Our Video Production Process

Creating a custom explainer video requires a team of professionals at all steps of production. But all you need to do is share your requirements with us and relax, We got you covered.


Let’s dive deep into our explainer video production process to see how our experts work to create a perfect explainer video for your brand. 

Pre-Production Stage

Step 1: Project Brief and Kick off call

project brief and kick off call motiongility

The moment you decide to create an Explainer Video, we invite you for a Brainstorming Call to discuss expected deliverables.

Also, this will involve getting a brief understanding of

  • The concept
  • Messages to be communicated
  • The brand story

To develop a rough mind map for what’s ahead.

Step 2: Script Writing

explainer video production process

Now that we know what you exactly want, our talented scriptwriters shall begin with the first step – The Script


After deep research of your brand offerings and the message you wish to share, we make sure the script is compelling enough to hook your audience right from the start.

Step 3: Storyboard and Style Frames

explainer video production process

Based on your project brief we’ll create a storyboard based on the concept of the final script.

This stage involves developing a visual blueprint and establishing a connection with the story. Our storyboard artists will sit down to create sketches that will help define the path and shots of the video to be produced.

Production Stage

Step 4: Illustrations

illustration motiongility

This is an important stage where we focus on creating visually rich illustrations which complement the storyboard and script.


The colored version of the full storyboard, based on your preferred graphic style, to help you to understand how your final video will look like.


We prefer to identify and follow an approach that suits our client’s requirements best as these are the key elements to start the animation process.

Step 5: Voice Over

explainer video production process

We open you to a huge stack of professional voiceover artists to choose from.

We promise you an artist that effectively matches your video’s tone, develops an engaging environment, and helps communicate the message smoothly.

We’ll get them started on the script to create a well-synced voiceover for your explainer video as soon as you’re satisfied.

Step 6: Animation

animation motiongility

The final stage in production is where we let animation perform its magic.

At this point, we add cool sound effects and exciting visual effects to help make an entertaining video optimized to bring in a high ROI.

Are you looking forward to creating an
Explainer Video? ​



explainer video production process delivery

Your Video is done! You are now all set to start your video marketing plan.

Based on your distribution requirements we’ll share the final videos as per the size and dimensional requirements of the distribution platform. 


how does our expertise uplift your marketing

You’ve your final videos prepared, all that is left is to start executing your perfect video marketing plan

Our Explainer Video Production Process is Optimized
for Target Goals Achievement


Himanshu Chaturvedi - Founder and Director

On working upon a project we take the work as our own and form a strategy for a flawless chain of process to deliver the client the best of our efforts. From requirement gathering to delivery we suggest and work on all the elements that can make the Explainer Video fulfill the desired object as stated by our clients.


Komal Kokate - Co-Founder and CEO

While dealing and communicating with clients, many a time situations come where what the client wants us to do is not so fruitful as compared to what we suggest. After working across many industries we try to give the best of our experience in clients' favor, as MotionGility is nothing less than the Best.


Version :  V02

Word Count : 204

Target Word Count : 220

Length : 90 sec


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