Does Video Advertising Help In Growing Your Sales?

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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    Setting goal is the primary thing for newly entered organizations or well-established businesses. To be honest, no matter what size of your business is, you ultimately go by three goals: Increasing traffic, Increasing sales, and Recurring customers.


    What if one kind of advertising works incredibly well to fulfill all your goals?


    Yes. Video marketing boosts your business’s sales by completing the mentioned business goals. Don’t believe us? Here’s something you need to read.


    Individuals Like Video Advertising


    Instead of text or image advertisements, individuals like to invest a great deal of energy in watching advertising videos. Here Animated Explainer Videos are preferable for individuals, which help to make the purchase decision after watching the videos. The audience online spends the majority of their online time watching videos.


    Video advertising increases people’s engagement with the brand to lead the viewers toward the business’s website. Leading people toward the website helps to increase brand value. Also, higher brand awareness mirrors improvement in the business’s sales.


    People spend hours watching videos, and organizations begin to produce video advertisements to use people’s habits and capitalize on the opportunities.


    Today, people prefer brands that provide explainer videos or video advertisements. This practice allows businesses to ensure business growth and increase the customer base in the target market.


    Individuals are habitual to watching videos, which discovers that 25% of shoppers will lose enthusiasm for an organization on the off chance that it doesn’t use any videos on its site. These impact the brand value and lead the business towards lower sales. 


    Videos are an effective way of boosting business sales and ensuring better customer engagement with the brand. The attractive and engaging content of video advertising reflects the increase in the profitability of the business.

    Interesting Fact


    An Investigation accomplished by Aberdeen Gathering Discovered, that Organizations that Utilize Videos in their Showcasing Appreciate 27% Higher CTR and 34% Higher Web Transformation Rates than those that Don’t.

    How do video advertisements boost sales?

    Videos increasingly drive natural Traffic:

    Natural traffic is probably the biggest driver of guests to any web-based business store, which mirrors the sales. Organizations spend incalculable hours and dollars attempting to get joins from top-notch sites. 


    Doing so can assist organizations with expanding the authority of their sites, which helps to generate leads and enhance business sales. The different traffic sources present the traffic generation areas and enable businesses to focus on strong and weak zones.


    Drawing in your visitors with your store is probably the ideal approach to decrease your skip rate. As you have seen, video has elevated levels of commitment. By utilizing video advertisements, you ought to have the option to cause your site to pull in progressively natural rush hour gridlock. 


    Higher traffic reflects business growth and ensures building relationships with the visitors to increase brand value. At that point, the commitment-centered videos instruct individuals and make them mindful of your organization and its contributions.


    Today, several organizations use videos to enhance their marketing practice using video advertisements to make connections with many people and ensure increased sales.

    Video advertisement helps describe your offerings better:

    Video advertisement allows businesses to describe products and services to increase familiarity with the brand and its services.  People are used to video content, and the power to present audio and video content makes it valuable to get better results.


    Animated advertising videos play an influential role in the decision-making process of potential customers. Many individuals’ reviews said they had viewed an explainer video to get familiar with an item or administration.

    Most customers said watching video advertisements is supportive before deciding to buy a product. A large group of customers is bound to purchase an item online after watching a video. 


    Videos are more capable of delivering information with audio, text, and visual content. Video advertisement increases business sales by providing relevant information and relating the products and services to the needs of the people.


    Individuals who watch a video hold a maximum of a message contrasted with the ones who haven’t watched when they read it in content. Some fourfold several clients would prefer to watch a video about an item than reading about it.

    Interesting Facts

    Video doesn’t influence online buys alone. As per an examination done by Google, practically half of the web clients search for videos identified with an item or administration before visiting a store.

    The Buy Choice process in Force Video explains why 93% of organizations using video trust have expanded customer understanding of their item or administration, which affects their change rate (see underneath for more data).


    The explainer videos efficiently deliver the product detail and engage the audience to experience the organization’s products. This practice helps the business to generate more sales and profitability.

    Videos help drive more conversions:


    Since the video has an enormous effect on the buy choice procedure, it’s nothing unexpected to see it assist you with expanding your change rate.


    Numerous of the individuals talked with who viewed an explainer video to study an item or administration wound up getting it. That equivalent investigation discovered that 77% of customers are convinced to purchase an item or administration by viewing a video. 


    The video helps individuals connect with your image and get familiar with your contributions to reassess and buy your items. The higher probability of individuals purchasing an item (on account of a video) expands the transformation rate significantly.

    Websites that utilize video have had a change pace of 4.8%, contrasted with 2.9% for those that don’t use video.

    Therefore, 72% of organizations who use video accept that it has improved the transformation pace of their website, while 64% admit that it has straightforwardly prompted grown sales. More organizations who use video reveal that it gives a decent return on investment.


    Advertising videos are exceptionally compelling:

    There’s nothing unexpected to see that 87% of online advertisers use video content to develop their organizations while 88% state that video is “a significant part” of their showcasing procedure.


    Half of the present advertisers accept video as the most troublesome type of content they make, despite the reality that it’s likewise their best. 


    Video advertising contains an audio-visual presentation that attracts and engages the viewers with the help of compelling storytelling. Video advertisements ensure higher traffic on the website and improve business sales.

    Need a video advertisement campaign for your business?

    Final Words

    Video advertisements effectively boost the growth of sales by increasing traffic to the website, building relationships, improving customer engagement, and ensuring better conversion.


    They can also help enhance brand value and create goodwill within the market to create a competitive advantage.

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