20 Unique Ways to Leverage Videos for Engaging Target Audiences

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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Engage Audience by videos

Engaging the Audience is one of the most challenging aspects of Marketing when it comes to building a business online. Business Owners and Marketing Experts usually struggle with targeting prospects and searching for ways to engage audiences online. 


While Planning and creating strategies for Marketing, Videos have proved themselves to be a great tool to not only boost Market Reach but also improve engagement rate on distribution mediums.


Let’s Check out 20 Unique ways you can use Videos to Engage Audiences Uniquely.


As a marketer, you might be aware of the benefits of using video in your marketing strategy. They do not just improve conversions and sales for you, but they also enhance client communications. After all, customer engagement is one thing that can turn your business over. 


Videos, when used with a viable strategy, can turn out to be magical tools for your business. There is no doubt in the fact that with videos, the market has exploded with creativity and engagement.

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Unique Ways Businesses Can Engage Audience by Videos

1. Apple's FaceTime

Apple’s FaceTime has made a significant new choice for video calls. You can utilize FaceTime on a Macintosh, iPhone and iPad2. Many organizations have plans to utilize FaceTime as an approach to give an eye to eye client assistance. 


Regardless of whether it’s for a client or representative correspondence, voice, video, conferencing, and virtual gatherings are upfront to what organizations look like a coordinated effort.

2. Off-Camera/Behind The Scenes

With off-camera, businesses can portray what goes on behind those doors. From manufacturing to production to teamwork and vision.

3. Contextual Analysis

Need to connect with your crowd with your contextual analysis? Consider making a short video.

4. Journal Videos

How about videos that give you a report-like perspective on subjects. They can also be around your products or topics that would interest your audience.

5. Email Videos

The email appears to be a commendable goal for a video cut. I don’t think about you, yet I’d be interested to tap on it. These videos help a great deal in video marketing as well. 


There is one significant admonition—the sort of email program you’re utilizing. Email programs that utilization HTML configurations, for example, Microsoft Standpoint or Mozilla Thunderbird will permit you to implant a video cut yet other online projects like Gmail or Yippee won’t let you. Here’s a workaround worth trying

6. Facebook

At this point, you’ve likely heard that Facebook is a decent spot to transfer an organization video. In any case, what appears in a client’s news channel is subject to various news source improvement factors alluded to as EdgeRank. Fortunately, video is one region that positions higher and is bound to bring a post onto somebody’s news source.


Clients love videos, so it’s amazingly helpful for organizations to keep on adding to their library.


Video utilization on Facebook is developing. The blog All Facebook of late revealed, “About 47 million individuals in the U.S. watched videos on Facebook in February 2011. That places the site in the fourth spot on the comScore Video Metrix positioning, two spots higher than it positioned in January.”

7. Get Seen

Get seen perhaps probably the best asset out there on video is Steve Garfield’s book, Get Seen: Online Video Privileged insights to Building Your Business On the web. 


Steve covers themes, for example, picking a camera, lighting, and sound, making videos without a video camera, recording and shooting, transferring, broadcasting live, and video blogging.


There are excessively numerous significant experiences in his book to cover here, however, consider this one that he states later in the book: “The upset of recording video is the capacity to share from the gadget you record with.”

That is really progressive when you stop and consider it.

8. Make Some Great Memories

A video including an innovative execution by your own staff is an incredible method to exhibit your organization’s way of life and advance your business without having watchers feel like they’re being publicized.” You may require an organization agreement on this one. What do you do if your supervisor truly can’t sing and tap move tantamount to what he wants to? 


HubSpot is a gathering that obviously realizes how to make some great memories, in addition to they can sing!

9. Meetings

Internet based life Analyst’s originator Michael Stelzner interviews web based life specialists consistently. Meetings are an incredible method to present an individual and a subject to your blog or site. 


Notwithstanding the way that individuals love to watch video cuts, there’s an entire Website optimization factor too which makes it amazingly advantageous. Forrester Exploration revealed that “A site with a video is multiple times bound to come up on the principal page result on Google than precisely the same page without video.”

10. Jing

There are times when you might need to do a screen cast to show a point to somebody in another area. By and by I’ve been content with Jing.

11. Key Influencers

Who is a portion of the key influencers in your industry?


Would you be able to do a meeting with them?


Contacting a key influencer to do a video meeting is an extraordinary method to associate with somebody notable and regarded in your field. Become the Online networking Promoting Rockstar for Your Business.


Meet the mystery group that makes you resemble an internet-based life virtuoso and enables you to grasp change! We’re a certified network of advertisers from your companions at Internet-based life Analyst.


What’s more, we’re here to help you. Consider us your professional protection approach. We keep you concentrated on what makes a difference. We ensure you won’t be deserted as the progressions continue coming. Join the Online life Promoting Society. Gain admittance to month-to-month internet preparation, master support, and a flourishing network of advertisers who will engage you to succeed. 


If they’re not accessible for a meeting, you could consider taking a video that you’ve discovered on the web and installing it into a blog entry to help prove a point. Partnering with a key influencer with your organization’s image may assist you with coming up the positions in Website design enhancement and classic, impressions.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s organization pages make it workable for organizations to include a video for every item and administration. Having the option to show a short clasp directly on the organization page is a staggeringly powerful choice and can give you a decent upper hand.

13. Small Narrative

You can propose to your fellow marketers that by utilizing these fixings in your videos, you also can create something as convincing. The fixings are as per the following: music, interviews, live occasion: previously, during, and after. You can also hire an explainer video company in India for better results.

14. News and Critique

Insite Movement Media recommends utilizing video to offer discourse on significant news and posting them on your organization’s blog and long-range interpersonal communication locales. This helps feature your organization’s responsiveness and industry mindfulness.

15. Effort

A lot of organizations post outreach videos. This kind of video shows something outside of ordinary advertising. It shows a brand’s qualities.

16. Product Videos

porsche explainer video
Play Video about Porsche Explainer Video

Product videos are a superb method to educate clients regarding your organization’s items and administrations. On the off chance that your item is electronic, it won’t cost a great deal to make a video that clarifies the key highlights. Progressed admirably, item visits can be amazingly compelling.

17. Qik

Qik is a portable live video gushing and two-way video-conferencing application that permits clients to stream live video from their mobile phones to the Web. Clients can transfer videos to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t want to hustle, you can also contact us.

18. Improve Voice

Considering how you sound on video? Well, it is recommended that conversing with your crowd in an ordinary voice and to do whatever it takes not to mirror your most loved NPR radio broadcasters. Simply ensure you have a decent amplifier so your voice sounds its best.

19. Skype

Skype offers video calling which should be possible on your PC, iPhones and other good cell phones, iPod Contacts, and iPads. Gathering video calls is likewise conceivable. Another helpful component for organizations is screen sharing where you can impart your screen to customers and partners in different areas.

20. Preparing

Videos have become natural for preparation and video marketing is important for business. You can do separate learning videos or record live meetings which can be transferred for participants to see once they’re back in their work areas. Similarly, as with all preparation, it’s ideal to attempt to alter them into shorter areas.

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