What is Vmail? Everything About Its Usage & Benefits

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    When you hear the term Vmail, what comes to your mind first?


    We know your answer. It’s either Voicemail or Victory Mail.


    But sadly, this blog isn’t about any of them. There’s something more different and important that today’s brands are missing out on.


    Did you know that by 2025, almost 376 billion emails will be sent and delivered every day?


    Since their origin in 1972, they have become the key business communication tool for every organization.


    However, with changing times and the evolution of technologies regularly, emails have transformed not in their manner of presentation but in the way they drive decisions today.


    And here comes Vmail, i.e., Videomail. Sounds interesting, right?


    Before you discover how Vmails can boost user actions and product awareness, let’s understand what they are all about:

    What is a Vmail?

    Vmail, or video mail, is a communication method where users can record and send video messages via email. It blends the personalization of video with the accessibility of email, offering a more engaging way to connect and communicate.


    As per recent reports, a massive 54% of email subscribers prefer emails that contain videos.


    Another report states that 90% of email receivers have admitted that videos have helped them form a buying decision.


    The numbers speak for themselves. And so are brands keen on integrating videos into their email marketing campaigns.


    An average user receives dozens of emails every day. For companies, this is a crucial challenge as they need to find a way to outperform their competition and stand out.


    Using it can be a better alternative as when someone sends you a Vmail, you’re more likely to open it, thanks to the word “vmail” displayed on the screen.


    But there have to be more benefits of Vmails that brands are probably missing out on. Are they even relevant in today’s world?


    Let’s explore them one by one.

    Are Vmails really helpful for Brands Today?


    As per Hubspot, 92% of video marketers reported that video has given them a positive ROI, and this is an all-time high figure!


    Ever since videos have become the dominant and most-watched media format on the internet, it has paved new ways for brands to reach out to their target customers.


    Considering the power of videos and also how emails are being shared blindly, integrating them into carefully-curated emails can bring great results to any business.


    By attaching a branded video that pops up the moment your receiver opens the email, you can boost the chances of your email getting opened by up to 3x.


    Also, brands may experiment with their subject lines by mentioning “video inside” or any other term or emoticon that symbolizes video.


    The open rate of emails might differ on industry to industry basis but if brands want to win the game of today, they need to divert part of their attention to what’s inside an email once it is opened.


    Another report by Optinmonster reports, 59% of B2B marketers consider email as their preferred source for generating revenues.


    In a broader sense, vmails can prove to be an effective weapon for startups and large-scale enterprises in fueling their branding and sales goals.

    5 Benefits of using Vmails for Customer Outreach

    Indeed, vmails are exciting to create keeping in mind the benefits they bring along. However, it’s necessary to understand if they are a proper fit for your target audience or not.


    Here are some points that you must know if you’re planning to include a video in your emails:

    benefits of using vmails for customer outreach

    1. Elevates Brand Experience

    Adding videos to your emails will build and enhance the brand value that is perceived by your receivers.


    Through them, brands can communicate multiple pieces of information in a few seconds with the help of infographics, motion​​ graphics, and illustrations.


    For brands, a correctly branded video mail can bring in an insane amount of engagement and conversions.

    2. Generates Buying Actions

    increased chances of conversions-01

    Videos are known to evoke emotions and promote purchasing decisions.


    In today’s era where brands are failing at generating results through traditional marketing instruments such as boring PPTs and lengthy documents or manuals, videos can help them turn tables effectively.


    Brands with complex products such as healthcare devices, SaaS platforms, and blockchain-based products can be well explained using animated videos in a few seconds.


    These videos can then be repurposed for email marketing campaigns and various social platforms.

    3. Vmails are More Shareable

    As compared to general emails which contain lengthy walls of text, vmails are more easily shareable. And shareability simply means more views and reach toward the target audience.


    Out of the 100 boring emails that your receiver is treated with daily, your email will stand out as it contains an action-taking element that can entice receivers.


    Apart from just videos, you can also share GIFs related to your product or something that makes users identify your brand.


    And this isn’t something new that video is the highest shared media format on the internet.

    4. Boosts Open Rate

    boosts open rate

    8 out of 10 emails end up getting ignored due to the absence of a strong subject line.


    On the contrary, emails with the word “video” in their subject lines have resulted in an open rate of more than 80%. What could be the reason?

    By including videos in your emails, you automatically move one step closer to getting your video clicked and watched.


    On top of that, if you attach a product video that creatively describes your product or service in a visually appealing manner, it’s more likely to get clicked.

    5. Helps Achieve Marketing Objectives

    Getting your email opened and video clicked must not be the only goal you should have in mind.


    What’s more important is to take the user to the desired destination after he clicks on the video.


    To achieve this, you can plan on including a CTA button below your video that will also be a part of your email body at large.


    This will make sure that the receiver of the email has a path through which he can potentially reach your business.

    Need Animated Videos for Marketing Emails?

    Industries that can boost their growth by using Vmails

    Pick up any industry and you will notice that they are using videos in almost all their marketing strategies.


    Indeed, this is a realization sign for marketers who believed videos cannot be integrated into complex industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, defence, and many others.


    Anyway, here’s the list of industries that can leverage the power of videos in their email marketing campaigns:

    1. Education

    educational videos

    The Covid pandemic revolutionized the way the Ed-tech industry operated their businesses.


    With the world largely moving to digital mediums for operating their daily activities, it has become mandatory for companies to switch to high-performing marketing tools such as videos to boost their growth.


    A lot of initial customer hunting and communication processes in the education sector take place over mail.


    It is that place where educational videos can be integrated into emails and aimed at inviting the attention of the target audience.


    Another tip to improve open rates in your emails is to write a crisp subject line that contains the word ‘video’ in a benefit-driven subject line.


    This way, videos can work wonders for ed-tech professionals in generating quality leads and boosting brand awareness in the market.


    You can even use a lead generation and lead management software to effectively generate and manage leads

    2. Manufacturing

    Well, this is an industry that breathes planning, processes, and maintenance all day round.


    Generally, emails might not be the preferred mode of communication for professionals working in this domain but that doesn’t mean they are useless for them.


    If a business has a product ready, announcing its launch in the market with a video is the most effective way to attract the attention of potential users.


    In emails, such product videos can be attached that highlight the core features, explain the benefits, and also list the various use cases of the product thus providing a thorough yet crisp understanding of what it is all about.


    By using videos, the biggest benefit for brands is that they can break down the functional complexities that the product involves and communicate the important aspects with ease.

    Need Animated SaaS Product Videos for Marketing Emails?

    3. Automotive

    why does the automobile industry need an animated explainer video in their marketing strategy

    According to industry statistics, 40% of car shoppers prefer to check out a video before making up their minds to visit the showroom. 


    This user behavior can be capitalized by attaching videos in awareness and retargeting emails sent to subscribers.


    If you look into customer psychology closely, they are a bit redundant in immediately forming a buying decision given the fact that purchasing a vehicle is a massive expense.


    It is here when automotive videos can be extremely effective to make users understand the complete functionality of your vehicle, its core features, and the benefits that come along.


    It also helps automobile manufacturers in keeping their customers updated about new features and other important elements.

    4. SaaS

    saas product demo vector

    The Saas industry is currently enjoying its golden period, thanks to the easy availability of cloud infrastructure and soaring customer success levels.


    SaaS products are usually complex and it becomes a headache for marketers to reach out to their target audience and generate responses.


    Here, Saas videos can become the digital representatives of their brands and educate the audience about their usage.


    Amidst the cut-throat competition between brands, positioning yourself as the best service provider compared to your competitors is necessary for growth as well as sustainability.


    Videos have the power to fuel a SaaS brand’s growth by multiple folds.


    Your target users expect simplified explanations of your products and want to understand in seconds how your product can help and eliminate the current hassle they face.


    This is where videos can prove handy with to-the-point emails and generate traffic, thus sending new leads and customers to your website.


    Including videos in your emails and marketing campaigns has never been more essential.

    Today, emails are the most powerful tool for B2B companies to market their products, raise brand awareness, and generate potential leads.


    And with videos shared via emails or any other medium, brands can attain their objectives at low costs compared to other marketing instruments.


    If you want us to create an animated video for your email marketing campaigns or branding projects, get in touch with our expert for a free 15-minute consultation today.


    Q1: How does Vmail differ from traditional email?

    Video being the key ingredient in Vmail, separates it from traditional emails. Attaching videos to your emails can allow you to convey complex messages quickly and personalize your messaging.

    Q2: Can Vmail messages be forwarded or shared with others?

    In majority of the cases, Vmails can be easily forwarded just like how we forward traditional emails. However, it also depends on the platform one prefers to send Vmails.

    Q3: Is Vmail suitable for both personal and business use?

    Vmail’s usage is pretty versatile, making it a great marketing tool to take into use both for personal and business purpose. You can use it to convey your brand message or quick commercials created. 

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