13 Best SaaS Explainer Video Examples That Built Huge Revenue for The Company

Komal Chaturvedi
Komal Chaturvedi

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SaaS Explainer Video Examples

Imagine yourself in a completely new city with nowhere to park your car while you go attend a party. So you look for valet parking nearby and rent a space temporarily instead of buying it. 


Similarly, using internet-based computing infrastructure, you can now rent resources and software temporarily as per need. 


The concept is popularly on as SaaS. Let us understand it.

Need An Explainer Video for Your SaaS Product?

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service or SaaS is a way of delivering applications deployed on the Cloud as a service to the users.


A user instead of installing the software and maintaining high-resourced computer devices can access the service with an internet-compatible device freeing himself from complex management. 


SaaS Applications are also known as Web-based software, on-demand software, and hosted applications. The service provider manages complex processes related to software access, security, and performance.


SaaS applications are now more common than ever. With the rise of Cloud-based Infrastructures as a Service by tech giants across the world, A lot of SaaS products are now available in the market but the major challenge that service providers come across is training people how to access and use products effectively. 


How do they solve this?

The answer is Simple,  SaaS Videos.


From LED Billboards to Amazon Descriptions, Explainer Videos are everywhere. Explainer videos have proven themselves very useful in training audiences as well as portraying products as a crucial part of growth.


Hard to believe right?

Well sit back and relax, we’ve gathered proof.

Here are 13 Best SaaS Explainer Video Examples curated to enhance SaaS Business Vision but they wrecked the internet and helped the respective companies to be a part of millions of consumers’ vision:

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Best SaaS Explainer Video Examples

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    Hootsuite: What Is Hootsuite?

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video starts with a common fact guiding to a crucial pain point of almost every entrepreneur these days with engaging graphics and vibrant colors.


    The story neatly transitioned to what the product is about and how it can be used to help users outgrow the client’s pain points mentioned in the beginning with minimal transitions but a really clever representation of the calendar as a shelf sharing what the product can do.


    The video moved towards the ending with quick transitions sharing what are the subtasks a user can perform using Hootsuite and the clean movement made it engaging and informative in such limited time.


    The video was viewed almost 100k times on YouTube itself and helped Hootsuite reach 15+ Million users. It was a great combination of engaging graphics, clean transitions, and a well-scripted voiceover.


    It’s both informative and works well in portraying Hootsuite as a solution to almost all the major pain points mentioned in the beginning. 

    Subtext: Subtext Explainer Video

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video starts with cheerful music and an excited voice, hitting the major issues that almost every influencer came across during his or her journey.


    The video cleanly transitioned voice to problem-solving statements about the product and the video started showing user interfaces and shared how every solution is being solved in subtext with clean transitions and vibrant colored UIs.


    The great SaaS explainer video is an example of well-scripted narration and clever graphics to share the entire concept and generate a need in a limited time duration.


    A great video to generate leads and ultimately more sales.

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    Slack: Communication Without Chaos

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video begins with a progressive voiceover and simple shapes to explain the communication chaos within an organization.


    The video progressed with voiceover targeting solutions to key pain points and used the same simple shapes playing along with lines representing how Slack can be helpful in solving the problems.


    The lines move along the patterns and represent the flow of information, engaging users during the entire walkthrough. 


    This SaaS product explainer video is a great example of a vibrant voice walkthrough with simple minimal visual style and limited transitions greatly introducing the product to the world.

    Incedo: Decision Automation Platform

    Target Audience: B2B Enterprises

    Video Type: Motion Graphics Service Explainer

    Industry: Data Engineering

    For marketers and startup founders, explaining their boutique services to the target audience can be quite complex at times due to various reasons.


    However, with this service explainer video, Incedo ensures that its data engineering, design experience, and business transformation services are well demonstrated.


    This B2B SaaS product video boasts extensive yet appealing use of icons, infographics, and motion graphics thus allowing Incedo to position their digital transformation services with ease.


    As a result, the video serves as a digital sales representative helping target audience understand their service offerings.

    Atlassian: Jira Software Premium

    Target Audience: Large Enterprises

    Video Type: Product Explainer

    Industry: Project Management

    Seamless workflow around is one of the key goals every organization seeks to achieve.


    As one of the leading project management tools for Agile teams, Jira introduces its Software Premium with an exciting SaaS onboarding video. 


    The video contains appealing icons and screen recordings which are of great help to large enterprises and development teams. 


    With the help of a background voiceover, the video guides viewers into how they can get started with the apex version of the Jira software.

    Datto: SaaS Protection Explainer Video UKI

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video starts with an introduction to SaaS and explains all the problems that a SaaS application user faces when it comes to security and the visuals brilliantly used a character facing the problems.


    The video used a very common, relatable, and understanding language and real-life examples as vibrant illustrations to make complex concept comprehension easier.


    The simple animation style, detailed explanation, and relatable visuals helped Datto expand globally to 20+ locations and reach 1 million+ user and make it a successful explainer video for Datto SaaS Protection. 

    Asana: Meet Asana, your work manager. But better

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video combines soothing yet high-spirited music with a well-scripted voiceover starting to cover all the daily life problems in managing work at workplaces at all levels of management.


    Visuals greatly represent those pain points progressing towards visuals representing visuals with a user interface showing how problems are solved with a voice describing how Asana is useful in solving the pain points mentioned.


    The video used a clever combination of illustrations and posters to represent the entire System UI.


    The video explains how Asana works and why a business needs it using a very clever combination of Voice, sound effects, and visuals.


    It did great work in the need generation and product explanation in a very limited time.

    Merren: Consumer Survey Solution

    Target Audience: Medium & Large-scale Businesses

    Video Type: Platform Explainer

    Industry: CRM/Data

    Brands are strictly aware of the fact that only the right insights from customers can help them create better products.


    However, collecting consumer data is a headache brands often encounter but with Merren, things are pretty easy.


    So through a saas video animation containing a compelling storyline, Merren demonstrates the functionality of its fully-automated consumer survey solution with ease.


    The video is also accompanied by an energetic voiceover and rich illustrations which help it hook the attention of the target audience effectively.

    Hubspot: What is HubSpot CMS?

    Target Audience: Business Enterprises

    Video Type: Product Explainer

    Industry: Content Management System

    Hubspot has been known for its top-notch CRM software. But not many know that they’re quite known for offering an excellent CMS too.


    The quick animated commercial focuses on the website owner’s key pain points and addresses them by offering a solution surrounded by catchy motion graphics.


    Apart from being one of the best explainer videos, this saas product video is also a great reference for people struggling to write an explainer video script.


    Undoubtedly, another instance of exceptional storytelling and crisp presentation of the product.

    Scribble Live: ScribbleLive Content Marketing Platform

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video starts with colorful visuals and a voice expressing key issues in an expressive tone with a relatable informative script.


    The video visuals directly complement the voiceover and use clean transitions to represent everything declared in the voiceover.


    This video explainer with complementing visuals, engaging voiceovers, and clear concept made this video a great explainer for the API which is now a part of a Brazilian Content Marketing Company, Rocket Content.

    Zoho One: What Is Zoho One?

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    The video starts with an exciting voiceover and hyped background music explaining how useful the product is. The voice talks about no external factors or pain points and clearly explains how the app is useful in solving key issues of your organization using its various components.


    The visuals cleverly integrated all the product and component logos using comprehensive motion graphics and used relatable characters and visuals to relate how things are done in real life. 


    The great combination of Motion Graphics, Animated characters, and vibrant musical voice-over qualifies this video for a great explainer video advertisement.

    Mercados: Power Portfolio Management Operating System

    Target Audience: Energy Providers

    Video Type: Platform Explainer

    Industry: Energy

    With this infographic-style animated explainer video, Mercados introduces it’s cloud-based machine learning platform aimed at helping utilities provider take better decisions. 


    Since the product is highly complex to comprehend at first view, the video proves out to be a digital assistant thus strengthening their pitch at the meetings table.


    As mentioned above about the animation style used, great use of infographics have been primarily used to provide viewers with an appealing as well as informative user experience.

    Discord: How Discord Works in 148,000 Milliseconds or Less

    Target Audience: General Audience

    Video Type: Marketing Explainer

    Industry: Educational

    Discord used great transitions of on-screen visuals and hyped music with vibrant voiceovers. The video explained the entire software in detail with all the features of the product. The voiceover uses direct instructions and screen visuals fulfilling those actions. 


    The clear content with an engaging voice, hyped music and colorful transitions make this video a great walkthrough of the entire software.

    Looking for a SaaS Explainer Video?

    Over to You

    These SaaS videos are unique in their creative ways and gained both value proposition and brand recognition for the respective companies.


    These videos may have used different approaches to video creation but serve the common goal of sharing information about the brand with the consumers.


    They’ve worked unbelievably and helped the respective companies to get millions of users across the globe. Explainer Videos are a great Marketing tool for SaaS companies irrespective of their length, format, and hype.


    Must check out our Explainer Video Guide to know more or schedule a quick call with us if you are struggling with a video marketing plan for your SaaS product.

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