Choosing the right video hosting platform to embed videos to your site

Choosing the right video distribution platform is still one of the most irritating questions ever to come to mind. But the only relevant answer would be, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right video distribution platform.


The only way the most relevant option can be chosen is if you have answers to all the below-mentioned questions.


  1. What are the goals you’re trying to achieve with the hosted video?
  2. What’s the server speed of the host in my target locations
  3. What additional functionalities does my host server offers?
  4. How easy is it to embed a video from the hosting platform chosen?

Based on ease of usage and host server speed, a clear understanding of target goals can help marketers achieve exceptional results.


Embedding videos can not only help you decrease your exit rate but also engage users on your website to improve engagement time and session duration. 


Now that you’re sure of embedding videos on your site, let’s check out various video embedding platforms and where the embed code is present 


Launched in 2005, YouTube is the ideal platform for social media and video hosting for everyone, including companies and content providers.


Youtube videos are the most watched videos on the internet, with over 2 billion users and an average viewing time of over 17 minutes.


Key Reason To Choose: The Daily Viewership On Platform


The Embed code on YouTube can be copied by clicking on the Embed option in the share pop-up initiated by clicking on the share button.

embed using youtube
embed using vimeo


One of the most cutting-edge systems for hosting and distributing videos across platforms is Vimeo.


The platforms let producers work together in real-time on projects and build a safely embedded player to publish videos on their own digital media.


Key Reason To Choose: Embedding, Collaboration, And Portfolio


The Embed code is directly available in the share panel.


LinkedIn is a business-focused social media platform that operates via websites and mobile apps. It debuted on May 5, 2003. Microsoft now owns the company.


Key Reason To Choose: Viewership and Leads generation


The embed code is available in the post share options.

embed using linkedin


Facebook is primarily a social media site that advertises videos through its “Facebook Watch” feature. With 2.89 billion users, the site is now an excellent alternative to YouTube for social hosting.


It’s a fantastic method of promoting your brand online by increasing engagement and outreach.


Key Reason To Choose:  Engagement And Viewership


The Embed code is available in post-sharing options and embeds the entire post from the platform. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is a secure cloud-based storage solution that allows users to access files, documents, images, and videos and collaborate on documents in real-time.


Drive offers 15GB of free storage and supports tons of file formats.


Key Reason To Choose:  Private Hosting

The Embed code can be found in options as ‘Embed item’ when you open the video in full video or new tab mode. 

embed using facebook

Now that you’re aware of where to find embed code from your preferred hosting platform, All you have to decide is which video you want to embed or create a new video for marketing your Brand.

Looking Forward To Getting Help To Create And Embed Videos?

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Embed elements are the best way to integrate videos into any website

Web host speed is a key element when it comes to improving a site’s performance. As marketers, we are aware of the importance of performance in internet marketing metrics. Thus making sure it isn’t compromised due to anything is super important.


Embedding elements save you from the hustle of paying and maintaining complex infrastructures and the platform embeds can help you in engaging users at all stages of the marketing funnel.

They are easy to use and the add-on features of the platform can help you achieve additional goals without extra effort. Thus, embedding is the best way to integrate videos into any website.