7 Best Video Hosting Sites To Achieve All Your Business Goals

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Top video hosting sites
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    Businesses are implementing videos to achieve target marketing goals now more than ever. With the increasing popularity of videos amongst companies, the need for server spaces across the web to host them has increased a lot too.

    Tech giants and Startups have created platforms to securely host videos and share them with the world as both owned and social media. A tons of options are available, which is now confusing for businesses to choose the right video hosting sites for them.

    To understand which is the right choice, one must answer these questions to move forward


    1. How fast is the site’s server in my target location?
    2. What percent of my target customers trust the site I’m choosing?
    3. Does the site offer features to fulfill my target marketing Goals?

    Interesting Fact


    YouTube was officially hosted in 2005 with 2.5 million daily views and now holds more than 2 billion daily views in the US only

    Now once you have answers to all the above mentioned questions, all left to do is choosing the right video hosting site to achieve your target marketing goals. Here’re top 7 recommendations curated for your businesses with everything you need to know

    1. YouTube

    Key Reason To Choose: The Daily Viewership On Platform

    Youtube, launched in 2005, is the best video hosting and social media platform for everyone including businesses and creators. With more than 2 billion users and more than 17 minutes 31 seconds of average view time, Youtube videos are the most viewed videos across the web.

    YouTube is the best choice for all businesses to reach variety of target audience and is a great choice for startups with little to no budget for embedding videos on owned channels

    Key Features:


    • Supports All Video Types and up to 8K Resolution.
    • No restrictions on bandwidth and 128 GB Max File Size in the free version.
    • Supports live streams and include privacy settings
    • Easy to embed and All necessary Analytics 

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    2. Vimeo

    Key Reason To Choose: Collaboration And Portfolio

    Vimeo is one of the most innovative platforms for hosting and sharing videos across platforms. The platforms allow creators to collaborate on projects in real time and create a secure embed player to share videos on owned digital media

    Vimeo is the best choice if you’re looking for secure servers to host videos and collaborate with clients, creators, and stakeholders to preview videos actively in run time.

    Key Features:

    • Supports marketing and advertising integrations such as lead generation.
    • Can create secure and creative portfolios and collaborate in run time.
    • Supports live streams and video player customizations 
    • Easy to embed and allows view on demand hosting services

    3. Facebook Watch

    Key Reason To Choose: Engagement And Viewership

    Facebook is primarily a social media platform promoting videos with the ‘Facebook Watch’. The platform has a user base of approx 2.89 billion and is now a great alternative for, social hosting, YouTube.

    Facebook Watch is a great way to boost outreach and engage with users across the platform. It’s a great way to showcase your brand online.

    Key Features:

    • AI Ad tools to reach your target audience and achieve target goals
    • Engage directly with  the audience across the platform
    • Supports live streams and short videos

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    4. Wistia

    Key Reason To Choose: Premium Business Embed Features

    Wistia is a powerful platform for hosting and analyzing videos for business integrations. It allows a number of tools to assist businesses in producing, hosting, and tracking their video content.

    Wistia is a great choice for medium to large-scale businesses looking for paid hosting services to showcase video portfolios on websites and owned channels.

    Key Features:

    • Comprehensive insights to see how users interact with your videos
    • Business tools to increase reach and engagement including social media marketing and email tool
    • Faster loading time and enhanced embed tool to share videos with a wider range audience
    • Brilliant playlists options to actively engage the audience longer

    5. Google Drive

    Key Reason To Choose: Private Video Hosting

    Google Drive is a secure cloud-based storage solution that allows users to access files, documents, images, and videos and collaborate on documents in real time. Drive offers 15GB of free storage and supports tons of file formats.

    Google Drive is a great choice for your business or startup if you’re looking for private hosting and cloud storage solutions. Drive offers both solutions in a single product.

    Key Features:

    • Allows you to organize your files organized properly and makes it easier to search for stuff on the platform
    • Strong security protocols such as two-step verification, secure encryption, and more, to make sure of safe data
    • The office suite and 3rd party integrations make Drive an All-in-one host platform

    6. Unscreen.tv

    Key Reason To Choose: Video Moneytization

    Unscreen is an AI-powered platform to create brilliant videos and host the same directly to use on ‘view-on-demand’ and subscription services. Unscreen offers its customer the power to earn using videos and create brilliant on-demand multi-screen video streaming platforms.

    Unscreen.tv is a great choice if you’re struggling with complex codes and platform integrations to monetize your videos. They’re a great way to create on-demand subscription services.

    Key Features:

    • Multi-platform streaming support with monetization options
    • Organized playlist for optimal watching experience
    • A code-free platform building support for mobile, web, and Tv App integrations.
    • Engagement tools like built-in community and live stream
    • Sell and Grow your platform with marketing and e-mail integrations

    7. Vidyard

    Key Reason To Choose: Live Editing Tools

    Vidyard is an all-in-one online tool for editing and hosting videos securely and ad-free. It offers a comprehensive suite of video hosting and marketing tools for your business to achieve brilliant results.

    Vidyard is a brilliant choice for businesses looking for all-in-one video solutions to create, host, and market videos to achieve target marketing goals using a secure host.

    Key Features:

    • Comes with advanced security measures such as password protection, geo-blocking, and custom access levels
    • Includes video marketing tools to boost results. These tools include interactive CTAs, personalized Vmail, and Active Analytics
    • Enables users to create meetings and live-stream their events in real-time
    • Seamless integrations with 3rd party platforms such as WordPress, Salesforce, Slack, etc.
    Ready to take your video marketing to the next level?

    The Right Video Hosting Site For You Is The One That Aligns With Your Target Goals

    With the available options across the web, choosing the right video hosting site is indeed a struggle if you’re looking for a good host to achieve your target business goals. 

    But with answers to all the right questions, things get easier. Once you’re sure of your target goals and have a clear budget in mind, choosing the right video hosting site is a piece of cake.

    There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right video hosting site, just make sure the features and key purpose are a great fit for your brand. 

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