Top Branded Video Examples to Get Inspired From

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Branded Video Examples
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    Everything a brand does, online or offline, adds to its overall growth. If you are good at marketing your brand, you eventually get more business as customers connect to your brand’s values.


    By brand values, here we mean- the story your brand shares, the journey, and the vision your business is based on. 


    “Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.” – Liraz Margalit.


    This means brands should leverage videos to convey their stories to their audience. Nothing helps your audience relate to your brand better than a brand video – especially animated brand videos.




    Because animated brand videos take viewers to a different world. With all the emotions your brand wants to convey, animated brand videos put a face to your story and increase the credibility of your business among the audience.


    So what is a brand video?


    Brand videos help businesses create brand awareness and bring their audience closer to the values and vision of a brand. Brand videos focus on core values and offer a unique perspective to the viewers.

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    Table of Contents
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      Reasons to create brand videos for your business

      • Videos are consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media; This means that brands can reach a broad audience with inspirational and informative social media brand videos that educate their target audience.
      • Another reason why brand videos are popular is that Google loves them. They are created with the most informative and unique content. So when Google finds a good brand video, the website’s ranking starts increasing. Who would not want that, right?
      • More than 64% of customers agree that they are likely to buy a product after watching a video from the brand. So, not only does it build credibility, but it helps users understand the core values of the brand they are supporting. 

      Modern buyers consider things like sustainability, brand credibility, authenticity, and values while making a purchase. So, building that trust through brand videos is an excellent option.


      If you are looking for inspiration to create unique branded video content, we have brought a list of some of the best brand videos ever made!

      Top Branded Video Examples

      After understanding the benefits of animated music videos, I am sure that you are keen to watch the awesome music video examples that give a lasting impact. 


      Then here you go.

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        1. Airbnb - Welcome Home

        With this fantastic brand video, Airbnb truly stood out by showing how engaging a brand video should be. The video explains how Airbnb welcomes people worldwide and makes them feel at home. There is something about the video that exceptionally engages the audience and links travelers from all over the world.


        The video recreates the Airbnb journey with an 85-square-meter miniature platform and world-class narration. Brands who offer related services can use the idea for a great video promotion.

        2. Starbucks Coffee Perfection

        This video will always be on top of every brand’s inspiration list due to its amazing storytelling and engaging visuals.


        The video takes you on a journey of how the perfect cup of Starbucks coffee is made. The story connects the audience to its origin and the entire process before it reaches the customers. A great way to connect customers to the brand.


        The clever brand awareness technique has made it one of the most liked Starbucks videos to date.


        If you want to spread brand awareness by showcasing a journey, this could be a great video to get inspired.

        3. Slack: Work Simplified

        The best part about this video by Slack is that it didn’t need any voiceover or narration. 


        The superfast yet exciting animation is enough to convey its message. Viewers get engaged in the world of Slack, where life could be simpler and easier with a simplified solution.


        Apart from showcasing the benefits of using Slack, the video also shows how professional communication is made easier with the software with a touch of vibrant graphics at the end.


        While creating a brand video, you can use such ideas in the best possible way.

        4. A Coke is a Coke by Coca-Cola

        ‘A Coke is a Coke’ was one of the famous Super Bowl commercials in 2019 that promoted togetherness with the line different is beautiful. Looking at the graphics, you will notice how beautifully they take you to various locations and introduce different people within the same background.


        Such brand videos have truly made Cocacola more than just a drink and brought people together with all their differences. The exceptional video marketing is one of the reasons why everyone loves the brand despite their cold drink choices.

        5. Burger King - Official Rebrand Video

        This is one of the best ways a brand can rebrand with vibrant visuals and exciting music. Jones Knowles Ritchie made the new brand identity video for Burger King. With the video, Burger king has joined the digital identity club with new and bold elements showcasing the classic menu items. 


        The tone and vibe of the video are retro, with a custom color palette and a much-improved logo. The logo is based on a combination of the original iteration of 1969 and the 1999 versions, which makes it more appealing to BK fans!


        If a brand is willing to relaunch its digital identity, Burger King’s delicious retro video is an excellent example to follow!

        6. Square

        With a new brand video for their online store product, Square wanted to provide an informative aspect of the product. But the brand also wanted to create something other than a video that seemed like a typical UI walkthrough.


        So, they came up with this remarkable piece of content that focused on delivering the best visual experience, combining the benefits of the videos with animation and UI representation. The video narrates the product’s functionality from the user’s perspective, making it easier to engage and learn about the product.


        This is an excellent example of a brand video that brings the solutions to the user problem with a rebranding approach.

        7. StacksCity

        Why have we listed the video in the list? Well, the simplicity of the video is its USP.


        It delivers a straightforward story with an easy-to-understand concept for a complex solution. Every character is relatable, and viewers can create similar stories in their heads to find the product helpful. The script is strong, yet the animation and voiceover take away the attention and successfully spread awareness of an entirely new concept.  


        Using the same video concept can benefit marketing goals and brand awareness if you are into SaaS and digital solutions.

        8. Hush Puppies

        This is one of the most liked brand videos of all time.


        Created by Scott Albini, the video incredibly narrates the brand’s journey and how an idea gave birth to the iconic brand and made it a global sensation: Hush Puppies.


        The video contains mixed visuals and a fantastic voiceover to keep the audience engaged.

        9. CHANEL

        The video is one of the parts of the life of Coco Chanel. The inspirational animated film narrates the woman behind the brand who discovered the most luxurious brand and made it the style symbol around the world. The stunning black-and-white visuals showcase the evolution of the brand and its humble origin. How Chanel started with dreams and hard work and how it turned out to be a fairy tale are beyond words.


        Apart from the classic visuals, the voiceover progress with passion and motivate viewers to have dreams and ambitions like Coco Chanel.


        Brands that hold a tremendous journey can take this as an inspiration for a successful brand video series.

        How to create successful brand videos

        Just exploring video examples for inspiration won’t work. Creating brand videos requires hours of dedicated production and editing. It could get a lot easier if done correctly.


        Here are some of the most effective tips for creating successful brand videos.


        Learn about your audience

        This is one of the essential steps for not just brand videos but all marketing strategies. Knowing your audience’s wants can help create a storyboard for your brand videos. It allows you to pick the right emotions and make the video as relevant as possible for potential customers. 


        Spend time learning your target audience, their preferences, and likes to ensure you are aligned with their interests.


        Have a clear goal

        First things first: you need to have a clear objective of what you want from your brand videos. Are you looking for more customers or want to spread awareness? Try to note it all down to determine the short-term and long-term objectives you want to achieve with a brand video series. This helps in figuring out the suitable format for brand videos.


        For example, if your goal is to spread awareness, your approach should be more humorous yet informative, with a compilation of the milestones your brand has achieved. In addition, you can share your experience with an educational explainer video and animated explainer video to attract new customers.


        Have a unique brand voice

        Brand videos are the reflection of your brand’s identity. So your videos must speak the brand’s voice as the other marketing materials do. Use the copy from your website, use your brand’s colors, and use icons and terms that your website already has.


        Additionally, the text in the videos should be similar to your website copies. Whatever you do, ensure that the audience clearly understands your brand’s voice with every video.


        Create a storyboard – Plan it from scratch

        Now that you know the essential elements to focus on, you should plan the video before jumping on the production. It might get a bit overwhelming at first, but when you have a storyboard at hand, things get less complicated. If you are new to brand video production, hire a professional video marketing strategist to help you create a perfect storyboard and put your ideas and brand’s voice within the storyboard.


        Be Consistent

        Brands often fail to deliver what their audience demands because of the lack of regularity in delivering the brand’s messages. Brand awareness only works when you educate your potential customers about your brand’s features and core values with dynamic content. Over 65% of marketing professionals agree that videos have brought them excellent results.


        Hence you need to stick to a timeline consistently with the brand messaging and communication. This ensures you are always on top of your audience’s mind while making purchase decisions.

        Need An Branded Video For Your Company?

        Wrapping Up!

        Brand videos are the most effective way to present your offerings to the world without being salesy. Whether launching a new logo or rebranding your brand digitally, you should ensure that the audience watches your videos and understands why you are the best in the business.

        To create a successful brand video, one can take help from a branded video production company or work on it themselves. Either way, it’s advisable to understand the basics of the video production process


        With so many inspirational brand video examples already existing, finding the unique tone for the videos is challenging.  But with a well-planned strategy and dedication, achieving target marketing goals is a piece of cake.

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